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When things get bound up in your belly, it leaves you feeling uncomfortable, bloated and in an all-around bad mood. Warm liquids: Warm liquids can help relieve constipation, and a cup of hot water with lemon, tea, or coffee can stimulate the muscles in your digestive system to contract, causing a bowel movement. High-fiber smoothie: When you're feeling constipated, sipping on a fibre-rich smoothie can make a huge difference. Fibre-rich fresh foods: High-fibre fresh foods are truly some of your best defense against a bound-up belly. The right snacks: Instead of snacking on empty calories or whatever's available, make a smarter choice at snack time.
Probiotics: If you've recently been on antibiotics and are having trouble going to the bathroom, probiotics can change the game. Cardio: You might be feeling out of sorts, but skipping your workout is only worsening the situation.
Yoga twists: If something is stuck or trapped in your digestive tract, a yoga sequence full of twists is one of the best ways to support your body's needs naturally.
Scientists at UCLA found that by boosting levels of anti-inflammatory gut bacteria they were able to prevent cancer from forming, raising hopes that prescribed probiotics could one day help stave off the disease. Ragweed, which is very hard to get rid of, grows prominently in the south-eastern region of France, near Lyon. Researchers have identified a potential molecular mechanism through which lead, a pervasive environmental toxin, may harm neural stem cells and neurodevelopment in children. NEWS BRIEF Cincinnati is facing a public-health emergency, as an estimated 174 people overdosed on heroin in the last six days.Police in the Ohio city are trying to find the source of the heroin batch.
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USANA recently ran a five week campaign to promote the importance of digestive health and focus on our two products – USANA HepaPlus and Probiotic. Include probiotics into your diet: Probiotics are live microorganisms (healthy bacteria) which is naturally present in your digestive tract. Exercise: Regular physical activity increases blood flow to your organs and helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Look after your liver: Your liver is the body’s second largest organ and an important part of our digestive system. Limit fatty foods: Fatty foods slow the digestive process down and therefore by making it harder digest you become more susceptible to constipation.
Limit alcohol, caffeine and smoking: All of these can interfere with how your digestive system functions. Andrea Hood has learned a lot about change in the last several months—she recently moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina to live in a warmer climate a little closer to the beach. This is why Andrea supports her digestive health with consistent efforts—including taking USANA products.
By taking on board some of these tips including using USANA’s digestive support products, eating a well-balanced diet and doing regular exercise you can help to improve your digestive health.
I might also send you a pm on this, but thought I'd post it here in case others have this issue too.Have you any suggestions for morning exercises for IBS.
Mary, you may need to go for a higher CFU, I started at 25 billion and now I take 50 billion, there are also different strains of bacteria in them, some may have 8 different strains some may have 10You can go right up to 100 billion CFU for those that take a lot of antibiotics or have very sever digestive issuesI don't talk about it much either Mary but this is actually a great place to do that.  I take mine first thing in the morning, that and a heartburn pill Yes stress does deplete the good bacteria you need in your gut.Can I ask how come you can't take fiber Snowy? I found this Cookie, and got some for Jim, wondering if you have this or anything like it in your country?
I have Natural Yoghurt in my porridge every morning, but looking at the carton there is nothing about probiotics in it!
Despite what you may have heard, the speed of your metabolism isn’t a direct product of your genes.
Asparagus is particularly high in B vitamins, which play a key role in metabolizing sugar and starches.
This heart-healthy fruit, considered by some nutritionists to be the perfect food, is packed with oleic acid, which reduces inflammation. Fresh berries contain chemicals called anthocyanins, which according to studies, may help with fat metabolism and reduce weight gain. This all-around super veggie is not only high in B vitamins to keep your metabolism roaring, broccoli is also packed with fiber and water — an important combination for your body’s ability to burn fat quickly and digest food efficiently. This leafy green sister of broccoli and cauliflower boasts the same healthy, metabolism-boosting B vitamins that these other cruciferous superfoods contain. Not only are carrots high in fiber, but certain compounds in carrots also help the liver to flush out environmental toxins and chemicals from the body. Packed with nutrients and very versatile, cauliflower makes a great substitution in meals that are typically high in unhealthy, processed carbs that leave you — and your metabolism — feeling tired and sluggish.

