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Its natural composition is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders and abrasives, without any toxic side effects. The “Corrective” C-Peel is a deep peeling treatment and a positive alternative to other skin regeneration methods, without negative side effects. The rice cell suspension culture system using the rice amylase promoter(RAmy3D) has become increasingly popular as a machinery for the production of pharmaceutical and industrial proteins. Rice is a well-studied model plant whose genome has been decoded, and its transformation technology has been very well developed. Rice is probably the most suitable host for producing recombinant protein due to its competitive yield of recombinant proteins compared to other plant expression systems.
Plant cell suspension cultures are regarded as the most suitable for industrial applications in plant-based production of valuable materials. Potatoes are packed with a fabulous enzyme called catecholase, which is used by many high-end cosmetic companies to lighten skin and remove dark under eye circles. I’ve had dark eye circles for YEARS now, and even when I get enough sleep or use eye creams they still don’t go away, so I really hope this works! I hate my dark circles I find myself beautiful but the only thing that makes me feel not so pretty are my dark circles. I’m sure this is a silly question, but do you think it would still work if you used instant potatoes?
Please take this tip on board tho that the dark circles are closely related to kidney maintenance of your body. My eyes look awesome and dazzling and have little double eye lids (creases) at night but in the morning they look terrible, squashed, puffy, no double eyelid and small!!!!!!!!! Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Enamel Erosion is a dental condition or result that has a seemingly infinite number of causes. When saliva production and it's presence is not routinely overwhelmed with highly acidic foods, tooth enamel can endure a lifetime, given routine dental care. In situations where enamel deterioration is becoming more evident, enamel resurfacing or replacement can be achieved through a choice of lamination technologies (porcelain veneers) or entire tooth replacement via cemented crowns, porcelain jackets or implant supported crowns. The last two pictures in our photo series represents a treatment of an actual enamel replacement and reconstruction need for a patient who was diagnosed with a classic methamphetamine abuse. Or, you can use our on-line Ask The Dentist form to send any specific questions related to the material on this page directly to Dr.
South Jersey Cosmetic Dentistry website is for informational educational and demonstrative purposes only and should not be construed to replace the advice and expert consult of your dentist. So we told you about oil pulling a while back, but it looks like this oral care ritual has made yet another Internet comeback.
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Phenolic compounds constitute a group of secondary metabolites which have important functions in plants.
The occurrence of phenolic compounds in predominantly edible plants and plant-derived products. Primarily the chemical structure of plant phenolics determines their physicochemical properties. The dynamics of compounds’ permeability through the skin depends on both biological factors (age, skin condition, cardiovascular functions and metabolism) and physicochemical ones, such as the partition coefficient between the stratum corneum and the vehicle and the related lipophilicity, as well as size, spatial structure of the molecule, polarity and load [87,88]. The scheme of factors involved in the formation of free radicals and a cellular response to reactive oxygen species (ROS).
The scheme presents the cross-section of the skin structure and the specific influence phenolic compounds (delivered in the cosmetic formulation form) on dermal tissue components.
The regulation of the skin-related genes expression in the normal human dermal fibroblasts (NHDF) cells treated with the extracts from black poplar buds, oak wood, mate leaves and benjoin resin. This natural blend contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins and trace elements. Microparticles from the herbs will penetrate deep into the skin where their nutritive properties remain active for a longer time period.
Unlike chemical peels and lasers which create a controlled injury to the skin to generate new cell growth, the herbal compound penetrates deep into the skin and shows healing, soothing and regenerative properties. Molecular Farming combines biotechnology and agriculture to produce new goods for the world.
The RAmy3D promoter and terminator function together as a powerful system for the production of recombinant proteins.
As the third most popularly produced crop in the world, rice is also considered to be hypoallergenic and is considered an excellent host for protein production even for human application. They have been used in production of a large number of therapeutic proteins, and the systems upscaled into bioreactors have been utilized commercially. Why pay the hefty price tag when this simple home remedy will lighten up those dark under eye circles with the same enzyme… no more raccoon eyes for you! This is the tip of the ice berg and you have not to over cook foods and kill all the goodness like using microwaves.
