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Epistaxis can be managed in many ways, from a simple squeeze of the nose to stuffing it with a tampon, and everything in between.
2)For a very thorough approach, check out Schlosser’s NEJM review of epistaxis from 2009. The first new option for epistaxis is topical application of the IV form of tranexamic acid.
Clinical Question:Is topical tranexamic acid (TXA) superior to traditional nasal packing for the treatment of anterior epistaxis? Intervention: 15 cm cotton pledget soaked in injectable TXA (500 mg in 5 mL) inserted into the bleeding nostril. Outcome:     Cessation of epistaxis within 10 minutes, rebleeding at 24 hours and 7 days, length of stay (LOS) and patient satisfaction.
This study did show positive outcomes with using tranexamic acid for anterior epistaxis, although many patient groups were excluded from the study. TXA seems to be a good alternative to nasal packing for earlier patient discharge and improved patient satisfaction.
Clinical Question:How does Floseal Matrix Hemostatic Sealant (Floseal) compare to nasal packing for the treatment of anterior epistaxis? Outcome:      Patient level of comfort and satisfaction, MD assessed effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction, HNS (head and neck suregery) surgery consult rate, rebleed rate and crossover into other group.
Authors’ Conclusions: Floseal is more effective than nasal packing in treating patients with acute anterior epistaxis. Although the study does suffer from several limitations, it would be difficult to blind patients to gel matrix vs. Provide a probiotic in powder or liquid form if possibleThe reason for this is that if you use a tablet or capsule you are generally restricting benefits to the deeper parts of the GI tract (the small and large intestines). Refrigerate after opening when using probiotic supplementsMany products are now being marketed as shelf-stable.
Provide your dog or cat with probiotics when using antibiotics or steroidsThis is actually the time when your pet needs a probiotic supplement the most.
Using Probiotic Supplements that contain numerous strains of beneficial bacteria are more effectively beneficialMany commercial brands of probiotics contain one or two strains of bacteria.
Those symptoms your dog or cat has can often be linked to dysbiosisDysbiosis is an imbalance between the friendly and unfriendly bacteria in the GI tract and occurs when something damages the beneficial flora allowing opportunistic bacteria to gain a foothold. I’m not sure if anyone else has experience with this product, would love to hear your comments if you do. All participants (patients, clinicians, outcome assessors) were unaware of group allocation.  No.
One of them is to soak some cotton with a medication called tranexamic acid and leave it in your nose for 10-15 minutes.

We also do not know if patients were recruited consecutively, and are unsure of which group the crossover patients (23% in the packing arm) were analyzed in.  Other treatment (such as hypertension) was left to the discretion of the treating physician. Millie Mackintosh is here for the Melbourne Cup as a guest of Emirates’ British-themed VVVIP marquee.
By supplementing with a powder or liquid you will be benefiting the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the anus. Antibiotics and steroids destroy the mucous lining of the gut and with it the abundance of beneficial flora. That is not optimal because different microorganisms bring different benefits to the table and over supplementing with one type can lead to imbalances in the body. This imbalance where undesirable bacteria begin to flourish plays a role in many of the chronic disorders we see today. Capsules may of course be opened and the contents emptied onto your animala€™s food or placed into a small glass of water for human consumption.2). Antibiotics dona€™t discriminate between good and bad microorganisms, and unfortunately opportunistic organisms, like Candida albicans, will flourish once the antibiotics are discontinued.
The most common strains found in probiotic supplements are Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum, and while they may supply a good match for what is found in your peta€™s GI tract, there are many other probiotic species that would be beneficial.8). Using probiotic supplements on an empty stomachThis is because high levels of stomach acid can quickly kill many strains of bacteria.
When using antibiotics, supplement your dog or cat with probiotics at least two hours after the treatment (right before bed is a great time) and when the antibiotic treatment is complete double or triple the probiotic dosage for 7-10 days.6). Not only antibiotics kill beneficial floraAnything that places stress on the body can reduce levels of friendly bacteria.
Using probiotic supplements that has higher CFU (colony forming units) count may be helpful.10). Hydrochloric acid is secreted by glands lining the stomach in response to hormones triggered by the presence of food, so it would only make sense that acid levels are at their highest levels when eating. There are some really neat fermented probiotic supplements becoming available and these are living and feeding on the food that is suspended along with them in their liquid. When using probiotic supplements first time they can cause initial discomfortExperiencing digestive upset with probiotic use is most likely caused by the feeding of poor quality commercial pet food that is hard to break down and digest.
Common culprits include a diet with low-quality ingredients, NSAIDs, surgery, various medications, acute and chronic diarrhea, chlorinated water, artificial ingredients and preservatives in food, toxins in food and the environment, and stress. Fermented foods are a great source or probiotic culturesFunctional foods like kefir, yogurt and sauerkraut can do a world of good for your dog or cat. Provide beneficial bacteria first thing in the morning 30-40 minutes before breakfast, or, one of the best times is, right before bed (placed in a little meat ball of food). Consequently, it moves slowly through the intestines allowing some fecal plaque to adhere to your peta€™s intestinal walls.

Dividing a dosage between morning and evening is optimal, but this depends on your schedule, you have to do the best you can and for most pet parents this means placing all supplements in with the dog or cat food. In addition to heat, bacteria are also sensitive to oxygen and moisture so close the container quickly when you are done and make sure your hands are dry when handling.4). Kefir is a food derived from raw goat or cows milk and is rich in beneficial bacteria and yeasts (some yeasts are good!) and is generally made at home using kefir grains.
The quality of the product is more important than dosageSince probiotics are living organisms, not drugs, precise dosages when using probiotic supplements are not as important.
Filter your peta€™s water, that chlorine was put in there to kill microorganisms, and unfortunately, even well water can be contaminated.
Yogurt is another superfood derived from milk, however, most of the products found in the supermarket dona€™t resemble the real thing. It also varies by individual because certain dogs and cats are subjected to different environmental toxins and fed diverse pet foods. Most yogurt nowadays is processed and then freeze dried cultures are added before packaging. Much of what a vet prescribes antibiotics for can be accomplished with immune system support using herbs such as echinacea or olive leaf and wonderful antimicrobials like a silver hydrosol.
Shelf life and taste is the real important thing here, so sugars predominate and the amount and variety of probiotic cultures provides little benefit. However, the number of viable organisms varies greatly by product, so this is where quality really counts.
To help restore your animala€™s health and happiness we suggest a healthier, more digestible diet and reducing the dosage of probiotics to a level tolerated by your animal, building back up gradually as your animal begins to feel better. Sauerkraut can be a functional food powerhouse, however, the mass produced varieties are made with vinegar, again for shelf life and ease or manufacture, so they provide little of the health benefit real fermented cabbage and other vegetables provide.
You could have a product that promotes 2 billion live organisms compared to another that offers only 1 billion. Also, a good fiber supplement with psyllium seeds will help clear away the debris in your dog or cata€™s intestinal tract. The only option, really, is to make these products at home, which can be fun if you have the time, or alternatively, using probiotic supplements that is high quality for your dogs and cats may be the only option.
Yet, the one with the smaller probiotic count on the package may actually have more viable, or living, organisms that enter your peta€™s digestive tract.

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