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Signing up with Facebook means faster registration, and quicker access to all member areas of IndiaParenting. In simple terms, probiotics happen to be microorganisms which are believed to provide numerous health benefits once they are consumed.
Many individuals do not know how much important their body’s digestion is until something goes wrong. Probiotics are most times referred to as friendly bacteria and can b found naturally in our digestive tracts. You must have heard that probiotics, the cultures in yoghurts, for instance, are good for one’s health. Digestive disorders and disease, for example: IBS, gastritis, IBD, ulcerative colitis, among many other problems are becoming an epidemic in our world.
Irritable bowel syndrome also known as IBS, which hits an estimated number of 57 million Americans can result to diarrhea, bloating and cramps. The beneficial bacteria have more than one function affecting our health such as: creating vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, K and Biotin, helping digest food, making essential fatty acids that feed the gut lining , producing lactase to digest milk, detoxifying dangerous substances, crowding out harmful bacteria and fungi producing bacteriocins and anti-fungals to fight harmful bacteria , helping remove hormone excess, to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helping cells reproduce normally, increasing the number of immune cells, stimulating cell repair mechanisms , reducing inflammatory response.
There are a lot of probiotix supplements found in the market nowadays, but as you have probably guessed, they are not all equal. Do you know that probiotics are vulnerable to losing effectiveness and potency the longer they lie outside? Unless you have a diet that is considered free of all man made problems, a quality probiotic can possess an amazing effect on your health as a whole. Considered one of the cornerstones of modern medicine, antibiotics are certainly one of the most common and important treatments for a multitude of ailments. In an ideal state of health you would have between 2-4 pounds of bacteria living inside your intestines in numbers upwards of 40 Trillion. The many important functions that our bacteria perform for us includes killing harmful bacteria, killing fungus (also known as candida), and building B vitamins for the rest of the body to use and which are linked to our energy levels.
Without the correct approach, the challenge to uphold our intestinal health can be a difficult one.
Well, many companies sell probiotics in bottles which enable you to supplement your supply of good bacteria via capsules.
The predominance of the bacteria species that lives in our gut is determined by the foods that we eat. Disclaimer: Do not make any changes to your diet, lifestyle, medications or exercise regimes without first consulting a doctor. Let me know via the comments section below if you have any questions about RA and bacteria!
Be it an extra big meal that makes you feel lethargic and bloated; being overweight,  acid reflux or something different, you do not get to know the great important role your digestion plays till you get yourself into a problem. Health practitioners including doctors most times recommend taking probiotics maybe during or after taking antibiotics. Probiotics can remove and cure most of the listed problems like excessive flatulence, IBS, gastritis and IBD. Just imagine about 3 to 4 pounds of tiny little bacteria living in the digestive tract that are responsible for a lot of amazing things. For probiotics to be considered effective, they need to possess the following requirements like: Contain more than one strain, Remain potency at the time of consumption, contain prebiotics, able to survive stomach acid. For this reason, do not buy too much of it, ensure they are fresh by looking at the expiry date and do not leave them to sit on the shelf for a long time.  In addition, consider this, after a year, a typical bottle will lose about 60 % of its potency.
But there is a terrible and severe side effect of taking antibiotics that none of us give much thought to.
This may sound like the premise of a horror film, but don't freak out, the vast majority of organisms living in there are more helpful than harmful to our bodies. They also help our bodies produce enzymes, help to change the acidity within our cells and play an important role in the development of the immune system by maintaining a constant dialog with our internal bodies through the surface of the gut.

Hence a probiotic is literally pro life and anti-biotics is, if we speak literally, anti-life! You have a leaky gut, a depleted mucosal lining and a shortage of healthy bacteria to rectify. But as I teach in detail in my free RA-Reversal Email Course there is a better and more effective way than this, which is to feed the existing bacteria with their favorite foods which allows their populations to grow naturally, rather than trying to add new guys to the mix.
Good bacteria love fiber from all kinds of plant foods, but they espeically like fiber from green leafy vegetables (think baby spinach leaves, collard greens, all types of lettuce, kale etc). So by increasing our dietary intake of plant foods (especially through eating salads with lots of leafy greens) and by reducing our intake of processed and animal-based foods we can stimulate our healthy bacteria numbers quite quickly.
Do not change your diet if you are ill or on medication without the advice of a qualified health care provider (your physician, for example).
