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Probiotics are a group of friendly bacteria  that are naturally found in our intestines are help to improve digestion, fight infections and slow down the aging process. Although a healthy body must also have unfriendly bacteria to stay healthy (I know that sounds odd, but it’s true), probiotics keep bad bacteria in check by lowering the pH of your intestines and overwhelming them when they start to multiply more than they should (btw, 70% of your immune system is found in your intestines). Kombucha- a lesser known naturally fermented tea that is often found with additional healthy skin ingredients such as cranberry, ginger and spirulina. She's also is a single mother to 4 rascals, a copywriter and editor, a psych major, and is currently working on two fictional novels.

I never new there was such a thing as topical probiotics….is it just as good as taking it internally?? Hey babe, you can think of topical probiotics as a targeted treatment and internal probiotics for all over gorgeous health.
At first glance, eating anything that has billions of strains of bacteria sounds scary, and maybe a little dangerous, but like Bon Jovi, probiotics are rock stars that will help to keep your body in perfect harmony. By strengthening your immune system, probiotics help to fight skin infections such as athletes foot and acne. Although all yogurts contain probiotics, choose the unflavored ones because too much sugar is not good for digestion. So go ahead and buy yourself some healthy probiotics and get your glamor rock on with Bon Jovi too!

Food intolerance’s, like lactose intolerance, can manifest itself as acne, eczema or other skin irritations. They are awesome at stimulating healthy cell functions, improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture (both of which weaken with age), and reduce inflammation,which is the number one cause of skin damage! Probiotics, by aiding in the digestion of food, help to eliminate food intolerance’s and their symptoms.

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