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Picture of the stomachThe stomach is a muscular organ found on the left side of the upper abdomen. Determining the cause of acute pancreatitis and treating it quickly may help prevent chronic pancreatitis. The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.
There are many organs in the digestive system, and each one needs to be in good working order to avoid digestive problems. Scientists created a working guitar the size of a red blood cell to illustrate the possible uses of nanotechnology.
The most common digestive problems include gas, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Gas is a common condition that all people experience in two different ways, either through burping or flatulence.
Diarrhea can also be an embarrassing and inconvenient nuisance, or one of the most serious digestive problems. Another common problem is heartburn, also known as gastro-esophageal reflux, which can also cause a great deal of pain.
Irritable Bowel - Is there a particular anti-spasm medication or natural remedy that does not cause too many side effects?
Many of the health issues we are facing today are coming at a time when we have experienced rapid changes in the food we are eating over the last 50 to 100 years. Our miraculous bodies have an amazing capacity to heal themselves, and naturopathic nutrition is aimed at giving the body what it needs nutritionally to enable those healing mechanisms to work effectively.
All our muscles, our brain tissue, our nerves, our bones – they are made from the food we are putting into our mouth – what else are they going to be made from? Bloating – diarrhoea – cramps – constipation – heartburn – pain – tenesmus (feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation) – piles – tiredness – malnutrition – sleep issues – high blood pressure – irritability – depression – headaches – dry eyes – wind – puffy eyes – dehydration – unstable blood sugar – lung issues. Our diets have changed so rapidly in the last 50 years – moving from natural food to manufactured food (food that is designed, not with our health, but with shelf-life, convenience and profit in mind). When we look at the passage of food through our digestive tract, we can see many areas where we may start to have problems.
Once this difficult to digest food is in our small intestine, where it should be be a pasty liquid substance, containing broken-down molecules ready to be absorbed through the intestinal walls into our bloodstream, it will in fact still contain quite large molecules. This can lead to discomfort and pain in the short term, and lack of nutrient absorption, bacterial imbalance, systemic immune response, further inflammation and pain, auto-intoxication and other symptoms and issues in the longer term. If this isn’t addressed, we can see that these issues are going to affect our whole body, possibly producing other, seemingly unrelated, problems. When we look at the the human body’s amazing digestive system, we can see that many factors can lead to IBS-type symptoms – stress, processed food, depleted levels of digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, emotional issues, structural issues, not chewing our food, etc. By taking a full case history in a nutrition session, we can clearly see how an individual’s body has reached its current situation, and that in fact all the symptoms and issues are interconnected and have followed a logical path. With this understanding, we can then unwind the story and begin to bring things back into balance, harmony and wellbeing. So although the solutions are very individual, there are some factors that are common to many IBS sufferers and therefore some tips that are found to help many people.
Avoid the most common irritants – dairy, gluten, peanuts, processed food, additives, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners, coffee, dried fruit, nuts.
Keep your blood sugar stable by eating a good breakfast (including protein to help stabilise your blood sugar) and having regular protein snacks and meals throughout the day.
Bone broth is especially helpful for people dealing with digestive problems, leaky gut or gut flora imbalances. Blood transfusions may be required if the patient has experienced significant blood loss as a result of a ruptured spleen.
A ruptured spleen is a medical condition which can result in severe complications or death if it is not treated in a timely fashion. When a patient experiences a ruptured spleen, the capsule of the spleen breaks, releasing the blood which fills the organ.
Historically, a ruptured spleen was treated with surgery to remove the offending organ, followed by medications to support the body once the spleen was removed.
Fortunately, splenic rupture usually causes pain which is so severe that patients seek treatment, ensuring that the ruptured spleen is identified and promptly addressed.

