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Elixa is a 6 day program of high strength probiotics to help you achieve optimal gut health. For people who are serious about achieving the highest levels of gut health as rapidly as possible, we recommend the double pack –  taken over 12 consecutive days. We recommend repeating the program whenever you feel like your healthy bacteria may be in need of a top-up! Magnesium Stearate (Used to aid flow of powder within blending and capsules filling machinery.
The potato starch is present to provide the benefits of resistant starch with regards to probiotic adhesion and to keep the capsule contents completely dry from atmospheric moisture, ensuring that the bacteria remain in their stable, freeze-dried state until consumption.
Please note that these times are only approximate and vary based on the efficiency of your country’s customs and postal service once it reaches your mainland.
Elixa delivers 50x more beneficial bacteria per dose compared to the average probiotic supplement – Half a Trillion CFUs per dose!
When healthy, they provide immense support to our digestive function, immune system, skin health, and mental wellbeing. A combination of antibiotics, processed food, and a modern stressful lifestyle can wreak havoc on your intestinal flora. To restore your gut to optimal health we must reintroduce some of the beneficial strains and species of bacteria that have been reduced in your digestive tract. Countless probiotic supplements contain bacteria and yeasts that are not adapted to reside in the human gut. Almost all other probiotic supplements recommend taking the product continuously for months on end. The beneficial bacteria will get to work within 3 days of you beginning your Elixa program. 2) Next they will begin to grow in numbers and occupy more and more space on your gut wall. 3) Thirdly, they will start to produce beneficial substances for your gut and reduce numbers of bad bacteria by creating natural chemicals toxic to these pathogens. The main advantage of Elixa (and the true test of how effective it is at targetting the underlying cause) is that once you achieve relief from your symptoms (by transforming the health of your gut rather than using medicines to mask individual symptoms) the results will maintain themselves. All the probiotic strains that we use are adapted to live in the human large intestine and maintain themselves once a sufficient population has been established. Probiotics, TME : Page 2 Toggle navigation News Vault VAULT BEST OF UFC MMA HFS! Today we have another educational installment from Karl Seddon, founder of the British biotech manufacturing firm that produces Elixa Probiotic. Years back, I recall hearing almost daily about Adrenal Fatigue and it struck me as one of those things with a list of symptoms so numerous, vague, and broadly defined that it was as though it could be argued that both every condition is Adrenal Fatigue and no condition is Adrenal Fatigue, all at the same time.
A part of this euphoria and ones willingness to progress to a state of excitation comes from desperation. Unfortunately, quite often what follows is the actual test of the theory as per the guidelines of whichever resource you are reading. This is where people get sorely let down and waste a lot of time and money. In this article, I shall share my thoughts on one of the most commonly self-diagnosed conditions: SIBO. My product, Elixa, is an ultra high strength probiotic, and so I mainly get questions related to gut health. SIBO is not the mere presence of bacteria in the small intestine because the small intestine in a healthy state is far from sterile.
Bacterial excess in the small intestine can be defined directly—by a certain number of bacterial cells per millilitre of intestinal fluid—or indirectly—as some empirically arrived-at score on a diagnostic test, such as a hydrogen or methane breath test. Let’s briefly recap the layout of the digestive tract between the stomach and the large intestine.
The main difference between how this works and how some may imagine it to work is (1) the massaging action, and (2) the extremely developed control of different food substances being retained or being moved on by the stomach via the pyloric sphincter. The last two sections—jejunum and ileum—comprise the majority of the length of the small intestine, because their main function is the absorption of nutrients. Several unique actions occur in the duodenum, but if you want to remember just one, then view it as a buffer zone between the pH of the stomach and that of the small intestine. This is done in the duodenum by the release of bicarbonate from the pancreas into the duodenum and from the lining of the duodenum itself.
After the partially broken-down, fully broken-down, and enzyme-resistant food passes through the duodenum, it enters the jejunum and ileum. As could be expected, the bacterial concentrations slowly increase as we move from the duodenum (neighbouring the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach) along to the Ileum (which harbors the bacterial fleet—the large intestine). SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) is the condition of overgrowth somewhere in the region between the exit of the stomach and the entrance to the large intestine.