Patients should not assume that early signs of enamel deterioration will be reversed with mere changes in habits or eating-drinking preferences. Recommendations for treatment should be obtained from your private dentist, doctor or physician. It is a hot topic now coming back from the ancient days of tradition due to its many hair, skin, and of course dental benefits. Emery said that it's OK to believe the hype, as the reviews on the process have all been positive. The line now consisting of six high quality products to provide for white and well-groomed teeth is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols.
Calcium Peroxides, in the form of nano-particles, penetrate even the finest cracks and gaps between the teeth, ensuring effective bleaching.?Power Enzymes', extracted from pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain), remove stains from coffee and tobacco as well as red wine, in a very natural way. Besides the beneficial effects on the plant host, phenolic metabolites (polyphenols) exhibit a series of biological properties that influence the human in a health-promoting manner. IntroductionThe skin has many functions in humans, especially in the defense against physical, chemical or biological factors. In the plant cell, flavonoids occur most frequently as glycosides dissolved in the vacuolar juice (mainly in the O-glycoside form, rather than C-glycosides). The examples of molecular structures of the most popular phenolic compounds are presented in the Figure 2. The phenolic compound’s permeability depends on the subclass of phenolics to which the particular compound belongs, the molecular size, structure and whether it occurs in the glycoside or aglycone form, as well as the other components of the formulation in which it is delivered [14,88,89,90].
The red arrow and the text in red emphasize the importance of phenolic compounds, other antioxidants and the relationship between them. Anti-Inflammatory PropertiesEvery day, our organism is exposed to external factors which may cause various types of damage, irritation or allergies.

Black arrows indicate the particular component of skin tissue, according to which are listed the main classes of phenolic, effective in prevention or treatment signs of skin-aging. Skin Cell RenewalThe epidermal skin cells possess the activity of continuous self-renewal and replacement of the dead cells. The results were referred to the control (untreated aged fibroblast cells, marked as 100%) [104,122].
Vitamins, carbohydrates, enzymes, phytohormones, proteins, trace elements and minerals release their positive impact here. You will go home with 3 prescribed home-care products to support and protect your skin in the 5-day process. They can also produce correctly folded proteins and assemble multimeric proteins such as antibodies. The RAmy3D promoter with a signal peptide system overcomes the current shortcomings associated with a low productivity and slow growth of plant cells during sugar starvation conditions under the control of the RAmy3D promoter.
Plant cell suspension cultures suggest the advantages such as easy control of culture environment, fast cell growth, and potential to be upscaled into bioreactors.
Its like running your car engine with dirty oil or washing your clothes in a bucket of muddy water, the results wont be the same. I have tried the cold spoon method, cucumber, ice cube and cold water but it just doesn’t work!!! Basic teeth brushing serves to remove food particles and flush the oral cavity, which stimulates saliva production. Combinations of porcelain crowns, veneer laminates and dental implants were used to recreate what Mother Nature once provided for this young male. Carmen and their staff at (856) 983-4846 to arrange a consultation for determining what options are available for different degrees of xerostomia symptoms. Evidence suggests that people can benefit from plant phenolics obtained either by the diet or through skin application, because they can alleviate symptoms and inhibit the development of various skin disorders. The skin takes part in regulation of water and electrolyte homeostasis and plays a secretory role. Phenols are similar to alcohols, but due to the aromatic ring they form stronger intermolecular hydrogen bonds, which enhance their water solubility and raise their melting and boiling points [85]. The body's defensive reaction against the negative effects of these factors is inflammation.
The yellow arrow indicates the direction and the depth of the cosmetic formulation permeability through the skin.
