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Knapp zwei Jahre ist es nun her, dass wir mit dem Lenovo Thinkpad T430 den direkten Vorganger zum ausfuhrlichen Test bei uns hatten. Lenovo lasst diese geanderten Anspruche in seine Klassiker-Linie, die T-Serie einflie?en, und setzt sogar im Basismodell auf ein Ultrabook-taugliches Gehause.
Wie gewohnt und von der Kundschaft auch erwartet, bietet Lenovo zahlreiche Ausstattungsvarianten des T440 an. GehauseNach dem ausfuhrlichen Test des Lenovo Thinkpad T440s bleibt, nach der Erkenntnis, dass es sich hier um nahezu dasselbe Gehause handelt, wenig Neues zu berichten. Verglichen mit dem Vorganger Thinkpad T430 haben wir es beim T440 mit einem deutlich schlankeren und leichteren Gerat zu tun, das Design ist schlichter und geometrischer geworden (kein Clamshell mehr) und auch die Oberflachen des Gerates sind nunmehr feiner strukturiert und wirken damit hochwertiger.
We may have a new version of Windows, but one story is still the same: buying a new Windows 8 PC means that you're also buying a bunch of OEM-installed software that you didn't ask for. Much of this software can simply be uninstalled with no harm done, but if something goes wrong with your PC and you need to reinstall Windows, all of that crapware will usually come right back with it.
To help out those of you who are planning to buy new PCs—or got them from Santa Claus—but don't want to deal with all of this junk, we're going to update our original Windows 7 bloatware removal guide for Microsoft's latest operating system. For the purposes of our guide, we will begin with a new PC that has just been taken out of the box and hooked up for the first time.
Any discussion about installing Windows needs to start with the install media, and there have been quite a few changes since Windows 7.
Traditionally, there have been two components to any Windows installation: the actual physical install media, and the product key used to either permit installation (in the case of Windows XP SP2 and older versions, and Windows 8) or activate an installed copy of Windows (Windows Vista and 7, which would permit 30 days of use before requiring activation). In the Windows XP days, there were actually three different types of Windows product keys: retail (for licenses bought in a store), OEM (for licenses sold with new PCs), and volume license (for businesses who paid Microsoft a yearly fee to use Windows, Office, and other software on all their computers). In the rare occasion when your computer's manufacturer actually did provide "vanilla" Windows install media, however, things are even easier. This whole process is called System Locked Pre-installation (SLP), and it has evolved for the better in Windows 8; all Windows 8 install media now supports SLP-style activation, even the copies of the media bought in stores or downloaded from Microsoft's servers. This is great news if you've already got Windows 8 install media from some other purchase and also want to use it with a new PC: the USB stick or DVD you can make with the downloadable Windows 8 upgrade installer will also work just fine with your new Windows 8 PC, even if your upgrade license was for Windows 8 Pro and your laptop only runs Windows 8. As detailed in our original guide, official, spyware-free Windows 7 ISOs could be downloaded directly from Digital River, making it easy to snag some Windows install media if you didn't have any from another source. The install media and activation process has changed quite a bit since Windows 7, but getting drivers is the same as it's ever been.
There's actually a bit less work to be done with Windows 8—new class drivers for devices like USB 3.0 controllers, Bluetooth adapters, and various sensors cut down on the number of things you'll need to download beforehand. Still, you may want to grab the latest drivers from your computer's manufacturer before you reinstall Windows—this isn’t necessary, but if you have the computer’s fully populated Device Manager window to guide you, it makes it much easier to identify and download the drivers you need.
The good news is that OEM support pages are typically a bit easier to navigate than your average motherboard manufacturer’s, and it’s a bit simpler to remember and search for something like “Dell XPS 12” than “B75MA-P45.” Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Asus, and others all have pretty good support pages into which you can type your computer’s model name or serial number and operating system and get back all of the drivers you need for a new Windows install. The most important types of drivers you’ll need to get a clean Windows install off the ground are graphics (or video), networking (both wired and wireless), and chipset drivers, and you'll probably want to make sure you get audio drivers too—make sure you grab those first. The other drivers you need will depend on the equipment installed in your computer, and this often varies from manufacturer to manufacturer—Lenovo laptops use a custom power management driver that you’ll need to look out for, and HP laptops often need a driver for their Quick Launch buttons to function properly.
Windows 8 includes the same anti-malware engine used in Microsoft Security Essentials, so for the first time in Windows history you don't have to worry about installing an antivirus product the first time you boot up the new operating system installation.
4 Gigabytes of RAM are sufficient and one memory slot is even empty and can be equipped with a second module.
Overall good build quality of the caseA subtle striped pattern suggests that the case of the Lenovo G700 is made of brushed (black) aluminum when the display cover is open. The case material easily attracts fingerprints and quickly appears grubby under sunlight. Typical for Lenovo is the low position of the keyboard; the frame leaves a solid impression. However, all the important ports have one problem in common: They are too far at the front of the notebook.
This is extremely inconvenient since the device is not even equipped with Gigabit-LAN for wired networks. Lenovo waives the fingerprint reader for the G700, which is common for devices that are more expensive.