Here are the two most common reasons many people believe they have an overgrowth of bacteria in their small intestine, as opposed to a dysbiosis of their large intestine. You eat a meal and within about 1 hour your belly is distended, and you feel uncomfortably tight and bloated. Rapid onset of bloating and other symptoms after eating is a compelling reason to believe it is SIBO, but there is an alternative explanation. When we consume food, it triggers a domino effect along the gastrointestinal tract. This Mexican wave effect begins when food enters the stomach and can reach measurable (myoelectrical) levels within just 15 minutes and possibly earlier, depending on your gastroenterological state, including your visceral sensitivity and neurotransmitter levels related to gastric motility. It ought to be apparent from everyday observation: the urge to take a bathroom break after eating a large meal.
The longer the food remains in the small intestine, the less time-efficient the nutrient extraction would be. So, if the consumption of a meal can trigger a gastrocolic reflex, it means that it can (a) cause fermentable components of the diet (FODMAPs et al.) to move along the GI tract. It’s shaped in a pouch-like manner, which implies to me that this is an intended point of temporary accumulation and mixing of substrates and bacteria.
It is upstream of the remainder of the large intestine—thus being a huge determinant of what byproducts, substrates, and microorganisms are carried downstream to the later sections: the ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid portions of the large intestine. The (a) point is the movement of the fermentable substrate, the residue of your meal which has not been absorbed in the small intestine and that can be broken down by microbes. If there was some fermentable substrate hanging around the Ileum and then the gastrocolic reflex kicks in and shunts it through the ileocecal valve into the bacterial cauldron aka cecum, then this would cause it to begin immediately breaking down into the various byproducts.
Nota bene: do not assume that gas produced in the large intestine only leads to flatulence and that gas in the small intestine is what leads to bloating. Considering other metabolites, we can hypothesise that some of them building within a bolus of matter in the lumen of the intestine may now be rearranged by the peristaltic Mexican wave and release volumes of the metabolite closer to the intestinal wall, thus allowing them to have their effect via diffusion into the bloodstream or otherwise (e.g. Both these mechanisms can explain why your symptoms follow rapidly after consuming a meal, yet neither are related to fermentation in the small intestine. So if you’re basing your SIBO self-diagnosis on bloating, flatulence, brain fog, diarrhoea, abdominal distension, and abdominal pain, then consider that none of these exclusively indicate the site of action within the small intestine. Unless there was a confirmed motor problem or anatomical defect in the small intestine, I believe it is far more likely for problems to stem from the large intestine.
What are these malnutrition and intestinal hyper-permeability consequences of genuine SIBO?
No matter how you slice it, in my experience of a long time now with Elixa, with so many readers trying it, sending Karl and I hundreds of testimonials, repeat product orders, and lots of comments on the blog, it seems to improve the lives of most that have frequent or chronic digestive problems—whether they believe it’s SIBO or not.
In editing this, I was surprised he didn’t mention GERD, as SIBO is supposedly the new case. I knew it was bullshit because when I get heartburn and stir 1 tsp baking soda in water, down it, do the twist, and so burp explosively for three minutes and the heartburn is killed, that can only be substantial acid (that is backing up into the esophogas). But further to the dysfunction of the whole peristalsis chain, anyone who has suffered severe heartburn ought to have experienced a time where if they happen to have the urge and take a big dump, then bang, heartburn gone in minutes. I believe there is such a thing as GERD and SIBO, but these two diagnoses are made too quickly.
I agree with most of what Karl wrote about, but we need to look at the microbiome and the anatomy in a greater picture. When Richard was talking about GERD be relieved by belching, that would be indicative of an upper gut overgrowth, H.
Didn’t you see the Myth Busters episode where they made a mock stomach explode by introducing enough baking soda to enough acid? Fact is, I never burp otherwise, and I ONLY get heartburn when eating in conjunction with drinking alcohol. My three brothers and I grew up with a rail thin dad in his 30s who ate Rollaids like candy. It seems more likely to me that we have some genetic thing that makes us hyper producers of acid under certain circumstances. Something must have been lost in the back and forth but belching isn’t part of heartburn for me and never was. Yep, I’ve noticed a similar trend in people suffering from various symptoms of gut problems.
So shedding a bit of light inside the box can allow people to re-evaluate some of their SIBO assumptions and then continue on down the road of self-diagnosis in perhaps a more accurate direction.