The most important advantage of using plant cell culture over whole plants in the production of valuable materials is that the procedures for the isolation and purification of the products are much simpler, particularly by utilizing a signal peptide, recombinant proteins produced will be secreted out of the cell into the culture medium, eliminating the need to extract the proteins through cell lysis.
I researched all the best foods, how to cook and store them and what they did and then made all of my own favourite recipes out of this info. Most of us practice the basic interventions for correcting these inbalances on a daily basis. Rrp ?15.00MOUNTAINFRESH toothpaste uses active natural ingredients and provides fresh breath.
Due to their natural origin and low toxicity, phenolic compounds are a promising tool in eliminating the causes and effects of skin aging, skin diseases, and skin damage, including wounds and burns. Moreover, it is involved in perception and immunological response of the whole organism [1]. The plant phenolic compounds present a variety of colors from colorless to intense vibrant dyes such as red or violet.
Transcellular penetration takes place along the connections between corneocytes and is possible only for small molecules soluble in both water and fats. Especially, plants’ ability to perform complex post-translational modification is particularly important because it allows the production of complicated glycoproteins in correctly glycosylated which is crucial in the bioactivity and stability of certain proteins.
Its ingredients are intensive fluorides (which protect against caries), valuable minerals from Swiss glacier waters, and Vitamin E, protecting teeth and gums. In the dicotyledonous plants, flavonoids are very often the only metabolites which show pharmacological activity [14].
In the plant cells phenolics are stored near the chloroplast or they are accumulated in vacuoles, where they may polymerize and strengthen the cell wall [86].
The lipophilic and amphiphatic compounds penetrate the skin through the intercellular way consisting of lipids. The formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species is associated with the triggering of biological responses to activation of the transcription factor AP-1 and nuclear transcription factor kappa B (NF-?B) [106]. However, this process can be slowed or even reversed by some biologically active agents, such as phenolic compounds.It was reported that the phenolics present in Populus nigra buds showed favorable activity in the model of normal human dermal fibroblasts (NHDF).
Although good yields of single polypeptide proteins can be achieved in a relatively short time using bacterial or lower eukaryotic expression systems, these systems cannot be applied to produce proteins requiring precise post-translational modification or the assembly of multimeric subunits for their biological activity. Rrp ?15.00MOUNTAINFRESH Mouthwash is free of alcohol and does not discolour your teeth - an intensive mouthwash with long lasting effect to fight bad breath.
This paper reviews the latest reports on the potential therapy of skin disorders through treatment with phenolic compounds, considering mostly a single specific compound or a combination of compounds in a plant extract. It is made from different layers separated by basal membrane, under which is located the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis) consisting of fat and connective tissue. The penetration through the skin appendages is less important, because of the secretions flow, which direction is opposite to the direction of movement of the active substance. These factors regulate secretion of signaling molecules, such as pro-inflammatory cytokines and interleukins, which lead to skin inflammation, appearing as redness and swelling of the inflamed area. MS and NMR analyses revealed the presence of the following compounds in poplar bud extracts: six phenolic acids (caffeic, p-coumaric, isoferulic, di-O-methylcaffeic, cinnamic), three flavonoids (pinocembrin, pinobanksin and its derivative) and salicin. Therefore, plants are advantageous to produce protein of interest is multimeric, and if it requires precise post-translational modification.
It stops plaque forming, remineralizes the dental enamel, protects against caries and has an anti bacterial effect.
They occur also in certain grains, seeds, and spices, as well as in wine, tea, coffee, cocoa, and herbal essences [15,16].The most common phenolic acids in plant tissues are hydroxycinnamic acids. However, due to the fact that the skin acts as a barrier, most of the active ingredients delivered topically on the skin have a low natural permeability.
The crucial functions of polyphenols are inhibition of pro-inflammatory mediators, neutralization of free radicals, ROS, RNS, and thus inhibition of lipid peroxidation [107].During inflammation, arachidonic acid is released from the cell membrane phospholipids. Rrp ?15.00NANOWHITENING gentle toothpaste is a whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums. This broad class includes caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, o-, m- and p-coumaric acids, ferulic acids, and sinapic acids [17,18]. The enzyme involved in this reaction is phospholipase A2 (PLA2), which is stimulated by oxidative stress.
