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I purchased a few things this past weekend to help me feel more summery like the dress above.
And, speaking of moving and shopping, the FitBit was on fire this Saturday with all the shopping and cleaning the munchkin and I did to get the kitchen prepped for a few coats of fun and fancy paints. The next task will be the living room, but for now, I feel like I am getting my groove back, feeling more hungry and energetic, and most importantly, I am feeling healthy.
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FEEDING CATS YOGURT TO HELP DIGESTION, PROBIOTICS FOR CAT STOMACH HEALTH, TREATING DIARRHEA IN PET KITTENS. I plan to make a few trips to the beach this summer and I wanted some comfy cover-ups and such to rock when I go. I might even go so far as to say that I feel healthier in some regards than I did before I got sick.  These are all good things. I also added 2-3 pounds back, but since I don’t look like Skeletor, and have a natural glow, I’ll take it!

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