It should be mentioned that h2 receptor inhibitors have pleotropic effects, some whib may be in play with Gerd and nsaid gsstropathy and could be as far fetched as implicated in cognitive impairments. These drugs have delayed action in Gerd and to say not a bacterial problem is a bit overstated. Yeah, I think as we get older and, well, most of us weren’t all that conscientious about our lifestyles throughout our lifetimes, a bit of gum recession and maybe not quite as tight contacts between teeth and whatnot, fibrey foods get stuck.
People need to stop eating sweet carby crap that turns into a slurry cesspool in their mouths. I think you are right on the money about people with large intestine issues misdiagnosing themselves with SIBO! Then the FODMAP diets further raise the pH in the colon creating even more dysbiosis and digestive dysfunction! Yep, way back when Tim and I were digging into all of this stuff it became clear to me that the first approach would best be to feed way more, way more fibers of various sorts and let the bugs all sort it out amongst themselves. If it didn’t work this way then everyone would have dysbiosis and nobody would be able to fix it.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. I'm going to try and make this nicely formatted to avoid those big walls of text that I can never sit through and read to the end! I tried eliminating things from my diet, one by one until I was down to a zero-carb diet (aka.
The long version: I am CONVINCED that 99% of IBS cases are caused by something wrong with the bacteria present in the gut.
Day 3: Started incessantly checking my forehead and the back of my neck because they felt a lot smoother and I thought I must be imagining it.
Day 4: My dermatitis was starting to reduce a lot and I had maybe 2 or 3 bowel movements on this day.
Day 6: I decided to put this whole thing to the test by eating a lot of onions (high in FOS) mixed in with my omelette. Fast forward to about Day 20: By this time I had stopped taking Elixa (you don't need to take it forever) and my new state had maintained itself.
I think the cherry is really put on top of the cake once you start reintroducing the healthy parts of your diet that you had to remove when you had IBS. You'd be amazed at how long it takes me to explain to a burrito seller that: Yes I REALLY do only want rice and meat. My sisters and mother have tried it and a couple of gym-enthusiast friends, and they've all liked it. Elixa was basically just a great way for me to try out the theory I thought would work anyway.
Everytime I take it now, I experience the same intial effects as Day 1 – 4, listed above, followed by a incremental improvement in the factors I stated. Well, from what I can see, you can pay in dollars and it goes on about 'free worldwide shipping'.
I assume the free shipping means that they have some kind of thing based in the US, but I do not know the ins and outs of international shipping. Please note that these times are only approximate and can vary based on the efficiency of your country’s customs and postal service once it reaches your mainland. Advertisementoh yes--the free shipping is nice although i imagine the shipping cost is loaded into the price of the product itself.
I don't think a slightly different formula or slightly different whatever, would have helped me. I suffer from from constipation, but my main troubling IBS symptom is daily bloating with visible abdominal distention.
My younger sister and mother both had the problem of bloating and constipation and they had great results. For example – during and after antibiotic usage, during and after a stomach bug, and after any excessive consumption of alcohol or junk food. They must be grown, freeze-dried, encapsulated, and packaged – All with extreme care. The short-course approach delivers potent amounts of beneficial probiotic bacteria to your gut each day for the duration of the program.
That’s Half a Trillion CFUs, versus the conventional average probiotic only containing 10 Billion CFUs. That is why our multi-strain blend contains a huge range of 12 different probiotic strains, all taken from the most well-studied genera: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. This unique 5-stage process was pioneered by our founder after completing his degree at the University of Oxford, where he studied Biomedical Engineering during his Masters’ degree. Different people have different thresholds of when and under what circumstances they can look at the matter objectively and realise it just ain’t working.
Just don’t waste time by not being objective with your analysis of the results or baselessly believing that weeks or months must pass before progress is visible. I shall list the two most common observations that people make to arrive at their self-diagnosis.
In fact, it’s only relatively sterile when compared with the large intestine—its downstream neighbour.
Rather than the fixed, bucket-like stomach seen in diagrams—with its always-open entrance and an always-open exit—the stomach is more like an accordion being extended and contracted slowly and with an exit valve that can release partially-digested food matter based on chemical and physical signals. Absorption requires a large surface area, which is in part facilitated by its length and principally by the whole villi and microvilli array.
The gastrointestinal tract flows from stomach to small intestine continuously, so there must be a mechanism by which to convert the acidic contents of the stomach into an alkaline slurry downstream because the small intestine is the primary site of carbohydrate enzyme activity, which requires an alkaline pH.