Similar to most inexpensive notebooks, Lenovo does not provide many accessories for the G700.
Exemplary, this is the only way to describe the accessibility to the relevant parts and components of the notebook. Considering the generous size of the 17-inch case, we would have preferred a larger spacing between the numeric keypad and the rest of the keyboard. The touchpad on the other hand is nothing special - its size is sufficient, the surface is convenient and roughened and it has two separate mouse buttons. Professional picture editing is not possible with the G700 because of the low performance and the display is not really suited for that, either. CalMan - SaturationBecause of the glossy display surface and the low brightness, the G700 is not suited for outdoor use.

We could not determine any issues with throttling in our tests, even under high and continuous load on a hot summer day with ambient temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).
Lenovo redesigns its entry-level ThinkPad and equips the business notebook with a new case as well as a processor from Intel's current Haswell generation. Our review unit was equipped with more powerful components, but you can also get less expensive versions with slower hardware for around 1,000 Euros. The locking mechanism is also very reliable, so you can leave a card inside the slot without any concerns that it will fall out. We could not determine any screen bleeding, but colors distort fairly quickly when you change the viewing angle. Nur wenige Notebooks konnen auf eine vergleichbar lange Entwicklungsgeschichte zuruckblicken, wie die Thinkpad T-Serie. Geringes Gewicht, gute Akkulaufzeit, ULV-Prozessoren und optionale Touch-Displays eingeschlossen. Das T440 ist den Angaben Lenovos zufolge minimal gro?er als das T440s (+9 mm Breite, +25 mm Tiefe, +0,2 mm Dicke) und wiegt in der uns vorliegenden Ausstattung mit 1.720 Gramm rund 160 Gramm mehr als das getestete T440s mit vergleichbarer Akku-Ausstattung. This software ranges from the innocuous (Office 2010 demos) to the unnecessary (paid anti-virus trials, despite Windows 8's baked-in antivirus scanner) to the actively useless (WildTangent games and unending superfluous system tray icons). For years now, most OEMs have neglected to include a "vanilla" Windows install disk with their computers, opting rather to include some sort of "restore partition" with all of the crapware baked in—this makes it difficult to perform a truly "clean" install of the operating system.
Parts of the following will be transplanted from that article where appropriate, but while the reasons for performing a clean Windows install are the same, the actual process is often surprisingly different. Before we get started, you're going to want to download a few things, so don't reformat that hard drive just yet—turn on the PC and walk through Windows' first-time setup process. Each type of product key also had a corresponding type of install media, and you couldn't mix and match them—a key for the volume-licensed version of Windows XP Pro couldn't be used to activate a copy of Windows installed from a CD bought from a store and vice-versa.
As we detailed in our guide, "retail" Windows media bought in a store or downloaded from Digital River (the company that distributes Windows 7 ISOs to those who bought copies online) could be used in conjunction with the "OEM" keys on the bottom of new laptops.
This special install media, also given to Microsoft's partners to allow them to install Windows en masse on new PCs, checks for a special string in a computer's BIOS to verify that the computer was from one of Microsoft's OEM partners, and would not require additional action to activate if that string was found.
When installing Windows, the media checks for the BIOS string, identifies the correct edition of Windows to install (either Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro), installs it, and activates automatically without ever asking the user for any input. Windows 8's in-box support for current Wi-Fi adapters is also pretty comprehensive, and once you've connected to the Internet, Windows Update can usually grab a usable driver for most graphics cards, even if it's not the newest or best. For a broad overview of the Windows installation and driver hunting processes, this part of our last “How to build your own computer” feature is a great place to start. If there are multiple drivers available under each entry, you can check the Device Manager to see what kind of hardware you’re using, or you can just download all available drivers to make sure your bases are covered.
Fingerprint readers will usually also want their own drivers, and trackpad drivers (while usually not strictly necessary) can make trackpads more reliable and enable advanced functions like the Windows 8 trackpad gestures. While you’ve got a functioning system, you may also want to grab a few other programs for installation once your fresh copy of Windows is up and running. The quality of the display hinges on the other hand is very good - opening the display is comfortable, they keep it well in position and there is no bouncing. Bulky USB sticks or other large USB connectors block the Ethernet port and the SD slot.
The WLAN reception is very weak and it was almost impossible to get a stable signal over several floors. Besides the notebook, the box only contains a power supply unit, a quick start guide and some cushioning material. Just loosen two screws and you can easily remove the whole bottom cover of the notebook - yet it is fixed and secure during operation. However, the keyboard is slightly flexible in the center and at the sides - it is not too bad and does not affect the typing but it is still noticeable.
Considering the price range of the notebook there are no surprises: TN technology with limited viewing angles and a mediocre color space combined with a weak contrast ratio and a low brightness. The poor black value is another drawback - black colors are always covered with a gray film. Despite the price well below 1,000 Euros (~$1383), the device is supposed to keep up the ThinkPad impression and also meet the related requirements. The overall design reminds us of the bigger siblings in general; the differences are in the details. Im neusten 14-Zoll-Modell wird Lenovo der aktuellen Entwicklung gerecht und setzt vor allem auf Mobilitat.