It contains the same ingredients as the STAINLESS toothpaste, but with a much more gentle effect. In plants the mentioned acids occur mostly in the associated form as esters or glycosides, for example as the lignin component. Textiles used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications might be a carrier of phenolic compounds and can act as the means of delivering the active substance directly to the irritated skin [95].The purpose of this review is to present data on health-promoting properties of plant phenolics, both isolated pure components and mixtures naturally occurring in plant extracts, in the context of prevention and treatment of skin disorders, such as the premature effects of aging, skin diseases, as well as severe skin damage in the form of injuries. The released arachidonic acid is transformed by either the cyclooxygenase or lipoxygenase pathway. The expression levels were compared to the control (untreated aged fibroblasts, marked as 100%) and normal untreated fibroblasts. The dermis is made of collagen fibers and elastin, fibronectin, proteoglycans, and glycoaminoglycans.

Particular hydroxycinnamic acids occur in the ester form associated with carboxyl acids or glucose [15,19,20,21,22].
The collected data are taken from recent reports of the use of skin-protective natural phenolic compounds, not only provided in the diet, but also as components of cosmetic formulations. Polyphenols may inhibit both reactions, mostly due to the interruption of substrate binding to the enzyme by disruption of the hydrogen bonding system or due to chelation ions in the active center of the enzyme [108]. Among the five genes analyzed, only the gene linked to the inflammatory processes showed a decrease, which is consistent with stimulating and protective effect of Poplar phenolics. Rrp ?15.00CRYSTAL COATING, the new anti-aging treatment and top of the line product with bioactive minerals. However, the main component of this layer is fibroblasts [1,2,3].Recently, many reports on the potential effectiveness of phenolic compounds in the prevention or attenuation of skin disorder symptoms and reduction of the healing time have been published [4,5,6,7].
One of the most widespread hydroxycinnamic acids is caffeic acid, which occurs in coffee, apples, potatoes, spinach lettuce, cabbage, olive oil, wine and tobacco leaves [23,24,25,26].
More importantly, three skin renewal genes involved in proliferation, differentiation, survival and DNA synthesis (known to be down-regulated in the normal NHDF cells) were increased almost 2-fold; thus they presented potent modulation of gene transcription [104]. Phenolic compounds are found to be one of the most important groups of plant secondary metabolites, due to their great participation in morphological development, physiological processes and reproduction. The second important group of phenolic acids is hydroxybenzoic acids, such as gallic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, protocatechuic acid, vanillic and syringic acids [18,27,28,29]. The table 2 presents the levels of skin-related genes expression in NHDFs after the treatment with the studied extracts. The one month SPA Treatment will rebuild the surface of your enamel with an extra crystal layer, and also will de-sensitize your teeth. These phytochemicals are synthesized through the pentose phosphate, shikimate and phenylpropanoid pathways. It does not contain any aggressive ingredients, and has a peroxide-free whitening effect due to the protective layer that attaches itself to the teeth. Phenolics are mostly known for their broad spectrum of biological properties, which are due to their molecular structure.
It is a perfect enhanced treatment used in combination with other SWISSDENT (bleaching) products.
The main core of phenolic compounds is formed by at least one phenol ring, in which the hydrogen is usually replaced by a more active residue, such as hydroxyl, methyl or acetyl. The main lignan compounds are secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol, pinoresinol and matairesinol.
The variable biological properties of the phenolics result from the pattern and the degree of the substitutes.
Usually in plants these compounds contain more phenolic rings, and thus they are called polyphenols [8,9,10,11].Currently, approximately 8000 different structures of plant phenolics are known.
They mostly occur in the seed of flax and sunflower [34,35,36,37], but also small amounts of them can be found in grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, tea and coffee [38,39,40,41].