So, we’ll stop at this point along the gastrointestinal tract and re-focus on the small intestine. The gastrocolic reflex is the upregulation in peristaltic action, thus shifting all the matter in your intestinal tract further along.
If we eat less frequently, we could assume that food is moved through our digestive tracts more slowly (or at least more slowly through certain sections). Because, when the body has the option of making room for a fresh, undigested bolus of food versus continuing to dredge out the last morsels from the previous meal, it would obviously opt for the incoming meal.
It can also (b) shift lumenal fermentation byproducts (SCFAs, ethanol, acetaldehyde, unconjugated compounds, pockets of gas, etc.) from one place in the large intestine along to another place in the large intestine. I believe this area is the most critical portion of the large intestinal microbiota if you had to pick an area. If you watch a colonoscope filming food passing from the ileum into the cecum, then you’ll get my point. The appendix is designed to restore a gut microbiota that has been dramatically ravaged by an acute gastrointestinal infection.
Gas can be trapped in the large intestine for a long period before making its way over to the exit 1.5 slow-moving metres away.
If the gastrocolic reflex shunts them along from one point to another in the large intestine, there’s an opportunity for different concentrations of these metabolites to be exposed to different portions of the large intestinal wall, thus making their effects more or less pronounced based on the visceral sensitivity of that area of the GI tract. Maybe there’s already a pocket of gas accumulated there (these are common areas of accumulation), and so now, this flexure is feeling increased stretch from the gas pressure and a more pronounced bloating sensation. The few symptoms that would be exclusively indicative of an issue within the small intestine would be those stemming from malnutrition or small intestinal hyperpermeability because these conditions can relate to abnormalities of the brush border of the small intestine. And there is also potential for problems localised in the small intestine to be instigated by large intestinal problems anyway.
Remember way back when, all the alternatives were saying GERD is too little, not too much acid, the idea being that stuff persists too long before emptying. Nickoley, I think John Brisson knows you were describing belching from ingesting bicarbinate with water. Modest whole food meals, regardless of whether heavy protein or heavy carb, proportionally, combined with little or no alcohol, no problem. The belching comes with the ingestion of sodium bicarbonate, which creates a massive load of C02 when it reacts with stomach acid. I understand your belching you spoke of was from the baking soda and stomach acid interaction.
The take away point is how postprandial symptoms can originate in the large intestine via the domino effect of the gastrocolic reflex.
Back in the 80’s, trips to Thailand, I hooked up with some Brits and over month-long trips over a few years, went from hitting bars to renting a home with lots of young girls who liked the house we rented. But, I knew there was uncmfortable shit between my teeth, also that my fingernails weren’t enough, but I knew toothpics. I actually went to a practitioner who told me that any amount of bloating means that it is SIBO.
Probiotics can and do help in various ways but the principal fundamental thing is lots of food the good guys like to eat. I do quite well on true whole, unrefined, non-fortified grains of all sorts (including bran and germ, where most of the nutrients are).
Half that batch lasts all day, even doing a 10-mile trail hike with multiple ascent and descent, no provisions except water. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location. You've read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. I've been on these forums a while now and I'm often asked about the specifics of what helped me, so (after checking it was ok with a forum moderator) I thought I'd put it into one nice little concise thread here to save me having to repeat all the info everytime I am asked. For that reason I found it very uncomfortable but never enough for me to think it was a serious problem that I needed to go to the doctor's for. I believe it was one or all of the following: I took a lot of antibiotics for about 3 months straight. I mean they were absolutely the worse pain I ever felt and I've broken bones and had a couple of pretty gnarly operations to compare it with! I was so convinced by this that I tried numerous probiotics and persisted to do so despite none of them giving any benefit.
So I decided I would buy a normal one without any FOS and just take a load of capsules (like the whole bottle!). After some minor non-painful gas in the evening, my stomach seemed to shrink even further and I felt truly bloat free. I took the occasional double-pack from time to time and started to notice a whole range of subtle improvements. I still eat healthily for the most part, but it means I can go out for a meal and eat anything without having to choose the most bland item on the menu AND ask them to remove all traces of onion, garlic, peppers etc.
