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Iams Prostora Max (15 Tabs) is made with Bifidalis, a patent pending, clinically proven strain of a live and active culture, to help nutritionally maintain your dog's digestive balance.
Sucrose, Vegetable Oil, Bifidobacterium animalis, Dried Skim Milk, Dried Reduced Minerals Whey, Cocoa Butter, Artificial Colors, Soy Lecithin (emulsifier), Artificial Vanilla Flavor.
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With millions of pets worldwide, pet owners are always on the lookout for the best possible pet food for their furry loved ones. His belief that advanced nutrition would have a corresponding positive effect on the health of pets helped shaped the unique pet foof formulas created by Iams. With the belief that the right diet can have a beneficial effect on the health of your pets, Iams offers a variety of dog and cat food formulas for pets of all ages. Iams Healthy Naturals formula diets are created specifically with no artifical color, flavors or preservatives added. Iams Premium Protection formula diets contain the highest-quality ingredients, and are further enhanced with other nutrients. Iams Veterinary formula diets are specifically designed to treat specific symptoms and conditions as determined by a veterinarian. Iams Special Concern formula diets are specifically designed for specific concerns, such as weight control in dogs or hairball control for cats. The Iams company is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As with any Proctor & Gamble product, coupons may be found in your Sunday newspaper in the weekly coupon insert.
Prior to using Prostora our dog had stomach grumbles and periods when she could not eat for several years. Iams Dog Food - Oveds Horse and Pet Store Your browser may not render our site as well as expected.
Beneficial bacteria, like those found in Prostora Max, promote the health of many vital body functions including healthy digestion. She explained that the product aids in food digestion and helps get rid of harmful bacteria in Maya's system. One of the most popular and well known brands is Iams, a manufacturer of dog and cat food and treats.

His goal was to create premium pet food using quality ingredients that would be most beneficial to the dogs and cats, creating happy and healthy pets. He worked in collaboration with veterinarians and nutritionists to create and provide high quality pet food using quality ingredients. It doesn't matter if you own a kitten or puppy, adult or senior pet, Iams will have the right pet food for you. PreBiotics are natural ingredients that promote healthy digestion by nourishing the "good" bacteria that is already found in the digestive tract. In dogs, such nutrients may include an advanced 2-part fiber system, antioxidants, vitamin E, beta-carotene, L-Carnitine, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.
These Rx formulas can only be prescribed by your veterninarian and can be purchased through your veterinarian.
Some may even offer extra protection such as the tartar treats that help reduce tartar on your dog's teeth.
There are other cheaper probiotic products out there, but this is one he will take even when he is feeling his sickest and not eating other things. If you have a small or large breed of dog, Iams acknowledges the differences and offers different formulas for the size of the breed. There are five main types of dry dog and cat food available from Iams: ProActive Health, Healthy Naturals, Premium Protection, Special Concerns and Veterinary formula. In cats, nutrients may include omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, L-Carnitine, vitamin E, and glucosamine. For instance, one type of formula is geared specifically for dogs suffering from intestinal problems. Now the first ingredient is chicken, not chicken by-product or chicken meal, so that's the most imprortant part. It was recommended to me by a specialist vet clinic when he first started having stomach issues and I find it really helps him and is worth the cost.It works. The sauce can be added on top of dry food to add extra flavor or just to add a different flavor for a little variety. I gave my dog one tablet each day for the first two weeks, then the dosage was knocked down to 2-3 times a week.
At the end of the first two week period, I noticed that the licking stains around her mouth disappeared, as did the staining near her tear duct area.

From a pathetic looking stained face to a bright, smiling countenance, we began with one tab per day and have decreased the dosage to a half-tab per day. Want to try another month at least to be sure because her diarhea and acid stomach problems were not every week - only 1 -2 times per month, but often enough that we had to give her meds for a week to clear it up. After a couple of months of 1 tablet per day we are now giving one tablet every other day and everything is still good. However, I specifically stated that the shipping packaging was not done well and the product was wet when opened.
He has gone borderline septic due to a bleeding ulcer and issues with pyloris due to him swallowing a piece of teflon toy by nylabone and a sharp cable hook. Entirely Pets has been amazing in terms of price (or price matching other less reliable places), quick shipping, and customer service. I had tried others prior to this, from Vetri Science and other companies, but this one was the best. One last thing, I do not normally rate products or service as I am not easily impressed, but an excellent shopping experience should not go unnoticed. Now she is healthy again all do to PROSTORA MAX TAB Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful product it really works ! I debated whether or not to order these due to the cost and the ingredients but after reading the reviews by other dog owners for the same issue I figured why not. This stuff works miracles at getting a dog's stomach back in balance and ending diarrhea fast. It is great for after a run of antibiotics as well, since antibiotics kill good bacteria and bad.
However, I tend to just go buy Jarrow brand human probiotic (the room temperature stable kind, so its portable). Before giving this to my Bolognese, I had the stained hair around the eyes and mouth clipped. After a month of giving her this product, cleaning the eyes several times daily, and keeping the hair trimmed, there is no change.

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