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Traditional methods of obtaining biofuel are expensive and require arable land and lots of fresh water. The researchers in Masdar City have also setup a pilot facility right next door, where they plan to use biofuels in combination with aquaculture. Martin is the creator of The Modern Ape, a blog that covers urban art, music and sustainability. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email.
EUROPEAN banking giant HSBC has added its support to a biofuel development partnership run by Virgin Atlantic and LanzaTech, which is also supported by Boeing. Flight tests show that biofuel, derived from organic sources such as plants or algae, performs as well as or better than petroleum-based jet fuel. Boeing and SAA officials expect new developments in technology to enable the conversion of biomass into jet fuel in a more sustainable manner without competing with other sectors for food and water resources.
Aviation biofuel refined to required standards has been approved for a blend of up to 50 percent with traditional jet fuel. It is really easy to make any garden furniture just by dismantling the wooden pallets and removing the chocks which were there on the underside of the pallet. Making coffee table from wooden pallets is one of the great ideas that can be used a garden furniture. A small garden sofa with the help of wooden crates or pallets is another great option as your garden furniture. A lot of other kinds of furniture can be prepared from the pallets or wooden crates like book cases or even small table for keeping important items.
When talking about the capacity of your house to absorb and retain heat, a lot of jargon is bandied about.
When thinking about the thermal gain it is also useful to think about thermal efficiency, so make sure that your conservatory is designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. When you see your savings on your fuel bills you may well be impressed enough, but if you are looking at reducing your living costs further and becoming more self-sufficient into the bargain, a conservatory can also be a good investment in that it gives you excellent growing space – as good as a heated greenhouse, but without the big fuel bills. In the Scottish Highlands and Islands, people have been burning peat to heat their houses for centuries.
Usually, peat briquettes and wood pellets will last for much longer than wood or other fuel sources. Unfortunately, peat briquettes do not combust with a pleasing flame like wood but rather will give off a small blue tinged orange flame and glow like coal or coke. Many people solve at least the first two of the above problems by combining peat briquettes with another fuel source like wood logs, which allows them to take advantage of peat’s superior steady heating and longevity, whilst still getting the benefit of a pretty fire and the cheaper wood fuel to provide the bulk of burned material.
Peat briquettes are one good option to be used as a fuel in a home heating system, though vegetable fiber briquettes that do not deplete peat fields could be said to be a more sustainable option for the mass market in the long run.
Advanced biofuels, unlike the first generation biofuels, are not derived from the sugars and vegetable oils in standard crops, but rather are produced from waste material. Though biofuels do offer the only mid-range solution to replacement of fossil fuels in vehicles, there are problems with the use of biofuels. Land-use, mostly of concern with the first-generation sources for biofuel, is also a concern. Advanced biofuels have already begun to solve some of the problems of land use experienced by first generation biofuels, but scientists are working on improving efficiency and extraction techniques. For now, in spite of the problems and difficulties of biofuels, they are the best alternative we have to fossil fuels for many manufacturing and vehicular uses.
Development of renewable energy is a global priority due to concerns about climate change and dwindling fossil fuel reserves.
Just as early man was a hunter-gatherer with respect to food, modern man remains a hunter-gatherer with respect to energy. But what if we could find ‘win-win’ scenarios for biodiversity and biofuel production? Interesting paper - Has land use pushed terrestrial biodiversity beyond the planetary boundary?
A study published today in the journal Science found that government biofuel policies rely on reductions in food consumption to generate greenhouse gas savings. Shrinking the amount of food that people and livestock eat decreases the amount of carbon dioxide that they breathe out or excrete as waste.