The usage of probiotics to lead a healthier lifestyle saw a surge back in the early 1900’s, when the concept was introduced to the households around the world. Now, these bugs can be discovered in cheese, cereal, soup, energy bars and a whole lot of other products filling up pharmacy and grocery shelves. Some findings and preliminary discoveries suggest that probiotics may help ease signs and symptoms, although there are also negative studies as well. Although some brands may fulfill all these requirements, nevertheless, if you want to notice results, you need a probiotic product that has it all. If you are purchasing a poorly produced probiotic, or one that is expired or out of date, you might get as tiny as one billion of that. Probiotics are live bacteria, and the quantity of acid in the human system is quite unbelievable, so the time a normal dose of a probiotic makes it to your digestive tract down to your stomach, only about one-tenth is considered effective. In fact, so severe is the potential side effect of taking regular long-dose antibiotics that I believe it can contribute towards the onset of autoimmune diseases like RA. Sometimes referred to as 'healthy bacteria' or 'Probiotics' or 'Microflora', these tiny organisms locate themselves between the end of the small intestine and the distal colon and they are absolutely imperative to our greater health. Trust me, you never 'accidentally' fix these without knowing how to, since they don't teach you this stuff in high school (and they don't teach Rheumatologists this stuff at College either unfortunately). From my own experimentation, I have found that this is the best way to go and it's far cheaper. On the flipside, pathogens thrive when the diet is low in plant foods and high in animal products and processed foods. Major alterations in the microflora take place within one to two weeks of dietary intervention [1] As a treat to your little guys, good bacteria also love raw garlic, raw onion and artichoke. At present, people on the warpath to a fitter lifestyle would prefer to include probiotics as a part of their diet because these are not only convenient, but also improve your overall health by strengthening the digestive and immune system.What are Probiotics?If you are to look at the etymology, you will see that the term "probiotic" means "promotion of life" literally. Please always remember this; a healthy digestive system requires hundred trillion (100 trillion) healthy bacteria. So important, that we could actually think of them more like a vital organ like a lung or a kidney. Taking prescription antibiotics for a long period of time is catastrophic to your internal health.
However, once you are shown how then it can be understood and followed in a quite straightforward manner and excellent results have been achieved by many in a short period of time.
These are live microorganisms which have to be introduced into the body in fixed quantities. It improves uptake of nutrients into one’s body, enhances your ability to recover, maintain your body weight and it limits inflammation.
Doses of antibiotics not only kill the nasties, but also kill the good, innocent civilians in your stomach as well. The microorganisms, which have to be administered live under all circumstances, work on the host (in this case, your body) to confer health benefits. Lastly, it should come with a protective coating to ensure the probiotic drug goes all the way into your stomach and strictly to your instestine.
The history of such probiotics dates back to the bygone centuries when the concept of fermenting dairy products was started and widely practiced.You must already know that your body is home to trillions of different kinds of bacteria and not all of them are bad or harmful.

I believe the cause of my RA was due mostly to taking antibiotics for years to combat some persistent acne.
Probiotics are"good bacteria"- that help to digest food and absorb nutrients, probiotics talk to the immune cells to strengthen the immune system, produce vitamins like Vitamin B and K and help in keeping you protected from the harmful disease causing organisms. I blindly took these antibiotics from my late teens through into my early 20's without too much of a thought, other than 'gee, my skin looks good!'. In fact, probiotics can help you combat diseases like diarrhoea including diarrhoea that is caused due to the use of antibiotics, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, upper respiratory tract infections like common cold and cough and even some kinds of allergies.Benefits of Probiotics for Children and AdultsProbiotics have been proven to be of great help to both children as well as adults. Little did I know that I was creating an environment where I was wiping out my healthy bacteria, thus allowing unwanted pathogens to thrive. Irritating substances and h genitourinary medicine clinicstreatment hydrocortisone injections risk factors. Probiotics can improve digestion and prevent you from diarrhoea, constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.3) With more than 70 % of the immune cells being present in the intestine, probiotics work rapidly on your immune system and strengthen it from within. Something i found no permanent cure balanitis, including corticosteroid combined with default.
Incorporating a probiotic as a part of your diet may help you get over that discomfort.6) In elderly people, probiotics have shown to reduce the severity of infections especially gastrointestinal and respiratory infections- the most common complaints of seniors.Why do Children need Probiotics?Did you know that babies are exposed to numerous kinds of good bacteria even as they pass through the birth canal? In addition, since these bacteria are important in maintaining the dialogue with your immune system through the gut wall, it stands reasonable to imagine that without sufficient healthy bacteria your immune system is likely to go haywire - and even begin attacking other tissues in the body perhaps? But as a child grows up, he or she loses such good bacteria owing to infections, use of antibiotics during fever and sore throats, very often due to an unbalanced diet, stress and other such factors. Probiotics are different from traditional curd and fermented products that are an excellent source of nutrition but may not provide the health benefit that a probiotic does. Backed by more than 80 years of scientific research, Yakult was launched way back in 1935 in Japan by Dr. Yakult contains 6.5 billion of a unique probiotic that has more than 100 scientific studies in humans including children, adults and the elderlyto back its safety and efficacy. Some of them are-For both children and adults, Yakult would help in improving your digestive system and also help you fight problems like diarrhea and constipation. Avery large study done in India on about 4000 children has shown that Yakult helps prevent diarrhea (Epidemiology and Infection).
In another study conducted in Germany regular Yakult consumption prevented constipation in those who were severely constipated(Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology).Yakult strengthens your immune system and helps it to ward off the bad guys in kids as well adults.
Why should you stay pumped up full of medicines when you can prevent diseases the natural way? Yakult believes in prevention being better than cure which means that by strengthening the digestive and the immune system you can stay protected and steer away from diseasesIf you and your family members including your kids drink it every day, you are going to notice a change in yourself pretty soon.When can Parents Introduce Yakult to children?In general, probiotics may be introduced in children in the early stages of childhood. Yakult has been designed in such a way that even children as young as the age of one can drink it. Parents should, however, consult with their paediatrician before introducing the drink into their child's diet. Pregnant and lactating women would need that extra boost and the support to their immunity system which makes Yakult a must for them. Also, Yakult can help in preventing the digestive issues encountered by most women during pregnancy.
Elderly people can also drink Yakult as it helps them stay energetic and fit.There you go- all the questions that you can possibly have about probiotics and Yakult have been answered.
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