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As we all know, dogs are born with strong natural instincts, such as barking, digging and being totally lovable to humans.
Most dogs are not born knowing how to swim, even the water retrievers like Labradors and Chesapeake Bay retrievers, must learn how to swim as puppies or young adults. Firstly, you need to take your dog to your local dog friendly lake beach or swimming pool, or if you have a backyard pool to let him know about what is it. Secondly, for safety, help your buddy put on the dog life jacket (dog flotation vest), attach the leash and walk slowly into the water, letting him get used to have wet feet, if your pet is reluctant, bring a toy or a few training treats to coax her in farther. Thirdly, gradually take him into deeper water until she must start paddling to stay afloat, at this point, you can use an arm to provide support under your dog’s belly if he appears to need the extra support.
The recent surge of Newt Gingrich upsets me as a parent, specifically because he was unfaithful to his wife, which reflects poor character. I am happy to say that during these same months, each of the last 2 years, we have received immeasurable blessings.
The number of new technological advances I have witnessed in my lifetime is simply amazing. Specifically, a tablet or smart phone, while unavailable in any of our childhoods (we all turned out fine, right?), are now easily accessible. Movember was started to bring attention to health issues facing men, including both prostate & testicular cancer, among others. Training a dog to swim is not necessarily a difficult task, but it does require a willing dog and water deep enough that the dog cannot touch bottom with his feet.

Encourage your furry friend with a positive tone of voice and praise when he enters the water.
Take your time showing her the proper and safe way to exit the pool so he can find his own way out the next time. So what then do we demonstrate to our kids when we cheat on our spouse, commit a crime, or lie to them (or in general)? Sure I was using it to send out specific parenting questions and did receive some tips, including a few from a pediatrician (not medical advice). Starting with my first Nintendo when I was 5, up to my Android phone and shiny Playstation 3. Yes, you read that right, the month of November has been replaced by Movember, a month to raise awareness for some very important issues. Let him sniff the water and lap at it as he desires, as long as it is not chlorinated pool water. To find inspiring, interesting and comprehensive pet information, to learn more about pet care and pet fashion, to make yourself a better friend to your pet.
When they see your character, especially when you don’t think they are watching, it will make all the difference. Unfortunately, it isn’t the always the easiest to enjoy friends and family, but during the last couple months of the year, we are blessed with a few specific days where family comes together to celebrate the things we are thankful for, the birth of Christ and the things to come in the New Year. In the year since then, we have felt so much pride and love for her, I am not sure there are words to fully explain how we feel as happy new parents.

Over the next few months, things picked up and I hit 100, then 200, then 300…suddenly things were clicking! The last 30 years have produced an incredible number of useful gadgets (and some useless!).
Up until that point, I refused to even let her touch my phone, partly because of germs and partly because everything she touched went straight into her mouth. I have only been a father for a year and two days, yet since the moment I met my daughter, I have had an instinct to love and nurture her.
If you do so, it is my pleasure to meet you here, we can share our interesting stories on pets.
I have not really been open to the idea of children having smart phones (or phones in general, unless necessary), and still am not. But, this morning, she started watching very deliberately as I checked my email and Facebook.
In the end, what really matters is faith, family (including friends), shelter & sustenance. At times, of course, it was frustrating, especially given a lack of any real experience with a newborn.

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