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As crazy as it may seem, the bacteria in your gut can make or break your ability to burn body fat and lose weight.
Having been a personal trainer and nutrition advisor for over a decade, I’ve seen my fair share of people who wanted to lose weight. One of the most interesting factors in weight management is the gut, especially when people gain weight or struggle to lose it, despite doing all the right things in terms of diet and exercise.
The friendly bacteria in your gut assist with food digestion, protection against “bad bugs” and inflammation, vitamin synthesis and immune support. Certain types of bacteria, known as “Firmicutes” (pronounced “firm-i-cue-tees”) extract MORE calories from the food you eat.
Other types, known as “Bacteroides” (pronounced “Bact-er-oi-dees) don’t extract so many calories. Research shows that when the balance of Firmicutes to Bacteroides goes higher than 80% to 20%, people are more likely to gain body fat and put on weight. Research also shows that overweight and obese people generally have higher amounts of Firmicutes than people who are at their ideal, or acceptable weight. It’s possible to check this bacterial balance using our comprehensive stool test, which does MUCH more than just find bad bugs.
The acid also acts as a furnace to burn and kill bad bugs that enter on the food and water you consume. When this happens, food is not digested properly, leading to further nutrient deficiencies.
In a case like this, the body simply can’t derive nutrients from food effectively, and will become inefficient. Comprehensive stool testing can provide information on whether you’re digesting protein and fat properly.
If you’re not, it’s a very strong indicator that your stomach acid level, digestive enzyme levels are too low. If you are struggling to lose weight, or if you’re gaining weight – especially if you have digestive symptoms – it’s prudent to consider getting a stool test done. The long-term consequences of not having the right balance of friendly bacteria in your gut, as well as being unable to digest food properly are profound.
Fatigue, depression or anxiety, sleep issues, reproductive problems, skin disorders, aches and pain, and many other symptoms can develop due to faulty digestion.
Start Here: Grab my PDF on natural ways to fight H pylori, plus a treasure trove of recipes, lifestyle tips and webinars for a healthy gut. The information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only and should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of a health care provider.
I was over visiting my friend Leslie yesterday and she was showing me her bottle of green coffee bean extract. Intrigued I asked to see her bottle and she just happened to be carrying it with her in her purse. Hummm… interesting, her bottle only contained 400mg coffee bean extract at 42% Chlorogenic Acid. This means for her to get the recommended daily dose she would need to take 4 capsules a day as the recommended daily dose is 800mg twice daily. I told her she can get 1 bottle for $36.99 get FREE shipping and she gets a full 30 day supply. Another point to mention here is that her product did NOT have Svetol or GCA anywhere on the bottle meaning the product may not have really been 45% Chlorogenic Acid either.
It’s always buyer beware but hopefully what I explained will you understand what to look for when shopping.
Green Coffee Antioxidant is a trademarked name for pure green coffee bean extract and it is owned by a company called Applied Food Sciences, Inc. How Chlorogenic Acid works is by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body while at the same time boosting the the bodies metabolism level which means there is an increase of “Fat burning” in the liver.
It’s this action that causes weight loss without exercise because the process of weight loss still occurs due to the control of glucose in the body no matter what your eating. Ok so your ready to start shopping and now you need to know all the key things to look for in a pure green coffee bean extract.
Her bottle was 400mg and 60 supplements per bottle and she takes two supplements a day, that’s only a 15 day supply so she will need to buy another bottle at $24 again to make it a 30 day supply costing her a total of $48. Also some bottles of 800mg supplements will direct you to take 2 capsules a day but you don’t need to, Dr. I’s also a good idea to keep a food journal to help you monitor what you eating and become more aware of your food consumption habits. Checking my inbox this morning I received an email containing an green coffee bean customer review.
I remove two sentence from her email where she was promoting her own website for her modeling pictures.
Below I have attached a review from Antara R who has been using the supplement for around 2 months. Fact is more than 60% of all North Americans are overweight, and almost one in three adults are clinically obese.
The 60% is a frightening statistic and one that means that this generation of youngsters will lead shorter lives than their parents. My wife used Hoodia for 8 months and it does curb appetite and helped her lose weight but she still had to exercise.
Fact: Even if your calculations are off by only 100 calories per day, you will gain over 10 pounds during the course of a year. If you find that when you are dieting, you are constantly hungry, then an appetite suppressant may be just what you are looking for. Green coffee bean extracts have the same affect on the body but it also stops fats from being stored in the body. When you are taking any type of appetite suppressant, it is perhaps more important than ever that you get proper nutrition and all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
However, when most people take an appetite suppressant, not only do they feel less hungry, but they also find that they have more energy.
