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Hippocrates, a very important figure in the history of medicine, discovered something very important.
Take a look at the ingredient list of the yogurt in your refrigerator and you’ll see them listed with names like Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. Studies show that if a woman consumes a milk based probiotic daily or weekly throughout her entire pregnancy her risk for developing preeclampsia decreases SIGNIFICANTLY.
In fact, daily intake of these probiotics will decrease the likelihood of preeclampsia by 20%. Consume it weekly and the risk for severe preeclampsia (what you really, really need to avoid) goes down by 25%. By eating foods with naturally occurring probiotics or by taking a probiotic supplement you can help decrease your odds of developing preeclampsia. Probiotics have also shown to help pregnant women lower their fasting blood sugar levels and therefore decrease the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Babies of mothers who have gestational diabetes have a higher risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life.
By eating foods with naturally occurring probiotics or by taking a probiotic supplement you can help decrease your odds of developing gestational diabetes. Not only does probiotics protect mom from dangerous pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, but it also protects babies from a scary complication called intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR).
Probiotics help to reduce something called C-reactive protein which is linked to low birth weight and small size for gestational age.
By eating foods rich in probiotics you not only protect yourself against pregnancy complications, but help keep your growing baby, growing. By eating foods with naturally occurring probiotics or by taking a probiotic supplement you can help decrease the risk of IUGR. Another benefit of probiotics in pregnancy (and on into postpartum) is that it will decrease the likelihood of the baby developing eczema in the first two years of life.
You see, if the mother took probiotics or ate foods with naturally occurring probiotics during pregnancy, and continued while breastfeeding, probiotics will make her breastmilk better!
When baby receives this probiotic boost through breastmilk, the risk of eczema is greatly reduced.
By eating foods with naturally occurring probiotics or by taking a probiotic supplement you can help decrease the likelihood of baby developing eczema. Finally, supplementation with probiotics in pregnancy increases a baby’s overall immunity and will continue to do the same while breastfeeding.
There’s nothing worse than a sick baby, especially little babies, so anything I can do to protect my little ones is well received. Taking a probiotic during pregnancy is a simple, yet powerful way to protect both mom and baby. By eating foods with naturally occurring probiotics or by taking a probiotic supplement you can help keep your baby healthier by increasing their overall immunity. So now that we know the importance of probiotics during pregnancy and postpartum, how do we incorporate probiotics into our diet?

A super simple method of increasing probiotics in the diet is through probiotic supplementation.
Did you know that Hippocrates also said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”?
By incorporating probiotic rich foods in the diet will be the most effective way to reap the health benefits of probiotics in pregnancy. One of the best resources you can buy to learn to make probiotic rich foods is the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.
OR If watching videos (and having someone help you) is your preferred method of learning (hello, busy moms!) you’ll love the Traditional Cooking School.
Or maybe you could start here with 6 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Traditional Foods. Here is a simple kefer pregnancy smoothie recipe that makes getting probiotics during pregnancy SIMPLE and DELICIOUS.
I used Cultures for Health’s kefir starter (this is the brand that the Traditional Cooking School recommends as well) and their how-to videos to get started (and troubleshoot). Now that I’m making my own kefir, I have a probiotic rich smoothie every morning for breakfast. All disease begins in the gut, but luckily for us, many diseases can also be prevented in the gut.
By taking probiotics during pregnancy we can reduce the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, IUGR, eczema and increase our overall immunity. By eating probiotic rich foods we can fill our bellies and ward off pregnancy complications simultaneously.
To encourage you on your natural pregnancy journey I’ve created a printable grocery list to make the above kefir pregnancy smoothie recipe every day for one week. Disclaimer: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
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I created this pregnancy blog so that your journey to motherhood would be simple, informative and life changing.

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