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The Shipping Weight includes the product, protective packaging material and the actual shipping box. Acidophilus supports a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients, encourages intestinal microflora balance, and promotes the healthy functioning of the intestinal system. No artificial color, flavor or sweetener, no preservatives, no sugar, no starch, no milk, no lactose, no soy, no gluten, no wheat, no yeast, no fish.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical conditions, consult your doctor before use.
Become an iHerb customer and earn unlimited Rewards by sharing your favorite iHerb products with others. Good for your body and the planet, Vega is the clean, plant-based choice to fuel your healthy, active lifestyle—without compromise.
Vega Sport is the first all-natural, plant-based performance enhancement system specifically developed to help athletes perform at their best—before, during and after training and competition. Formulated by Brendan Brazier: vegan, former professional Ironman triathlete, and bestselling health author on plant-based nutrition. Vega Performance Protein is awesome because it is a mix of FIVE different proteins, so it is a good mix and gives HIGH protein content from a MIXED source, and whats best is that it TASTES GOOD and it MIXES REALLY WELL. It doesn't work out to be that much more expensive than the non-soy protein powders I can buy in Australia, but it so much better on so many levels, this is the best addition to my diet since becoming vegan years ago. I was so mad when VEGA came out with this new formula, because I thought the old one tasted just fine.
I highly recommend this new formula, thanks completely to iHerb for making it affordable for me to continue drinking everyday. I usually find it difficult to drink protein shakes, this one is tasty and does not give heaviness to your stomach.
From all vegan protein shakes I have tried, this one is the best in terms of quality, texture and smell. The length of time for the expiration date or "best used before" date depends on the type of product, as well as the brand.

Perishable items (such as flax oils or certain probiotics) generally have shorter expiration dates.
Our receiving department does its best to verify and then enter the correct expiration dates for all incoming products.
Modified cellulose, (vegetarian capsule), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate (vegetable source). Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing, are allergic to soy, or if you have a blood coagulation disorder.
I started taking nattokinase after reading positive reviews and learning that I have a genetic tendency for DVTs and PEs (and clot extremely heavily during menstruation). Collagen is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body. Vega Sport Performance Protein is plant-based and gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.
Tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, a bit gritty, but not to the point where it bothers you.
Although our warehouse is fully air-conditioned, these more fragile items are put in cold storage (freezer or refrigeration unit) for maximum freshness. During the natto production process friendly Bacillus subtilis bacteria ferment boiled, non-GMO soybeans, producing nattokinase.
If you are taking an anticoagulant (blood thinning medication), consult a physician before taking this product. I had only been taking this product for about two weeks when I noticed that my veins are far more pronounced now and I have bruises all over my body where I never have had that tendency before. As we age, collagen depletion can lead to common signs of aging in the skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.
As with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before using this product. From serving spaghetti on Sundays, to finger-painting with the kids, to playing fetch outside with Fido, Bounty® Paper Towels and Napkins let your family focus on the fun–not the mess.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking prescription medication or have an underlying medical condition.
In Australia we have available soy protein (kinda tastes okay, but not the healthiest option, especially if you are trying to minimise soy), rice protein (kind of grainy and not high enough protein content), and pea protein (gross, gross, gross and doesn't mix well).
It mixes very well, doesn't have a chalky texture and tastes good, if but a little oversweet. This being said, the exceptionally high turnover at iHerb ensures that our inventory is among the freshest in the industry. I am stopping taking this product as I believe it is probably working far too well and has thinned my blood out too much to produce these sort of effects. Super Collagen contains clinically studied BioActive NeoCell Collagen which supports healthy collagen formation throughout the body. The old formula was green and had coarse bits in it that would get left over in the bottom even though I shake mine up with a malt shaker prior to drinking. Using NeoCell's technologically advanced hydrolyzation process, large collagen molecules are enzymatically hydrolyzed into small peptides that are both bioavailable and bioactive in the body. This new formula smells amazing in the powder form, and it's no longer green when you mix it with water.
I wish it were not so expensive, this is the only reason I will also try other vegan protein powders. Shop by sheet size: Full-size or Select-a-Size® (which is 2x more absorbent* than other pick-a-size sheets!).
As such, these products will reflect a higher Shipping Weight compared to the unprotected product. When I understood the cause and effect with nattokinase, I stopped the treatment of course.

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