Antioxidant ActivityIt has been known for a long time that phenolic compounds occurring naturally in plants present a broad spectrum of health-promoting properties resulting from their biological activity. The most common classification of phenolic metabolites distinguishes the flavonoid and non-flavonoid compounds. Resveratrol is a representative compound of another group of phenolics—stilbenes [42,43,44].
The chemical structure of flavonoid compounds is based on two aromatic rings connected by a bridge consisting of three carbons (C6-C3-C6). Resveratrol (trans-3,5,4’-trihydroxystilbene) is present in many plant species, including those that are popular components of the human diet such as grapes, peanuts, and berries. Flavonoids are divided into six main subclasses: flavonols, flavones, flavanones, flavan-3-ols, isoflavones and anthocyanidins.
Plants synthetize it as a part of defense mechanisms against mechanical injury, pathogen infection, and UV radiation.
In the physiological state the flavonoids occur usually in association with sugar as glycosides. The structure of resveratrol, which consists of two aromatic rings, allows for two orientations, trans- and cis-isomers, thanks to the existence of a styrene double bond connecting the two rings.
The reactive oxygen forms include superoxide, singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical. The second class of plant phenolics—non-flavonoid metabolites—consists of the following subgroups: phenolic acids (hydroxybenzoates C6-C1, hydroxycinnamates C6-C3), lignans (C6-C3)2 and stilbenes C6-C2-C6 [8,11]. Being the preferred steric form, the trans-isomer of resveratrol is known for its better biological activity when protected from high pH and UV radiation [45,46]. A study on the connection between moderate red wine consumption and a low incidence of cardiovascular disease was reported. Excessive production of ROS can lead to oxidative stress triggering damage in cell structures, including lipids, proteins and DNA.
These compounds occur mainly as complicated biopolymers; hence they lack a defined primary carbon base, and the chemical structure is unique for the particular polyphenol [12,13]. The scientist, who called the observed phenomenon the “French Paradox”, speculates that resveratrol is most probably responsible for this. This damage may cause many disorders such as cancer, inflammation, cataract, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases [96,97]. Indeed, it was found out that resveratrol is of great importance in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancers, as well as degenerative disorders [46,47]. Reactive oxygen species can also negatively influence some immunological processes and aging, as well as pathophysiological mechanisms leading to skin inflammatory disorders [98]. Table 1 presents examples of particular plant phenolic compounds occurring in the human diet.
Oxidative stress is understood as the disturbance of the homeostasis between reactive oxygen forms and the antioxidative defense system in the organism [99].Antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds is associated with the annular structure of the molecule, conjugated double bonds and the presence of functional groups in the ring.
Anti-Aging Properties of Plant PhenolicsChanges in the skin are the most visible signs of aging. Thus it is recommended to increase the amount of natural antioxidants through the diet or external application. The appearance of the epidermis is affected by hyperpigmentation or inflammation (age spots).
As an example of natural exogenous antioxidants we can give antioxidant vitamins (especially vitamins C and E), lipoic acid, coenzyme Q, melatonin, resveratrol, curcumin and other polyphenols [105]. The skin condition is frequently the result of many aspects, such as genetics, environmental factors, nutrition, alcohol abuse or smoking. The main mechanism of skin cell disturbance is based on oxidative stress reactions [117].Nowadays, people endeavor to slow down the aging process by proper diet, doing sports and using cosmetics. As already mentioned, phenolic compounds possess a broad spectrum of biological activities. However, the most effective way of skin treatment is surface and topical application (cosmeceuticals) [120].Since consumers prefer to use more natural compounds on their skin, plant phenolic compounds are a promising target for new dermal cosmetics that possess the ability to maintain the skin homogeneity and a proper, healthy look due to effective skin cell renewal, elastin and collagen stimulation and inhibition of excessive melanin synthesis (Figure 4).

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