I think diagnosis might be harder when the cause is something else like infection and treatment could be delayed too.
Like all injuries, the earlier someone realizes that they may have a ruptured spleen, the better. My dad's spleen was removed last month after the doctor discovered that he had a large hemangioma (a type of blood vessel mass). Although piles often do not have serious health complications, bowel cancer can be fatal if not treated in time, so it is important to know what the symptoms are and when you should seek medical advice. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
Responsible for killing more than 2 million people each year in undeveloped portions of the world, its lethal capability has been documented many times.
This is one of the most painful digestive problems, and some may even require hospitalization, if the pain becomes too unbearable. It is characterized by the inability to produce bowel movements or, if bowel movements are produced, the feces are generally hard, and in the shape of small, round pellets.
Cramps, fevers, and bloody diarrhea are a few of the symptoms in the more severe cases, but mild cases may be characterized by loss of appetite, anemia and other problems that are hard to detect. I find with stress and digestion, the internal massage that a hula hoop provides makes all the difference. Instead of the nutrient-filled vegetables, herbs and fresh meat and fish that our ancestors would have been eating, we are now looking at a large part of the average western diet being made up of manufactured food that our digestive systems are struggling to process. It’s not such a surprise that our digestive systems are having a hard time processing these new modified and artificial substances.
Eg, if food has been manufactured in a way that gives it a long shelf life in the supermarket, then it is already resistant to anything that will try to break it down and digest it. These large molecules are completely different to the smaller molecules that the digestive system recognises as nutrients to be absorbed through the intestinal wall to feed your whole body. The human body does not make random leaps – it does its very best with the nutrients and care that we give it, and every symptom we experience is an indication that the body has had to make some changes to ensure our survival. Two people with identical symptoms could have reached them in a completely different way and thus will require different interventions to bring things back into balance.
I’ve listed some of them below – they are worth a try, and in many cases can give enormous help and relief from symptoms. This condition involves damage to the spleen which causes the organ to start leaking blood, causing the abdomen to fill with blood. This nonessential organ helps the body to filter blood, supporting the immune system and generating certain types of blood cells. The body will continue to route blood into the spleen even though it is ruptured, causing blood to leak into the abdominal cavity. Today, doctors prefer to use medical imaging studies to gauge the severity of the damage, and they may opt to simply hospitalize a patient for several days and support the healing of the spleen, rather than just removing it.
Other severe conditions such as appendicitis can also cause extreme abdominal pain, making it important to seek immediate medical attention for persistent abdominal pain. He is now home and is not allowed to move around much for several months while his spleen heals. The problem is that, initially, the symptoms of a ruptured spleen don't appear serious enough to make someone rush to the hospital. So, if you get a hard blow to your upper abdomen or the left side of the chest, there is a chance you might have ruptured your spleen. He was undergoing examination for a completely different issue when one of his scans showed the mass.
As food reaches the end of the oesophagus, it enters the stomach through a muscular valve called the lower oesophageal sphincter.The stomach secretes acid and enzymes that digest food. It also produces the hormones insulin and glucagon. When scarring of the pancreas occurs, the organ is no longer able to make the right amount of these enzymes. The right diet is important for people with chronic pancreatitis to keep a healthy weight and get the correct nutrients.
Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites. While the exact cause of IBS is unknown, treatment usually involves medication for gas and diarrhea, as well as changes to diet.

I use an adult sized water weighted hoop sometimes if I need more massage, or else just a weighted adult hula hoop. Our bodies are outstandingly intelligent and efficient machines – especially when we give them the best starting materials to make the best quality organs and systems.
And this is before we even consider the indirect effects of stress in general on our digestion. These molecules can then irritate and damage the intestinal walls, wearing away the important villi and causing inflammation and leaks. Some examples are collagen, gelatin and glucosamine. Those nutrients are some of the main building blocks of the digestive system and help it stay healthy. Patients with ruptured spleens tend to experience severe pain which causes them to seek medical treatment.
The organ is actually tucked up under the ribcage to protect it from damage, but severe traumatic events such as car accidents, ill-placed blows in fist fights, and sports injuries may cause the spleen to rupture. Patients usually experience severe pain across their abdomens, along with a feeling of fullness.
Blood transfusions may also be required if the patient has experienced significant blood loss as a result of a ruptured spleen.
Since surgery may be required, patients may want to go directly to the hospital, although a visit to an established doctor may allow patients to skip the wait in the emergency room and be admitted directly to the hospital by their doctors, assuming that their physicians have admitting privileges at a hospital. If the person is not even aware that there is an infection, they might not realize the cause even if they were having symptoms of ruptured spleen.
He was complaining of pain around his abdomen and dizziness so his parents took him to the hospital. I think the accumulation of blood in the abdomen puts the person into shock and eventually death. It was almost as large as the spleen itself and the doctor ordered an emergency surgery to remove the spleen.
They can also cause much more severe problems, requiring hospitalization, or even resulting in death. Gas can make an individual feel bloated and may cause abdominal pain, such as stomach cramps. Therefore, those experiencing this problem should make sure to replenish liquids whenever possible. Some people are at increased risk of splenic rupture because their spleens have become enlarged as a result of infection, in which case their doctors may recommend avoiding strenuous activity until the swelling is reduced.
He said that if they don't remove it, the spleen will rupture very soon causing many other complications. Now that I've read this article, I'm so happy that the problem was caught early on and my dad's spleen was removed before it ruptured.
Then, a muscular valve known as the pyloric sphincter opens to allow food to pass from the stomach into the small intestine.Stomach conditions Seek medical advice if you have persistent or repeated bouts of stomach ache. The uncomfortable or painful symptoms we experience are a message from our body that it’s not getting what it needs from our diet or lifestyle to function at its best. As far as I know, a spleen that has a hemangioma is removed anyway, so we are not at a loss either way. Then, a muscular valve known as the pyloric sphincter opens to allow food to pass from the stomach into the small intestine.Stomach conditionsSeek medical advice if you have persistent or repeated bouts of stomach ache. A perforated ulcer is when an open sore develops and breaks through the stomach or intestinal lining.
There are more than 7,000 new cases a year in the UK, with 95% developing in the cells of the stomach lining, and known as adenocarcinoma. Gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying): Nerve damage from diabetes or other conditions may hamper the stomach’s muscle contractions.
A thin, flexible tube with a camera on the end (endoscope) is inserted through the mouth and swallowed.

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