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For ten years I’ve been focused on the therapeutic use of healing diets for children with autism, as well as good nutrition for healthy pregnancy and baby.
Because children with autism are perhaps the most sensitive and need the most nutrition, the principles that apply to them, apply to virtually everyone who wants to become healthy and heal including: healthy people like pregnant women and children, preconception women wanting to “stack the deck” in their favor, and children with developmental delays and digestive disorders. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional and is not intended to provide medical advice. It takes confusion out of dietary advice and makes for better planning, greater compliance, and easy tracking to ensure your success.

After thousands of hours of research, analysis of biochemical pathways and body systems, and years of clinical experience working with children, parents, doctors, and women planning for and having babies, I’ve gained deep understanding of how food matters – and how to best guide those choices for each individual.Then one day, a mom asked me if I had a chart of the BEST foods to eat. Like the children with autism, this pyramid is especially for the most sensitive children and adults—dealing with inflammation, digestive issues, immune system and detoxification challenges. That led to a year of consideration of what ARE the best foods to be eating for everyone who wishes to embark on improved diet for improved health and well being – from which was born The Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid, aka, the Autism Food PyramidTM. The Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid is an instrument for using diet to heal the body or become prepared for nourishing a baby.

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