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Climate change is the focus for Earth Day 2015, and each year we try and profile innovations that fit within the given Earth Day theme. About 63 percent of American citizens are aware of the issue of climate change and more than three-quarters of the country supports funding research into renewable energy sources, according to surveys conducted by the Yale Project on Climate Communication and the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication. With a political moment on climate change looming, we wanted to take some time to profile some intriguing technologies developed to counteract many of the concerns of a warming atmosphere and new weather patterns.
While reliance on biofuels is being questioned by some as a viable way to combat climate change, dating back to at least 1999 the United States Department of Energy has advocate sustainability and specifically pointed to biofuels as at least one solution to deal with a changing climate. The economic production of biofuels through the use of microorganisms is at the center of U.S. A biofuel production process that uses fuel crops other than corn, which is an important food resource, is at the center of another Shell owned patent, U.S. As the primary person organizing opposition to the Red Rock project, I am appalled that you did not include opposing viewpoints – including forests should not be converted into fuel. This is corporate welfare to the military industrial complex under the guise of environmental responsibility.
As for whether biofuel is renewable or not, clearly anything that can be grown, and re-grown, and re-grown, would qualify as renewable. After reading this article, one would assume that biofuel would replace fossil fuels within 20 years or less but the reality is that even the US Department of Energy recently came out with a press release stating that our use of fossil fuels (natural gas in particular) will increase through 2050.
I hope that’s not the case but until a carbon neutral form of biofuel which is as economical to purchase as gasoline is developed, biofuels will continue to be a pathetic third-place finisher in renewable energy behind solar and wind.
Patent Drafting Basics5 things inventors and startups need to know about patents Drafting Patent Applications: Writing Method Claims An Introduction to Patent Claims Patent Drawings: An Economical Way to Expand Disclosure The Quid Pro Quo – How Bad Patents Can Harm A Startup Company Is This Patent Any Good?
If you think algae is just that green grime that dirties up your pool, think again: it's also a surprisingly viable source for biofuel. It may feel like deja vu; new, promising plant species will sustainably replace inefficient species to reduce carbon emissions, maintain biodiversity and save the world!
There seems to be 2 ways these boom species turn out; 1) the plant enjoys a few years of popularity as the miracle savior then quietly fades into the background, as it did with Jatropha which was the sweetheart of the biofuel industry for a little while or 2) the species can actually become a huge success, but leave environmental devastation and destruction in its path, like palm oil. EcoPlanet’s early steps toward confirming their vision is not only sustainable but actually part of the fight against climate change is setting the bar very high for sustainability in the commercial bamboo business. Corey is an Environmental Biologist with extensive experience in landscape and ecological restoration.
Debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Koenigsegg Agera R was immediately christened the ultimate supercar to challenge the supremacy of the Bugatti Veyron SS. The Koenigsegg Agera R boasts of Christian von Koenigsegg’s ingenious vision throughout.
Although the consequences posed by climate change could be dire, there’s no reason to believe that human ingenuity and innovation cannot provide a path forward to answer these challenges.
Local municipalities in Florida and elsewhere are spending tens of thousands on paid sustainability and climate change response supervisors. We found a variety of biofuel production, carbon capture and urban living technologies reflected in patents issued in recent months by the U.S. While there may be changing attitudes toward biofuels, the production of biofuels is more sustainable than fuel production from fossilized energy sources and much biofuel production is considered to be renewable.

The production of liquid fuels from plant biomass which are more suitable as transportation fuels or for industrial chemical processes is disclosed and protected by U.S. It is about getting subsidies for biomass with the intent of converting the entire facility to natural gas using the Ruby Pipeline.
Both DoD and local planning officials are fast tracking the project given it is behind schedule and facing increasing public pressure.
Perhaps biofuel isn’t the answer, but criticizing the author for having the audacity to summarize patented innovations is really asinine. The high proportion of fermentable sugars is another attractive advantage for the ethanol conversion from duckweed biomass. The LiveFuels Alliance, funded by LiveFuels Inc based in Menlo Park, CA, is tapping into the oil producing potential of algae with an ambitious initiative to replace millions of gallons of fossil fuels with algae-based biocrude by 2010.
So it seems there is industrialization of plant cultivation and processing that is inherently green,  so why would the new species on the scene, bamboo, be any different?
The company is also highlighting reasons why bamboo should never be grown in other settings; bamboo is a tree-free, deforestation-free plant which can be cultivated with little energy input on degraded land, but if not managed properly it can get out of control and take over the niche of native species.
The special edition Agera run on biofuel and the mid-engined sports car was shown off with a Thule Roof Box, special Michelin tires and a livery theme inspired by ‘Speed Racer'! Invisible nanotubes are used throughout the interior surfaces and the billet aluminum buttons allow them to illuminate through creating a stunning lighting effect. The model features a dynamic rear wing that reduces wind resistance and forces the wing downward at high speeds to counter the pressure of the wind. An April 2015 poll published by The Washington Post indicated that more than half of the country will vote for a presidential candidate that supports government action on climate change. Methods of developing fuel from biological sources on the earth is often a less energy-intensive process than mining for oil or natural gas deep below the earth’s crust, further reducing the production energy required and, subsequently, the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.
8946491, which is titled Process for Producing Volatile Organic Compounds From Biomass Material. 20140371496, entitled Solvent-Enhanced Biomass Liquefaction, would protect a process for liquefaction of biomass involving combining the biomass with a solvent combination containing at least one liquefaction solvent to form a liquefaction mixture and heating the mixture to a temperature of 200°C under pressure of at least 200 pounds per square inch to generate a liquid crude bio-oil product. In addition, the residue from biofuel production may have potential applications in the field of animal feed and medicines. The additional use of steam explosion could further improve the glucose yield from saccharification at a very low enzyme dosage. EcoPlanet acquired certification of its operations from the Forest Stewardship Council within months of launching their venture and cultivating bamboo plantations. If EcoPlanet is successful in its venture while maintaining stringent certification and conscientious capitalism, bamboo may actually break through the barrier and change the landscape for the green industry.
Our tree care industry certified arborists add value and beauty to residential, commercial, institutional and historic properties using environmentally sensible tree, shrub and lawn care principles. The tunnel assembly and centre console is crafted out of carbon fiber and frames the dash brilliantly. In comparison to conventional hydraulics, the system is much lighter and can instantly account for tailwinds or headwinds. 8921629, which is titled Process to Produce Biofuels Via Organic Phase Thermal Hydrocatalytic Treatment of Biomass.