If you are trying to achieve immediate weight loss, a good goal to use is to reduce your caloric intake by 300 calories per day.

There are many weight products on the market today, and not all of them are as pure or as potent as they should be. There are allot of weight loss product review websites offering bias opinions on what is the best but are they really? If your buying Green Coffee Bean Extracts the make sure the label on the bottle reads 45% -50% Chlorogenic acid or contains Svetol.
There are times when the supplements you have just bought online or in stores are neither safe nor effective. I have seen many great deals for green coffee bean extract on Amazon but if you live in Canada they will not ship it to us. One of the main green coffee bean scams is the main ingredient that really triggers weight loss called “chlorogenic acid” is missing or in low dosages in the supplement. Certainly the newest type the Green coffee bean extract with Svetol produces more results than any other weight loss supplement on the market. Like me your probably thinking just how well do these products work and it seems that every month there’s something new being introduced. Super green coffee bean extract with Svetol is unique and really is revolutionary, at least to me. Most Coffee bean supplements don’t have much in the way of fat cell reduction properties. He conducted a study on some of the leading weight loss supplements claim to have 50% chloragenic acid and discovered that they do not. People like you and me can buy a cheap version green coffee bean extract at a wholesale price, put our own private label on it, make it our own brand and say whatever we want about it even if it’s not accurate.
If you live in Canada and want a pure product and effective product you need to get your green coffee bean extract with Svetol from Greencoffeebeancanada.ca.
Being a woman or man with a few extra pounds can negatively affect to your self-esteem especially if you are single. There are many different products on the market these days that say that can help you lose weight but require strict diets and exercise. What interesting about a green coffee bean extract is that it doesn’t require exercise or a change in diet.
Learning this really sparked my interest so I started my own research into the facts behind these claims.
First of all you need to understand the different types being sold on the market as not all are in an extract form.
With either type the main active ingredient is called “Chlorogenic acid” and its only found in the raw Green coffee Beans. The liquid form usually contains very little Chlorogenic acid whereas the supplements usually have at least 50%. When a person takes capsules of the Green coffee extract, chlorogenic acids travel through the bloodstream and is absorbed into the cells of the body. Supplements of Green coffee beans have less caffeine than the roasted coffee bean which is used to make a cup of coffee.
The liver is responsible for changing glucagon into glucose which is then emitted into the blood to feed the body. It has been proven that chlorogenic acids are responsible for reduction of body weight through the control of sugar in the blood forcing the body to use current energy stores.
None of the products offered herein are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Knowing a little on the subject myself I asked her where she got hers and she told me the local pharmacy in town and that she got a great deal as a matter of fact she stress that the deal she got was better than anything she had see online.
The first thing I went for was the ingredient label to see how much green coffee bean extract was in each supplement. Each capsule has a full 800mg of pure green coffee bean extract that she takes twice a day.
Oz mentioned that you should look for green coffee bean extract with GCA the weight loss community has gone nuts. When you combine both of these two mechanisms you will restrict the absorption of fat in the body and eliminate weight gain. If you want to see faster results then exercise will use muscles and muscles will use energy which in turn takes from fat store already in the body because the GCA is restricting fat storage so there is not much for the body to use from what your eating. Oz Show experiment, his participants were instructed to take 400mg capsules three times a day and 30 minutes before each meal.
What your looking for is an ingredient list that reads no fillers and no artificial ingredients. I always ask customers to let me know how the product has been working for them but I usually get an email reply not a picture and certainly not a picture like this one. So it’s not too shocking there are people just like you and me looking for a real solution to drain pounds off our bodies.
If you are concerned with your increasing weight but finding that you have no luck in losing the pounds you need to, you might want to try a weight loss supplement like Hoodia appetite suppressant or Green Coffee bean Extract to help you out. With a pure coffee bean supplement it’s recommended that you exercise but clinical studies have show weight loss without exercise. In many ways, it is a matter of simple math you need to burn more calories than you consume.
Hoodia is a natural product that is made from the South African Hoodia plant and essentially tricks your brain into telling your body that you are full. Because you will be eating so much less than normal, you may need to take supplements to make sure you don’t become malnourished. This is not the same as feeling jittery, but rather just being more energetic and willing to exercise. For that reason, it is important that you don’t buy highly discounted supplements since it just might not be the real thing. You can avoid these traps and scams by following these guidelines and learn how to safely shop for pure and natural supplements. Prescription “Strength”: Avoid anything that claims to be an alternative to a prescription. Miracle Claims: Avoid supplements that make miracle claims – or simply seem too good to be true.