I've experimented with taking two doses at once and using lots and lots of water to flush it down, but that seems to give the same benefit (I think) except with a more exaggerated gurgling intestinal feeling on the first day or two. I put a lot of effort into this post because as I started typing it, it brought back a lot of forgotten memories on how much my IBS actually affected me and reduced my quality of life. For a minute I thought my novel-length review was going to be all a big waste of time for US readers haha!
I have tried multiple probiotics, digestive enzymes, enteric coated peppermint oil capsules, the Low FODMAP Diet, and nothing has helped.

Infact it stuck out to the extent that it caused my waist band to feel very tight as the morning progressed. We always recommend first-time users of Elixa to take their 6-day program over 6 consecutive days, without breaks in the program. Elixa is completely stable at room temperature for many months, therefore, there will be no loss of quality for any location or transit time.
If you’re already knowledgeable about probiotics and know that Elixa is right for you, we recommend the double pack! For those of you on antibiotics or suffering from IBS, you can check out our 4-pack.
Some even get back to me a few weeks later saying that Elixa did dramatically reduce their bloating, pain, etc., and conclude that their SIBO hunch must have been correct after all—ignoring the fact that bloat does not automatically equal SIBO and that a probiotic is far more likely to have eradicated bloating via its action in the large intestine than in the small intestine. Its magnitude varies along the tract but, generally speaking, all the food is pushed forward along the entire GI tract. That may at first seem odd because surely there is some required amount of time that food must be in contact with the small intestinal wall to allow complete absorption of nutrients. When a hunter-gatherer had food in abundance and was eating and not storing it, why would the body put up resistance to taking in that next meal only so as to not ‘waste’ some of what was previously ate? The alternative would be that the hunter-gatherer is repelled by further intake of food or vomits the meal back up until complete small intestinal digestion of the previous meal is complete. To put simply: It can (a) move bacterial food along, and (b) move the byproducts of bacterial feeding along.
Think: Hunter-gatherer ate a chunk of diseased meat and had explosive diarrhoea for three days straight. If they were something like ethanol or acetaldehyde, then they could result in mental effects.
And until it exits, is absorbed, or degraded, it will be experienced in the form of abdominal bloat. Just in the same way that another membrane (the skin) is hugely affected by the flora of our large intestine.
Demand is now so high they’ve established distribution centers in Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.
Now when he talks about GERD be relieved by a bowel movement that would indicate either colonic overfermentation combine with stool causing increased gastrointestinal pressure which can occur from SIBO or LIBO.
You can have digestive issues and dysbiosis in different parts of the digestive tract, some all at once.
There are other factors in play like histamine genes like DAO, but the gut has a lot to do with it. I was trying to explain that my more recent heartburn involves belching whereas my childhood heartburn seemed different and I did not belch. A teaspoon or two of baking soda in water results in immediate relief and the always amusing release of a large amount of CO2.
It’s similar to how they screen drugs and similar to how MDs narrow down a differential diagnosis.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Infact as a school kid I thought my pants were too tight and assumed most kids had this constant abdominal pain from those non-elasticated school trousers (LOL). I was also waking up multiple times during the early hours with the stabbing abdominal pain. The only time that they did ANYTHING was when I had unwittingly taken one with FOS in which proceeded to give me a day of bloating, haha. When I lay down on my back, my waistband actually came away from my stomach (I am lean anyway) and was no longer even pressing against me in a painful way!
Thinking that the onions now had a BENEFICIAL effect, I proceeded to take them with all my meals.
One friend got rid of his heartburn from it and another one said his ears stopped producing excessive wax (yuck) LOL! I've probably taken like 10 in total, but I did have severe severe IBS (in my opinion) and half of those boxes were just me experimenting around with how it affected skin and lactose intolerance etc. Once it started working I didn't really care to read more information designed to sell it to me, since I was already 'sold' on the idea. I think that sometimes people don't just need to share their success but also to share it with details and explanations, so that people can make up their own mind and set their expectations accordingly. But as a UK resident I can say that MOST of the things I order online are from the USA (no surprises there) and I don't get customs problems.
All you need to do is take one daily dose in the morning, on an empty stomach, for 6 consecutive days!
If you wish to take probiotics on a regular basis then there is no harm in taking Elixa as frequently as you desire.