Getrieben durch Intels Ultrabook-Offensive schrumpften die Gehause auf Notebook-wurdige Dimensionen, neue besonders effiziente Prozessoren bedienen nun vergleichbare Performanceanspruche, allerdings mit einem deutlich niedrigeren Energie- bzw.
On some computers, like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, these recovery materials dramatically reduce the amount of drive space accessible by the user.
All you need to do is get to the desktop, connect to the Internet, and fire up a Web browser. It made reinstalling Windows on a PC bought from an OEM like Dell or HP difficult unless your PC actually came with OEM install media, which they often didn't.

The OEM keys will normally go through and activate without issue, but even if the automated Internet activation doesn't work, Microsoft's automated phone activation definitely will.
This is why new Windows 8 PCs lack the traditional license key stickers found on Windows 7 PCs, opting to use just Windows 8 stickers instead; even when installing a clean copy of the operating system, users never need to bother themselves with product keys unless they want to install a Windows 8 edition different from the one that came with their machine. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
Despite the good battery runtimes it is however not a very mobile device with its 17-inch display.
Concentrated pressure at the back does not result in color deviations on the display and the cover cannot be twisted either. The connection with a Hitron router was only possible for a few seconds before the notebook lost the signal, even with visual contact.
After the removal, you can access the memory slots and the WLAN module as well as the hard drive and the fan without any additional work.
We would have expected a bit more precision from the touchpad; the standard settings are also a bit sluggish. The performance difference to a Core i processor can be extreme and is perceptible with daily tasks, not only in benchmarks: Intel's Pentium slows down application starts and creates delays during work. Data packages were transmitted between the notebook and a desktop PC over a Gigabit switch. This guide isn't going to walk you through preserving any personal data on the PC you're reloading, so it would be best not to do anything on this computer that you'll want to preserve.
There were still differences between "full" and "upgrade" install media, but for what we're doing here—installing a full copy of Windows on a new computer that came with an OEM Windows license—they were unimportant. The former only has a 14-inch display and the latter was better equipped, but the E753 is also available in less expensive configurations.CaseMaximum opening angle above 180 degrees. The reaction times increased at 10 meters (~33 feet), but that was hardly noticeable during web browsing.
The pressure point of the mouse buttons is long, but very smooth and provides a precise feedback.The keyboard is not illuminated.
Changes in the vertical viewing position quickly result in inverted colors and a reduced brightness. Was heute auch im Businessbereich verkauft werden will, muss ausreichend mobil und auch optisch attraktiv sein. It is therefore necessary to adjust the display position occasionally when you use the notebook on your lap.
Ce qui semble loin d'etre le cas !   Et puis faut savoir que ce foutu Secure Boot a deja ete contourne, je crois, et empeche le bon fonctionnement de pleins de Live cd !
J'avais dis que M$ retrouvais ses travers avec Windows 8, 8.1 semble confirmer la chose.Et apres ils s'etonne que leurs produits ne fonds plus recette! Unter hoher punktueller Druckbelastung konnen wir allerdings im Bereich der rechten Handballenablage Knarzgerausche provozieren. Both versions can also be customized with faster components, software as well as warranty upgrades.
You also get a full-size numeric keypad, but the manufacturer decided to waive background illumination. Luckily, this is an office notebook, so the color accuracy is not the most important feature, but our measurement results are still pretty bad. Das Display lasst sich mit einer Hand offnen, die Scharniere halten das Panel dennoch exakt in Position und zeigen keine Tendenz zum Nachwippen. You will obviously have to pay additional charges and the price can quickly pass the 1,000 Euros (~$1383) mark. Vais tenter une reinstallation du BIOS sous Windows lorsque je le lance apres le clear cmos. Auch die Verarbeitung fallt, bis auf eine einzige Ausnahme bei unserem Testgerat, recht gut aus: An der Vorderkante der Baseunit, genauer gesagt an der Vorderkante des Kunststoffbauteils der die Gehausewanne oben schlie?t, fuhlen wir einen scharfkantigen Grat. This port also supports charging when the device is turned off, at least if you activate the feature in the BIOS. Pour moi tout viens de la configuration du BIOS, si je recupere mon BIOS je devrais pourvoir avoir un PC fonctionnant normalement hormis le message d'erreur. Es handelt sich hier um einen Spritzguss-Kunststoffteil, der unserer Meinung nach bereits im Produktionsprozess, spatestens aber bei der Assemblierung des Gerates ausgeschieden bzw. Il est a noter que lorsque j'accede a ma session windows depuis que j'ai ce probleme seul arreter et redemarrer dans les options d'extinction.
Je nach Position der Hande kann die Innenseite der Handgelenke hier am Gehauserand scheuern, was in unserem Fall sehr unangenehm ausfallt. Abhilfe konnte hier ein feinkorniges Schleifpapier bringen, bei einem Profi-Gerat wie es das T440 sein will, klingt dies aber mehr nach einer Farce.

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