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The Mutag BioChip™ beats the pants of all conventional carriers.The tremendous approved efficiency rates compared to other conventional carrierare guaranteed in highest COD- and also N-degradation results. Tiny changes in DNA that have been linked to Parkinson's disease, the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer's, were found not only in brain cells, where they were expected, but also in liver, fat, immune and developmental cells. Parkinsona€™s disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder, affecting about 1% of those over the age of 60 and classically, PD was considered a movement disorder with akinesia, rigidity, tremor and postural instability as the predominant motor features.
Scientists at the Van Andel Research Institute (Grand Rapids, MI, USA) and their collaborators investigated single-nucleotide polymorphisms SNPS) which were integrated with comprehensive data from the Roadmap Epigenomics Mapping Consortium (REMC) for 77 tissues and cell types and 1000 genomes using FunciSNP software.

The team found 12 loci across several tissue types that were particularly enriched or full of SNPS indicating an increase in risk. Although much more work must be done to unravel exactly how these loci affect risk, there are interesting parallels between the team's findings and recent work done by others investigating Parkinson's. Patrik Brundin, MD, PhD, director of Center for Neurodegenerative Science and one of the study's authors, said, a€?Only a small percentage of Parkinson's cases are familial and have a clear and well-defined genetic inheritance.
Researchers looked for similarities among blood samples from Parkinson\'s patients (Photo courtesy of Van Andel Research Institute).

For example, three of the risk loci were found in immune cells, a promising finding as evidence suggests that Parkinson's may be linked to inflammation, the immune system's reaction to help fight off potential threats. Over 28,000 new cases and 7400 deaths occurred in United States in 2002 due to oral cancer.

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