The headquarters for the consortium, located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, has been the center for studying these halophytes.
The organisations are working to produce jet fuel from waste gases captured from industrial steel production, which are then fermented & chemically converted into sustainable aviation fuel. When produced in sustainable ways, biofuel contributes far less to global climate change than traditional fuels because carbon dioxide (CO2) is pulled out of the atmosphere by a growing plant-based feedstock.
The World Wildlife Fund-South Africa will monitor and ensure compliance to sustainability principles that would ensure that fuel is sustainable and would lead to genuine carbon reductions. Globally, more than 1,500 passenger flights using biofuel have been flown since the fuel was approved. Basically these are wooden crates and boxes which can be reshaped used as furniture in your garden.
To make any furniture you need to remove these chocks so that you can now experiment in your own way. You can customize the furniture by experimenting with paints or even placing a glass slab on the table.
But perhaps you were not aware that a well-designed conservatory can actually save you money on your household fuel bills, and if you are canny, perhaps on your food bills too. Thermal mass is just a solid, dense material that will absorb heat from the sun during the day and slowly release it later. Whether you are dabbling with a few herbs and a tomato plant, or going the whole hog and starting vegetables for later planting into a garden plot, consider turning your conservatory into a green haven and you could save yet more money by growing some of your own food.
They give the householder the option to heat their house sustainably and efficiently and also give them the chance to use a range of modern alternative energy fuel sources. They are frequently used by home consumers to keep a stove going over night, so it does not have to be relit each and every morning. It should also be noted that the smell of wood and peat combined is a particularly pleasant combination. They include woody mass, agricultural waste and residues, and though harder to process, are less impactful in terms of land use, and therefore more sustainable. Advances in plant breeding and genetics may allow for more efficient photosynthesis in the future. While electric and hydrogen technologies may one day come to replace biofuels, they are not yet viable alternatives on the global scale. While it is relatively easy to grow high lipid algal monocultures in idealistic lab conditions, it has been challenging to scale-up these cultures to commercially viable scales where populations often fluctuate wildly. What if we could conserve biodiversity and, at the same time, sustain high levels of energy production?Our project brings together an interdisciplinary team of ecologists and engineers to test the hypothesis that certain naturally diverse groups of algae have complementary traits that enhance the efficiency and stability of biofuel yield beyond what any single species can achieve alone. The reduction in food available for consumption, rather than any inherent fuel efficiency, drives the decline in carbon dioxide emissions in government models, the researchers found. Aquaculture, the process of farming fish, produces a lot of waste—salt water fertilizer that has nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to be exact. Have these researchers figured out a way to, not only “make use” of these two massive resources, but turn them into fuel-making powerhouses? VS and LanzaTech have been working on the project for three years, with test flights expected within the next year. The old wooden pallets are designed in such a way that makes it sturdy and can be used as garden furniture. For this you need to collect 2 pallets, caster, foam, fabric for the top covering of the table, sandpaper for cleaning the surface, wood stain varnish, power saw and claw hammer.
Paints, sandpaper, nails, long pallets or crates, power saw are some of the important stuff that you need for preparing the sofa or sitting stool. A glass coffee table or a green colored table from crates is really a great option as garden furniture. The sun is an energy source, and in cold-weather climates, harnessing that energy is vital for space heating. Having the latest double or triple glazing can be a good idea – the extra money you spend may be reflected in the decrease in your heating bills. Modern peat briquettes on the market are a compressed form of this traditional fuel – compacted blocks of this natural vegetative fiber. It has been said the same quantity of peat will have a higher energy output than dried firewood, and the energy output is steady with peat, and will continue for a longer time than with wood pellet fuel.

There may also be concerns about digging up and depleting peat fields, which are a natural carbon sink, so an end-to-end analysis is needed to determine whether peat is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. These biofuels are used as an alternative to fossil fuels as a more sustainable and renewable alternative for power generation.
Biodiesel is the most frequently used biofuel in Europe, and can be used in any diesel engine when mixed with fossil diesel. Ideally, any grown feedstocks for advanced biofuels will be able to grow on marginal, non-arable land on which it is difficult or impossible to grow food crops. Inefficient use of space on this planet is not sustainable, and lack of habitat diversity also poses a problem for ecologists. Biological research may yield new understanding and birth new technologies to extract energy from plant matter. Monocultures also tend to be inefficient at capturing and recycling nutrient waste streams, leading to concerns about their environmental impacts and sustainability. This hypothesis stems from a wealth of ecological research that shows whenever species specialize in their use of nutrients or light, or respond to environmental fluctuations differently, diverse communities will (a) more efficiently capture available resources, (b) produce more biomass than even the single most productive species, and (c) maintain yields more stably through time. About 20 percent to 50 percent of the net calories diverted to make ethanol are not replaced through the planting of additional crops, the study found. Now you can see why scientists are claiming it’s a game-changer for the biofuels market. Virgin Atlantic president Richard Branson said HSBC’s support will help getting fuel certified for use.
Once you get all the required stuff you need to cut down the wooden brace for both of the pallets.
You need to dismantle the wooden chocks and then attach the pallets with the help of the nails. A brick wall would do, as would clay render or ceramic floor tiles, which are also very good for thermal mass.
They can be used in generating electricity, manufacturing or space heating, but are most frequently discussed in relation to automotive propulsion and as fuel for other means of transportation, including freight lorries, ships and aeroplanes. Feedstocks for biodiesel can include vegetable oils, palm oil, rapeseed, soy, mustard, flax, sunflower, hemp and algae. Advanced biofuel technology also deals with the creation of plastics, pigments and other products from waste products, to prevent the spread of current plastic pollution and of course to reduce reliance on dwindling fossil fuels. Indeed, some have argued that single-species approaches to energy production could generate the same environmental problems that have plagued single species approaches to food production. Darrin Morgan, the director of Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Environmental Strategy at Boeing, told Energy Post in an interview, “there are additives that go into those types of crude that are getting through the refining system and into our supply and are actually causing problems for us.
It really does not matter what it is, but when you have it, you will certainly notice how it can help to regulate the temperature of your home through the day and night.
There are also solid biofuels, which include wood (burned directly or from sawdust, or processed).
It is important that policies and economic incentives are put in place and that the commercialization of biofuels is sustainable and responsible. During the green revolution, vast tracts of land were converted into high-yield crop monocultures that required intensive management and application of biocides and fertilizers to maintain productivity. After that you need to polish the surfaces with the help of sandpaper and try to apply the paint of your choice. This is a great option as a wooden stool where you can sit and enjoy the landscape of the garden.
While the advent of modern agriculture was a huge success for feeding people, it also became the leading cause of biodiversity loss, organic pollution, and degraded water quality worldwide. This is when Boeing decided to step in and lead the higher path towards cheaper, sustainable biofuels. Again attaching sofas cushions to it can be really comforting and a great furniture for your garden.
After that you need to combine the pallets with the help of the cross brace wood and your coffee table is ready for use.

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