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A single serving, palatable paste, GastroEase Rescue is a quick acting formula targeted to aid horses exhibiting moderate to serious signs of gastric discomfort. GastroEase EQ powder provides total digestive support in a palatable powder for everyday administration. GastroEase EQ addresses the effects of stress, provides probiotics, minimizes acid levels, supports hindgut function and allows the horse to gain maximum benefit from his nutritional intake. GastroEase EQ Rescue is ideal for targeted use before events or for horses showing signs of gastric distress.

I chose to evaluate GastroEase EQTM in my practice after hearing about its potential for relieving and healing gastric ulcerations, hind gut inflammation and diarrhea. All testimonials are authentic and accurate, but may have been edited for clarity or brevity. Liposomal delivery form (multi-layer spheres of GMO-free and soy-free phospholipids) has been demonstrated to cross the blood brain barrier and can thus help chelate these neurotoxic heavy metals from the brain and nervous system. While these products have been thoroughly tested and found to be useful, formulas in the Perfect Products, LLC product line have not been subject to FDA testing, and are not intended for any specific veterinary purpose.

I can usually put off taking pain medication for at least a couple of hours and that’s wonderful.

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