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Do you suffer from that low energy, groggy feeling no matter how much sleep you get or what you do? Believe it or not, probiotics can help! These are all telltale signs your digestive system is stealing your energy!
Probiotics reduce your risk of leaky gut syndrome, regulate irritable bowel, eliminate diarrhea, and reduce nearly all digestive related challenges. If you have an advanced or severe case of digestive issues, I recommend taking double the daily dose of of probiotics for 7-14 days or until your digestive issues subside and your bowel movements stabilize. If you want that youthful, healthy glow, start by healing your gut and improving your diet! The formula has been used by thousands of happy customers and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Are you getting sick more than you should be? If you struggle with the common cold, allergies or the seasonal flu, this is a sign your immune system is coming unglued!
70-80% of your immune system is inside of your gut and your gut bacteria have a direct impact on how strong your immune system is! It may seem counter intuitive that something our doctor prescribes is bad for us, but they can be! The challenge is, the antibiotics don’t just kill the bad bacteria in your body… they kill the GOOD guys your body needs too!
You see, antibiotics cannot determine the difference between the good and the bad bacteria in your body so when you take them, they just kill everything! With over 20,000 case studies and research papers published, there is NO question they provide real, lasting benefits to your health! Before you run out and buy the first probiotic you see, you must know what to look for and most importantly, what to AVOID!
It is believed that probiotics in Greek yogurt improve digestion, increase immunity to infections, prevent allergies and settle irregular bowel movements. Greek yogurt contains higher concentrations of probiotics than regular yogurt, so the beneficial effects of probiotics are increased. Probiotics are particularly beneficial for people with dairy intolerance who have an inability to produce an enzyme called lactase which helps to break down the carbohydrates in milk.
Studies have shown that probiotics in Greek yogurt have a beneficial effect on the health of the intestinal tract.
Probiotics in Greek yogurt can help prevent allergic reactions and is beneficial, for example, in preventing extreme allergic reactions in children. Modern day advocates of yogurt and probiotics - even Greek style yogurt which is little more than strained yogurt - please make sure you don't turn into the equivalent of snake oil salesmen.

The mechanisms involving microbial bacteria in the human gut are still being discovered and although there can be 500 or more varieties of microbes in the gut, we still know little about what each does and how they interact with each other and the host: us.
I emailed an international society concerning microbes in yogurt and was told that first of all, there is no list of such microbes available the benefits each may have, if any, on human beings.
So be aware that various yogurt producers have been required by the FDA to tone down the supposed benefits of the various yogurts.
Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his long-fought battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. Everyone’s memory gets worse with age, so how can you tell the difference between normal aging and signs of Alzheimer’s disease?
Many American’s plates tend to be beige and brown with meats, loaded potatoes and refined grains. How the food influence the overall health of the people has been a subject of many investigations over the past decades.
More than 650 peer-reviewed studies have looked into the potential health benefits of “black seed,” which come from the flowering plant Nigella Sativa.
One of the things I hate about the nasty weather is the fact that there are so many bugs and viruses going around.
Bimuno Immunaid can be used by all the family aged 6+ and are taken in the morning after breakfast as they are chewy little capsules that melt in no time. When I started taking the Immunaid I was already feeling unwell but I think it has definitely been helping in my recovery as I started to feel better sooner than I expected. If you would like to win a pack of Bimuno Immunaid to try for yourself please leave a comment below and I shall choose a winner at random on the 22nd January 2015. The perfect holiday look: glasses, sunglasses & lenses!August 23, 2016 By Charli B Leave a CommentBefore we get too carried away letting the wet weather dampen our spirits, we mustn’t forget that there is still plenty of time to book some time away in sunnier climes! Digestive issues tend to occur when your body doesn’t have the right balance of probiotics (good bacteria) it needs to effectively digest and absorb food. They help you feel better in the moment but long-term, they can be devastating to your health! Milk sugar is more easily digested when probiotics are present, helping those with lactose intolerance gain the health benefits associated Greek yogurt without the uncomfortable side effects.
These healthy bacteria live within the gastrointestinal system, helping to keep the gut healthy and functioning properly. The probiotics in Greek yogurt produce lactase themselves which break down the milk, making dairy products more easily digested. This can be useful for treating diarrhea, for example, in millions of poverty stricken children around the world.

Allergies have been on the increase in recent years and probiotics found in Greek yogurt may have a role to play in alleviating the prevalence of these. Nutrients such as folic acid, riboflavin and vitamin B12, are enhanced by the presence of bacteria in Greek yogurt. In the past I had Pneumonia which now makes me susceptible to really bad chest infections so trying to help prevent them is what I like to do. These little gems are developed to keep your immune system fit and healthy because they  feed the pre-existing good bacteria in your body to help them thrive, unlike probiotics which only top-up the good bacteria. They do have a taste which I can’t really put my finger on, its kind of a little orangey but not actually orange flavoured but its not something I really noticed. So when I was offered to create a diary from Toad Diaries I knew I had to get something with my name on. When your gut is unbalanced, it is harder for you to digest foods causing your body to use more energy in the process.
If you struggle with skin conditions, rashes, or dry skin you should pass on the expensive “skin” creams and heal your body from the inside out!
The risk of colon cancer can also be reduced by consuming probiotics found in Greek yogurt; however, continued research in this field seeks to confirm the extent to which this is true.
Around 10 trillion bacteria can live within in a healthy gut and Greek yogurt helps to replenish these. People with dairy intolerance can therefore enjoy the health benefits of Greek yogurt without the uncomfortable side effects. Probiotics can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. The risk of colon cancer can potentially be reduced by eating probiotics, such as those found in Greek yogurt.
From studies performed on animals and humans, it has been suggested that probiotics in Greek yogurt help boost the immune system. Where regular yogurt contains only two different types of beneficial bacteria, Greek yogurt contains up to six types, all contributing to a healthy gut.
Studies have shown that incidence of tumors decrease as a result of ingesting probiotics, but further studies seek to confirm this.

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