With a strength of half a trillion CFUs (that’s 500 Billion!), this is an entire probiotic army. Without the bacteria making it intact, all the way from the culturing facility to your large intestine, a supplement would be useless. Just like the inventor who has been mulling over a sticking point in her design and has a spark of what the solution may be…or a physicist who suddenly has some potential breakthrough in his theory while laying in bed, staring at the ceiling.
In essence, it’s an excess of bacteria throughout all or part of the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum, the three sections comprising the small intestine. So it would make evolutionary sense that the appendix would be positioned at the most critical point required for reinoculation of the large intestine.
If they were some pain-inducing metabolite, then they may lead to that sharp stabbing pain, right there in the bottom right of your abdomen—that dreaded IBS pain. Elixa is a great probiotic, and I do recommend it in some cases, but probiotics are like medicine and do not help everyone that take them.
You know its funny I had super bad heartburn for a while as a child where id just keep spitting up gobs of sailva.
Bring to boil in 3 cups of water, cover and simmer for 35 minutes, then stir in 2 TBS of oat bran and 2 TBS wheat germ. I also spent ages wiping my behind on the toilet, to the extent that my mother would notice how long I was in the bathroom for or how much toilet roll I used. I reduced my diet down to very low carbohydrate which I think caused me to become intolerant to more and more foods. It would keep me in a state of exhausted intermittent dozing from around 5am until when I had to get up. It also had the downside of making me even more sensitive to the bloat-inducing foods if I ever accidentally consumed them again.
I've ordered align and pearls from a US eBayer, and they are both in the same type of category as Elixa.
I will definitely try this probiotic if it has significantly helped your bloating and distention. I thought it was the pelvic tilt because I was so lean and so it clearly wasn't a fat belly. I'd definitely recommend it for constipation based on my sister's results (and the fact she is still using it). Once every month or two is a good aim, for those who wish to continue taking probiotics regularly. It’s been a long time since a health product has matched my expectations, nevermind exceeded them like this!
Most of the time we have to go off reaction to certain supplements and diet and symptoms to determine a person’s issues.
I am not saying his diet is the best or anything, however for a lot of people it seems to work. So even when a person has SIBO, they are often over treated with rounds and rounds of antibiotics, because they are still feeling bloated and symptomatic, when in reality the SIBO is wiped out, but the dysbiosis in the colon still remains. I also thought that it was not my problem and that I was just more careful about cleaning my behind. It was obvious that it was a unsatisfactory solution that had to be maintained forever AND it was a solution which took me further away from being able to eat a normal diet. Regardless of what other advantages it may claim I would bet a lot that it is the large dose format! I have been taking it for longer than a month and, although I think it is helping, I felt nothing like the magic recovery that you describe with Elixa. Some customers choose to take multiple programs in the first month if they feel they need to correct a more serious gut bacteria imbalance to begin with. All overseas orders are despatched by rapid airmail to get your Elixa to you as fast as possible. His theory as well as others is that a lot of the time heartburn is caused by fermentation in the small intestine.
Little did I know that once you're healthy, it takes about 1-2 wipes and everything is absolutely spotless. It might have been due to the slow reintroduction or it might have had something to do with Elixa.
The stomach massages it back and forth, occasionally opening the pyloric sphincter—leading into the small intestine—to squirt a bit of this mush onwards when it’s deemed ready.
The gases travel upwards rather than down (mmc problem) and it results in putting pressure on the stomach and LES as well as causing belching from gases produced by fermentation of carbohydrates. Personally I have had gerd for a couple years now trying to figure it out ( which i no longer get heartburn but something still seems wrong) but when I would get Gerd in the past I belch a lot an hour or two after having a meal with carbs and when the gases die down my heartburn is gone. Actually this was a little weird because my nails became so drastically thicker that there was actually a ridge that grew outwards with my finger nails from the point at which I started Elixa.
I had previously tried a powder probiotic which had a lot of CFUs in (450 Billion) but it had done absolutely nothing. So for ages I could feel this weird ridge on all my nails where they had suddenly started growing atleast a half millimeter thicker! I am very open minded and I will try anything that makes a lot of sense just like this article says haha. Am I experiencing small intestinal fermentation causing gases to rise making my stomach acid splash onto my esophagus?
Is it possible that the “gases” and back pressure are from the large intestine instead but the fact that its all linked makes it seem like its from the small intestine?
I hope I am not screwed in this manner because I had an appendectomy at age 17 and I am now 26.

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