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Self-assembly of a synthetic phospholipid membrane by adding copper ions to an emulsion of an oil and a detergent, forming vesicles and tubules (credit: Itay Budin and Neal K.
Chemists have taken an important step in making artificial life forms from scratch, creating self-assembling cell membranes, the structural envelopes that contain and support the reactions required for life and make a living organism from non-living molecules.
Molecules that make up cell membranes have heads that mix easily with water and tails that repel it. By assembling an essential component of earthly life with no biological precursors, they hope to illuminate life’s origins.
January 27, 2012 by saberjim …and p**s off the ignorant creationists who will only proclaim that it is a miracle from god.
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The high proportion of fermentable sugars is another attractive advantage for the ethanol conversion from duckweed biomass. Craig Venter recently announced the creation of the “first synthetic living cell,” only its genome was artificial. In water, they form a double layer with heads out and tails in, a barrier that sequesters the contents of the cell. From commercially available precursors, the scientists needed just one preparatory step to create each starting lipid chain.
In addition, the residue from biofuel production may have potential applications in the field of animal feed and medicines. The additional use of steam explosion could further improve the glucose yield from saccharification at a very low enzyme dosage.

The chemists created similar molecules with a novel reaction that joins two chains of lipids. Fully artificial life will require the union of both an information-carrying genome and a three-dimensional structure to house it.
Nature uses complex enzymes that are themselves embedded in membranes to accomplish this, making it hard to understand how the very first membranes came to be.

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