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Flora Margarine and the Flora pro-activ product range uses good unsaturated fats to help lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart and lifestyle. Flora pro-activ was launched in Australia in 1999 and was the first plant sterol enriched product on the market. Simply consume 25g of Flora pro-activ every day (the amount you would use on 3 – 4 slices of bread) to lower your cholesterol absorption in as little as three weeks. With Fathers Day fast approaching, ita€™s the perfect time to give Dad something hea€™ll love. But it wasn’t til the 1950s when the Dutch Medical Society, worried by the state of heart health, asked Unilever to produce vegetable oil spreads as a healthy alternative to butter.

It has since been the number one selling spread in the market to lower cholesterol absorption. They contain plant sterols, an active ingredient that is clinically proven to significantly reduce cholesterol absorption. Keep using Flora pro-activ to maintain a healthy level and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Flora pro-activ is a tasty way to help maintain a healthy heart, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Abstract blue water bubbles drop ic – Stock Illustration Vector logo design template.

Today, all Flora spreads are high in good unsaturated fats (poly and mono), which help to keep hearts of all ages healthy. Abstract blue water drop #58387473Water splash background #1613472Abstract blue water drop on gray background.

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