The patent protects a method for the recovery of a volatile organic compound from a biomass material by introducing the material to a compartment of a solventless recovery system, contacting the material with a superheated vapor stream to vaporize an initial liquid content in the biomass and then separating and retaining a vapor component containing a volatile organic compound for use as part of the superheated vapor stream.
The innovative process results in a bio-oil which is suitable for fuel or feedstock processing, including vehicle fuels, without the high cost of certain pretreatment methods. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, nonprofit agency whose mission is to promote environmentally sound management of the world’s forests, while helping them remain socially beneficial and economically prosperous.
Our tree care company currently has nineteen office locations servicing select communities in CT, DC, MA, MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, VA and WI. At the front, the model comes with 19-inch aluminum wheels and houses 20-inch wheels at the rear and are wrapped in bespoke Michelin Supersport tires. It protects an Acinetobacter host for lipid production which has been genetically modified to be deficient of a specific gene and a method of cultivating the host to produce lipids which can be recovered for biofuel production processes. The method claimed by this patent involves providing a biomass feedstock of cellulose and water, contacting the feedstock with an organic solvent to form a digested biomass stream, contacting the digested biomass stream with molecular hydrogen in the presence of a metal catalyst capable of activating molecular hydrogen, phase separating the resulting hydrocatalytically treated mixture and processing a portion of the water phase to form a fuel blend with higher hydrocarbons. This innovation supports the production of biofuels from sweet sorghum while addressing issues of sugar content and seasonal availability. And when a product has the FSC certification affixed, the world can be assured that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. This genetic modification enables more cost-effective lipid production by changing the coding of key enzymes and shutting down certain biological pathways which compete with the lipid biosynthesis pathway. This process of directly converting biomass into liquid fuels achieves further net carbon savings in producing synthetic gasolines and jet fuels than conventional methods. Industrially scalable procedures for cost-effectively converting biomass into fuel blends are the focus of U.S. Additionally, the certification of this business validates and verifies EcoPlanet’s plantation contributions to combating climate change through the Verified Carbon Standard as well as additional benefits assured via gold level Climate, Community and Biodiversity certification. Near the end of March, Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels recently announced a $200 million biofuels refinery that it would be operating in Lakeview, Oregon; the facility will refine pine needles and sawdust into a jet fuel that will be used by Southwest Airlines. The improved production of biofuel lipids, this time from algae sources, is the focus of U.S. 8945243, titled Systems Capable of Adding Cellulosic Biomass to a Digestion Unit Operating at High Pressures and Associated Methods for Cellulosic Biomass Processing. 8980590, which is titled Process for Separation of Renewable Materials from Microorganisms. The method protected by this patent involves providing a biomass conversion system including a pressurization zone and a digestion unit which are operatively connected, providing a cellulosic biomass at a first pressure, introducing a portion of the biomass into the pressurization zone and increasing the pressure, transferring biomass from the pressurization zone to the digestion unit after pressurization and digesting the cellulosic biomass to produce a hydrolysate with soluble carbohydrates within a liquid phase. The patent, issued to BP Biofuels UK Limited in March, protects a process for separation of renewable materials by conditioning cell walls of microorganisms containing a renewable material to enlarge pores without destroying the cell wall and removing a renewable material through the pores while the cell wall stays substantially intact.
The pressurization process established here accommodates some of the energy intensive aspects of biomass digestion while producing biofuels and other chemicals. This treatment, which can involve applying heat, chemicals or mechanical energy, results in a higher yield of renewable material extracted from a microorganism without disrupting cell wall structures.

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