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Table of Contents:List of Food Sources Rich in Vitamin KOther Vitamin K Rich FoodsVitamin K is an important nutrient necessary for the synthesis of various proteins that work as mediators in coagulation and anti-coagulation of blood. This vitamin is available in the form of diet supplements; however, it is usually not necessary to take these supplements as one can easily fulfill the vitamin K requirements of the body by eating foods rich in this vitamin. The bright green spinach leaves are counted among the healthiest and most popular leafy vegetables in the world.
It is one of the most popular types of cruciferous vegetables with one cup of cooked mustard greens containing 419.30 mcg vitamin K. Broccoli is one of the most well-known and highly nutritious green vegetables available throughout the world.
This is a fleshy green vegetable rich in a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
Leeks are varieties of allium vegetables having a unique combination of many sulfur-containing nutrients and flavonoids.
Foods like bread crumbs (dried, grated and seasoned), pie crust (cookie type) and miso (a paste made using fermented soybeans, rice malt or barley to be used in sauces and soups) are also counted among good vitamin K sources. Spinach may not give you superhuman strength to fight off villains like Popeye's nemesis Bluto, but this leafy green and other foods containing iron can help you fight a different type of enemy -- iron-deficiency anemia.
Iron-deficiency anemia, the most common form of anemia, is a decrease in the number of red blood cells caused by too little iron. About 20% of women, 50% of pregnant women, and 3% of men do not have enough iron in their body. When you eat food with iron, iron is absorbed into your body mainly through the upper part of your small intestine. If you have trouble getting enough iron from food sources, you may need an iron supplement. Both the deficiency and too much intake of Calcium into the body have severe health effects — both negative — and we have to eat just the amount needed by our body. This article will highlight the important functions of Calcium in the body, the benefits of calcium and side effects of “too low” and “too high” intake of Calcium. We will also talk about “what is too low” and “what is too high”, as well as common foods high in calcium. These foods also provide the body with other vitamins and minerals which help the vitamin K to function properly. It is recommended to saute this vegetable rather than steaming or boiling as it helps to prevent the leaves and stems from getting watery and soft.

Parsley is one of the most popular herbs around the world with high nutritious value and many health benefits.
It is another rich source of vitamin K with 2 cups of these leaves containing 96.35 mcg of this vitamin. It is another good source of vitamin K with two teaspoonfuls of this herb containing 48.01 mcg of the vitamin.
Fresh and dried thyme is used in various bean, vegetable and egg dishes to add to their flavor. These are also rich in vitamin K with 1 cup of raw leeks containing 41.83 mcg of this vitamin.
Without sufficient iron, your body can't produce enough hemoglobin, a substance in red blood cells that makes it possible for them to carry oxygen to the body's tissues. To absorb the most iron from the foods you eat, avoid drinking coffee or tea or consuming calcium-rich foods or drinks with meals containing iron-rich foods. But speak to your health care provider about the proper dosage first and follow his or her instructions carefully. This will be outlined when we discuss the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for every class of people — children, adults, pregnant women, lactating mothers, etc.
Another important function of the vitamin is activating a protein named osteocalcin, which is responsible for building and strengthening bones. Various leafy green vegetables are considered to be the best source for this vitamin while it is also found in different other vegetables, herbs and fruits. One should make sure to cook this vegetable properly to enjoy its great flavor and to obtain the optimum nutritious benefits. It is recommended to boil the Swiss chard before consumption to reduce the high concentration of oxalic acid in it. This vegetable should be steamed for no more than 5 minutes to preserve its flavor and nutritious value as well as to avoid overcooking.
Romaine lettuce is often used for garnishing various dishes and is added to sandwiches for enhancing their taste and nutritious value.
It is consumed after steaming properly for no longer than 5 minutes as overcooking broccoli destroys both its flavor and nutritional value.
This succulent and tender vegetable is often added to salads and omelets while they are also used for enhancing the taste of various pasta as well as chicken dishes.
The recommended process of cooking cabbage is sauteing it for a few minutes after slicing the vegetable into small slices.

Two teaspoonfuls of this herb have 48.01 mcg vitamin K which makes it one of the most vitamin K-rich herbs. Leeks are added to salads, omelets and vegetables while this vegetable can also be eaten after sauteing them with lemon juice and herbs. It is found in animal foods that originally contained hemoglobin, such as red meats, fish, and poultry.
Our bodies are less efficient at absorbing nonheme iron, but most dietary iron is nonheme iron. To improve your absorption of iron, eat it along with a good source of vitamin C -- such as orange juice, broccoli, or strawberries -- or eat nonheme iron foods with a food from the meat, fish, and poultry group. Because very little iron is excreted from the body, iron can accumulate in body tissues and organs when the normal storage sites -- the liver, spleen, and bone marrow -- are full. It is recommended not to boil the leaves for more than 1 minute for minimizing the loss of flavor and nutrients. However, it is important not to overcook the greens; otherwise, they emit the pungent sulfur smell characteristic for all overcooked cruciferous vegetables. It is commonly used for preparing various foods and for enhancing the taste of different dishes. They should be steamed for no more than 5 minutes as overcooked Brussels sprouts lose their nutritious value and tend to emit an unpleasant sulfur smell.
It is popularly used for enhancing the flavor and taste of different foods in various cuisines. The more traditional methods of boiling and steaming used for cooking vegetables tend to ruin the taste and nutritious value of cabbage. This herb is widely used as a main ingredient for preparing different dishes in cuisines all over the world.
Although iron toxicity from food sources is rare, deadly overdoses are possible with supplements.
Cutting the leaves into halves and slicing the stems in small pieces can ensure quick and proper cooking.

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