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Therefore, you are cautioned that this information - like me - is about 40 years out of date and for amusement purposes only. Cowspit does not have digestion enzymes in it, but it does have enough buffering agents to keep the rumen at a neutral pH. Usually the first line shown for each herd feeding record below is the summer regimen, the second line summarizes the winter feeding. In winter, ensilage, hay, brewers' grains, gluten, and cottonseed meal comprise the ration.
No grain is fed while cows are at pasture, but when grass fails, green oats, peas, vetches, alfalfa and rape are supplied. Corn fields in particular require significant manuring by the farmer in the months before the crop is sown. Summer fallow (leaving an idle plowed field) was not a viable option in eastern Canada because plentiful rain causes the land to become infested with weeds. Today chemical fertilizers and pesticides are widely used for weed control, parasite control, and nutrient supply. Tragically, some of the developing seeds are infected with ergot fungus (the black protrusions). Don't worry about the units - this chart just illustrates the relative values for each plant. In real life, the values from this chart were ready to plug into balanced ration calculation equations.
The following clipping is from a French language account from the bilingual Canadian Ayrshire Review of  January 1938. After singing God Save the King, the group sang several popular songs and finished with O Canada. To get you started : the halter holding cattleman has been air-brushed out of the first photograph.
Teeswater or Durham cattle, and with Alderneys or Jerseys, though there is no historical evidence of this. Dairy cattle evolved eating and digesting lots of grass - but dried hay and additional water can be substituted, e.g. At the desired location, a dangling rope attached to a release lever is pulled, and the loose hay falls to the loft floor. Like the sling, it would travel up, then along the monorail where the pointed tips would be released, dropping the hay.
It was simple equipment which used horses to avoid a lot of backbreaking labour with pitch forks. Tough woody stems are present - but mainly from the stalks of the "high value" bits they were supporting above. It has not been rained on after cutting as there are no signs of brown decay, black mold or "dust".

At the bottom left corner, that brown ball is a dried clover flower - the clover plants may grow 2-3 feet before cutting. After cutting, a PTO powered rake is often used to fluff and flip ("ted") the hay for better drying - if necessary. Inside the low black cylinder with the slits, little black wire tines are picking up the windrow. About once per second a ram inside the baler jams the augered hay into its rectangular form.
The farmer is always trying to make hay which carries most of these nutritious little bits in to the cows. From the "topping off" position you can see Ricky (the summer student after me) waiting to gaff the next bale. If you move back a little farther on the load - out of sight of the tractor - you can barely hear the machinery.
As you see, the bale chute of the baler is adjusted to place a completed bale's end within easy reach of the load builders. A bale with its end above wagon level is ready for Ricky to gaff it with the hook in his right hand. Bales are often thrown up to shoulder level during handling between the field and the loft. Below are a few of the 10,000 or so bales (150-200 tons of hay) produced during a summer season in the 1970s.
Bob's son Michael (with Odie) is following the milking herd to the gate of the night pasture. BioTrust Low Carb Protein Shake’s blend of carefully selected exotic proteins stands head and shoulders above other protein shakes. If you’re interested in protein shakes, it’s probably because you’re either looking to enhance and support muscle-building and recovery after exercise, or simply to fulfill your body’s protein requirements throughout the day. Whey protein has typically dominated the protein shake market, and one of its selling points is the fact that it’s a fast-digesting protein (typically absorbed within an hour). With a unique blend of exotic proteins (25% Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate, 25% Ultrafiltered Micellar Casein, 25% Milk Protein Concentrate, and 25% Whey Protein Concentrate), BioTrust Low Carb provides a true time-released stream of protein that offers multiple benefits to your body. Casein, for example, is a slow-digesting protein, which takes from three to five hours to digest. BioTrust Low Carb’s time-released protein blend delivers proteins to your muscles right away, and continues over a full five- to six-hour period, essentially keeping your muscles “fed” until your next meal. BioTrust Low Carb is a whole milk protein concentrate with a blend of whey and casein (the main protein in milk), offering you the benefits of both fast-acting and slow-digesting proteins. Because BioTrust Low Carb contains this unique blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and ultrafiltered micellar casein, you get the benefits of both rapid and gradual-release protein sources to increase protein synthesis and minimize catabolic (muscle breakdown) activity.
Most protein powders on the market are processed using high heat and chemical (acid) processing, which damages the fragile proteins, leading to a denatured (inferior) product.
BioTrust Low Carb is the first protein product on the market to use Prohydrolase,™ a patented blend of specialized enzymes to dramatically enhance the ability of your body to break down, absorb and utilize whey protein.

Under ordinary circumstances, most commercial protein drinks tend to buffer the acid in your stomach, which decreases the ability of your natural enzymes to digest the protein. Prohydrolase™ was the clear winner for enhanced absorption compared to both whey with no enzyme added and whey with the widely used enzyme Aminogen® added. BioTrust Low Carb tastes great – its flavor is one of the reasons people prefer it over other brands! One of the most commonly used sweeteners in protein powders is aspartame, a proven neurotoxin known to lower the concentration of reduced glutathione in your brain,9 which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and others health problems.
Clearly, these are not substances you want in your healthy protein shake, and you won’t find any of them in BioTrust Low Carb. All of our proteins are hormone-free, sourced from cows not treated with potentially dangerous growth hormones.
Inulin is a highly soluble fiber found naturally in onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes and other plant foods.
In addition to its role as a prebiotic that encourages healthy probiotics to flourish in your gut, inulin has been shown to promote calcium absorption,14 and because it is not digested, it will not raise blood sugar levels, making it an ideal fiber source for people with diabetes.
Microbes and insects which thrive on the dead tissue may also attack the living plant tissue of a subsequent year's crop of the same species. At the loft door, the bales were transferred to a portable electric conveyor for transport within the loft. With careful attention to low-temperature processing and a natural microfiltration process, you’re receiving only the highest quality protein in every delicious sip – in a unique form that dramatically improves absorption and effectiveness for maximum muscle recovery and growth. This is a good thing initially, because it gives you that quick boost of protein your body needs after an intense workout.
The end result is a near-perfect protein that maintains its bioactive components, unlike the denatured caseinates on the market, which are processed using a harsh chemical process and are an inferior protein source found in most other protein shakes. Whey protein is a phenomenal source of leucine, an amino acid that helps boost the repair and growth of muscle following exercise. BioTrust Low Carb is cold-processed at low temperatures, through a natural microfiltration process, to ensure the highest quality and deliverability possible. Because leading artificial sweeteners can interfere with your health goals, and have actually been shown to make you consume more calories, gain weight and store more body fat, leading to obesity.
While your body cannot digest inulin, it gets transported to your digestive tract where it acts as a food source for microbes, encouraging the growth of your body’s beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics). But your body needs prolonged delivery of protein for ultimate recovery, and this is where BioTrust Low Carb stands out. Inulin is sometimes referred to as a “prebiotic” for this reason, because it acts as a fuel for the microflora in your gut, ultimately enhancing your body’s ability to digest and utilize the proteins in BioTrust Low Carb.

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