There is a reason celery is known as one of the “quintessential” diet foods: it’s great for boosting the metabolism and weight loss. Hydrating and fibrous, cucumbers are another thermogenic food with a “negative calorie” effect. Not only is garlic the ultimate immune-supporting herb (it zaps unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses), it’s also great for your metabolism. Grapefruit is well known as one of the top “weight loss” foods we can turn to when our clothes begin to feel a little too tight, but not many people know the explanation behind the reputation. You’ve probably heard that starting your day with a glass of lemon water is a great way to kick-start your metabolism, but do you know why?
Including raw nuts in your diet, especially almonds, is wonderful for your metabolism and waistline. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which helps the body to break down and absorb proteins, supports speedy digestion, and stimulates the metabolism. This spiky tropical fruit isn’t only delicious; it’s also great for weight loss, blood pressure, arthritis relief and many other things — including your metabolism.
There’s no magic pill when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, but keeping your metabolism working efficiently by eating clean, nutrient-rich foods like these will go a long way in keeping your energy up and your body fat down. The next time you're dealing with constipation, don't ignore the issue or rely on laxatives. However, if you've been bound up for a few days, coffee may have the opposite affect, since it's also a diuretic. Not only will this Harley Pasternak PB&J smoothie (pictured) fill you up and keep you satisfied all morning long, it offers over 100 percent of your daily recommended fibre, including plenty of insoluble fibre — the kind you need to get things moving. A produce-dense salad like this apple and cabbage detox salad or Jennifer Aniston's favourite quinoa salad (pictured) will support your body's needs naturally. If you're always on the go, stock up on some high fibre bought snacks in your purse for when hunger strikes. According to yoga teacher Tara Stiles, "twists just get things moving." Start stretching out your body and massaging those muscles, and you'll be bringing welcome circulation to your whole body. Your digestive system breaks down the foods you eat into the nutrients your body needs to survive. It manufactures many important proteins and assists in the conversion of fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals into more usable forms. Try to limit your fatty food intake, avoid fried foods and try choosing lean meats that are lower in fat such as chicken, turkey and pork, and fish. She also left her sales job at her father’s business to pursue health coaching and a USANA career full time.
Lifestyle and habits actually play a huge role in whether your metabolism is working for you — or against you. In fact, a study from Rio de Janeiro State University found that eating three small apples a day greatly increases metabolism and speeds up weight loss. This spring veggie is also a rich source of the antioxidant glutathione, a compound that helps your body to break down and eliminate harmful carcinogens like free radicals. And everything in your body works better when there is less inflammation — including your metabolism. Berries also help with the release of hormones that reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar levels, both of which are crucial for keeping your metabolism working efficiently. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli are also high in vitamin C, which helps keep things moving steadily through the digestive tract. Ferment cabbage into sauerkraut to up your intake of probiotics, which also provide a powerful digestive and metabolic punch. This is important because certain toxins can build up in the body, which can slow down your metabolism and prevent weight loss.
Rice, couscous, macaroni and cheese, pizza crust and even bagels can all be made with cauliflower instead of grains. Celery is a thermogenic food, which means our bodies burn more calories to chew up and digest a piece of celery than the stick of celery actually contains. Garlic lowers cholesterol, reduces fat cells in the body, and is linked to lower blood sugar levels and weight loss. Grapefruit contains a unique antioxidant called naringenin, which researchers at the Scripps Clinic in California found to help the body use insulin more efficiently, keep blood sugar levels balanced, and improve the body’s ability to burn fat.
Drinking lemon water before meals lowers blood sugar peaks by about 10 percent, which reduces the likelihood that your body will store carbohydrates and sugars as fat.
Studies show that when your body digests protein, it burns more energy than when it digests carbohydrates or fat.
According to Barbara Simonsohn’s book Healing Power of Papaya, the indigenous people of Central America traditionally ate papaya after heavy meals for this reason.

Its metabolic benefits stem from the unique enzyme bromelain, which helps the body to break down food more quickly and efficiently. This is great news for your metabolism, as the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn.
Other ways to keep your metabolism revved into high gear include exercising, drinking caffeine (including coffee), getting enough sleep, and eating foods rich in omega-3s. She loves to write about policies, ideas, and practices that promote a healthy planet and create healthy people. She credits her clockwork bathroom schedule to her hydration ritual, chugging a huge bottle of water first thing in the morning.
You can take a supplement from the health food store, or start incorporating these probiotic-rich foods like yoghurt or kombucha into your diet.
Don't worry if you're not up for a serious workout; even a quick cardio session like this 10-minute full-body workout can stimulate your muscles and get things moving quickly. By neglecting your digestive health you could face problems digesting food and absorbing nutrients, which could affect your overall health. They are good at regulating the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut and normalising bowel movements. A high fibre diet can also help promote healthy digestive functions as well as help you to maintain a healthy weight. You can also switch from whole or reduced-fat dairy to low-fat or non-fat, and even replace butter and margarine with olive oil. It’s also important to eat slowly as this gives your stomach time to prepare and properly digest the food and nutrients you are giving it. I forgot what that was, but even some stretches would be appreciated.My problem now is the IBS and it's first thing in the morning.
Habits like exercise, eating more protein, and incorporating more warming spices and herbs into your diet have all been shown to give your metabolism a boost.
The researchers thought the key to this discovery might be fiber, which can slow the intake of dietary sugar and make you feel fuller longer. Research on avocados also suggests that this “alligator pear” — as the Spanish originally called them — can make you feel fuller for much longer than other foods. Cucumber seeds actually have a stimulant effect on your body, which can speed up metabolic rates. This amazing herb also has a thermogenic — or heating effect — which tells your body to burn more calories.
Plus, lemon water helps to detoxify your liver, and a healthy liver keeps your metabolism running optimally. In other words, protein gives your metabolism the biggest boost out of all three macronutrients.
Here’s a hint about bromelain: the core of the pineapple actually contains more of this enzyme than the rest of the fruit. Before even considering a laxative, make sure you've been staying hydrated — and then grab another glass.
A good course of probiotics is low-fat yogurt, which is enriched with probiotics, or why not try our USANA Probiotics– a digestive health formula delivering probiotic with prebiotic in a convenient single-serve sachet. Our USANA HepaPlus is a great solution to caring for your liver and was formulated to provide a unique blend of antioxidants to help support healthy liver function.
Try eating foods including oats, wholemeal or multigrain breads, nuts, and brown rice; or try our USANA Fibergy Plus – a natural high fibre, flavourless blend that supports digestive health. After about an hour I’ll have my breakfast with my AM HealthPak™ and Probiotic.” For the most part, Andrea tries to eat whole, healthy foods—lots of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats from nuts and seeds. But if you really want to supercharge your metabolism, there’s nothing that will produce better results than eating a nutritious diet full of unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Apple peels also contain pectin, a specific type of fiber that not only helps to flush out toxins, but also limits the amount of fat your cells can absorb. Cucumber’s high levels of sulfur and silicon may also support the body’s ability to burn fat efficiently. You can drink lemon water plain, or you can give your metabolism an extra boost by adding cayenne pepper. As a certified holistic health coach and food blogger, Andrea knows she has to care for the health of her whole body.
Here are 17 foods you’ll want to eat regularly to keep your metabolism revved up and ready to burn.

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