Oz Show went undercover and discovered how easy it was to buy tainted supplements the FDA has recalled. They offer FREE shipping and only charge $16 a bottle or less in some cases but not to Canada. I see the same bottles of green coffee bean extract by MaritzMayer Laboratories for sale for $1 what a deal right….NOT! First of all if you live in Canada simply buy your green coffee bean extract from a trusted source like Greencoffeebeancanada.ca. I was taking raspberry ketones and although it boost energy to burn fat I still had to exercise. It would seem that the new Svetol is a great addition to this weight loss supplement as it seemed to really attack my fat cells.
What I mean is that most use some sort of stimulation to get your heart rate moving boosting your metabolism artificially. Studies show that more women, young or old are negatively affected by being overweight then men although obesity is a both a health concern for anyone. Oz” showed that participants did in fact lose weight without changing anything in their daily life styles. It’s not present in the roasted coffee bean because it’s removed in the process of roasting. They reduce the effects of toxins and combat free radicals in the bloodstream which damage the body’s cells contributing to the aging process. Chlorogenic acids inhibit this process by preventing the release of the G6P enzyme and in so doing stabilizes the levels of sugar in blood. If you are pregnant nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any of the products offered herein. She looked at me like she didn’t really understand, and I think most consumers get sucked in the same way. Oz he warned consumers not buy products without a label that clearly identifies Svetol or GCA.
Oz suggest taking between 800mg a day so this is a start BUT watch out of the bottles of 60 that contain 400mg supplements or less because this means you will need to take at least 2 capsules a day giving you only a 15 day supply. However, most of us underestimate the number of calories that we eat and we overestimate the calories that we burn, and that leads to weight gain. When taken regularly, the pill means you won’t feel hungry, even when you are controlling your caloric intake. Because an appetite suppressant works to both control your appetite and make you more eager to move, most people find it the best type of diet product on the market today. If you exercise more, thereby increasing your caloric deficit, you will lose even more weight.
These substances may be created by chemists in illegal labs, and many of these so-called supplements come from abroad.
If a supplement claims to be an alternative to a FDA-approved drug or have effects similar to a prescription drug, these are red flags. If it claims to be “long-lasting” or to work “rapidly” – in minutes or hours – that’s a red flag. If your looking to buy your green coffee bean extract in Canada from Amazon.ca then buy it from a seller that is already located in Canada and ships from within Canada.
I haven’t really being doing anything extra at all and my diet still consist of pizza, ribs, Subway, french fries and milk shakes.
Caffeine is usually that stimulant and it can be found in just about every supplement on the market today. The end result is improved muscle tone and circulation, weight loss and the slowing down of the aging process.
Fact is people with diabetes can therefore benefit from taking Green coffee bean extract also.
Of course, some of that initial weight may be water weight, but as you eat less and work out more, you will begin to stop storing fat and start burning it off. Due to the incredible volume of these tainted supplements, even after the FDA busts an importer or recalls a supplement, they can still be readily available online or on store shelves. Only take a prescription drug under a doctor’s care – don’t go seeking out potentially dangerous alternatives.
If it says you can lose weight without changing your diet or exercising, that’s also a red flag. Oh… I still threw in the odd salad and always make sure I eat brown bread and breakfast every morning.
It will control body fat levels, blood sugar levels, cardiovascular function and help you maintain a healthy body weight. This makes it doubly important that you keep your guard up and your eyes peeled in order to spot the red flags. If you only have to pop the pill to get instantaneous results or ones that far exceed any realistic expectations, don’t purchase or use this supplement.
All five weight-loss supplement samples came up positive for sibutramine, an ingredient in prescription obesity drugs that was banned because it caused heart attacks, strokes and seizures. If you can’t find the company name, a website or a phone number on the package, it’s a huge warning sign. In addition, one of the five tested positive for a powerful antibiotic called ciprofloxacin (Cipro). Lindsey Duncan (naturopathic doctor) the guy who was skeptical about weight loss products on the Dr.
This is believed to be the first time that traces of this powerful antibiotic have been found in an over-the-counter supplement. Oz show actually endorsed this form of weight loss supplement but only the ones with 50% chloragenic acid.

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