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July 21, 2014 by Sonya Leave a Comment My son is 6 years old and was born on Super Bowl XLI Sunday in 2007. Slower, more frequent feedings. Feeding too much, too fast, can increase intestinal gas from the breakdown of excessive lactose, either in mother’s milk or in formula. Football hold – Place your baby stomach-down along your forearm, with his head near the crook of your elbow and his legs straddling your hand. Tummy tucks – Place a rolled-up cloth diaper or a warm (not hot) water bottle enclosed in a cloth diaper under baby’s tummy. Belly massage – Sit baby on your lap and place the palm of your hand over baby’s navel, and let your fingers and thumb encircle baby’s abdomen. Parents who have a baby who is experiencing discomfort and pain often seek out natural treatment to help. To further relax a tense tummy, lay baby stomach-down on a cushion with her legs dangling over the edge while rubbing her back. Sonya Doherty is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor who is an active member of the CAND. The hours of screaming, the sleepless nights, the feeling of helplessness as my first born screamed for no discernible reason. Naturopathic medicine and Chiropractic Care are safe, effective ways to treat and prevent colic. Sonya Doherty completed her undergraduate training at the University of Western Ontario in a Bachelor of Science Honors Kinesiology program.

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