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If you click on the box you will change to appropriate reaction scheme or enzyme specification. In a severely ischemic myocardium, ATP-generating processes such as aerobic glycolysis, ?-oxidation and citric acid cycle are curtailed, leading to a loss of cellular homeostasis.
Reperfusion further exacerbates this injury by opening the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (MPTP) to release reactive oxygen species (ROS), resulting in the initiation of apoptosis.
Exosomes ameliorate the ATP deficit by provide a full complement of glycolytic enzymes to enhance glycolytic flux.
In addition, AMP derived from the degradation of ATP and ADP from injured or dying cells is hydrolyzed into adenosine by CD73 present on exosome surfaces.
Adenosine in turn binds to adenosine receptors to activate reperfusion injury salvage kinase (RISK) pathways that mediate cell survival.

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