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Planet Earth has a few other bays and lagoons where turning up the waters will consistently cause a glowing effect. The Bioluminescent Bay is off the coast of island of Vieques, about ten miles from the Puerto Rico mainland.
Whether you plan on churning up the waters of the Bioluminescent Bay or not, Vieques is a stunning travel destination. SPOTCOOLSTUFF Travel reviews unusual hotels and restaurants, great attractions, cool travel gear, places with amazing views and all manner of travel destinations with a WOW!
Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy tiene la etiqueta de ser una de las maravillas naturales mas impresionantes del mundo y el mas grande en su tipo. Otro lugar que no puede faltar en tu visita a la isla es La parguera y su bahia fluorescente.
Al norte de la isla se encuentra el radiotelescopio de Arecibo, una magnifica obra cientifica y arquitectonica disenada para enviar y recibir ondas de radio de todo el universo pero disenado principalmente para la busqueda de vida extraterrestre.
El Zoologico de Mayaguez es el unico Zoo publico de la isla y alberga cientos de especiales animales de origen autoctono y de todo el mundo.
Puerto rico es un verdadero paraiso mi familia y yo estuvimos de viaje y lo disfrutamos en cantidad el ano q viene volvemos se nos quedaron muchas bellezas por. Es maravilloso mi isla del canto y nunca lo cambiaria por nada del mundo por otro pais mucho lo invadian (no lo envidien visitenos,difrutelo y explorelo puerto rico le abre las puertas del aeropuerto y los pueblos de puerto rico los esperan y lo mas importante ayudemos a conservarlo limpio no basura en nuestra isla del encanto . All of those qualities combine to produce an ideal environment for dinoflagellates to thrive. Between 1941 and 2003 two-thirds of Vieques was used by the United States Navy for target practice. Slipstreaming through the warm night, you reach down and sweep your arm through the water, watching with wonder as a bioluminescent line brilliantly traces your motion, then disappears.Sparkling stars overhead, matched by nature’s underwater neon trace, put on an enchanting light show in this dark sky island.
Sus atractivos naturales encantan a todo al mundo entero y lo posicionan como uno de los destinos mas visitados y recomendados del Caribe.
Estas aguas se encuentran repletas de determinados microorganismos que al disturbarlos producen un destello luminico impresionante.
El mismo posee pinturas y esculturas que recorren todo el pasaje cultural puertorriqueno, como asi tambien obras extranjeras de famosos artistas como Velasquez, Rubens y Rodin.
The place is a popular holiday destination, since there are numerous pristine white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

This magical bioluminescent bay (bio bay) has been officially declared the brightest recorded in the world by Guinness Book of World Records 2008.Please don’t leave Isla de Vieques without taking a tour of this magnificent and magical natural wonder.
Each dinoflagellate has a whip-like tail that enables it to move through the water and a bulbous body that lights up when it is agitated. Tourists and real estate developers, both of whom generally dislike being bombed by battleships, stayed away. On moonless nights, or during evening rainshowers, beauty is embraced in the details as raindrops dance and flash. Este tipo de fenomeno se puede ver en varios lugares del mundo, pero solo en puerto rico puedes verlo todas las noches. Scientists are not sure what evolutionary advantage is gained by this lighting up—maybe it is a method dinoflagellates use to warn each other of danger, maybe it is their way of amusing tourists.
They did this in an effort to prevent the bioluminescence, which they somehow concluded was the work of the devil.
When the navy finally decided to abandon Vieques they converted their property there to a wildlife and nature sanctuary. A cloudy night within a few days of the new moon will work too, but you’ll be disappointed if you go during a full moon.
Moreover, the beaches in the area are even more stunning at night: due to the chemical reactions, plankton becomes luminescent. It is best experienced during a “New Moon” phase, so we’ve included an interactive moon phase calendar below to help you plan your trip accordingly. In any event, if you put your hand in the Laguna Grande and swirl it around you’ll cause the water to light up. Ironically, by reducing the flow of ocean water the Spanish increased the concentration of vitamin B12 that the mangrove tress put into the bay, which increased the dinoflagellate’s food source, which increased the number of dinoflagellates and the glow they produce. So, in a wonderful example of unintended consequences, Vieques’s war history has today made it one of the most beautiful and untouched areas of the Caribbean. In the waters of Mosquito Bay there are organisms named Pyrodinium bahamense, Dinoflagellates (dinos). A typical gallon of Bioluminescent Bay water contains 750,000 dinoflagellates—the highest naturally occurring concentration of any body of water in the world.
When the “dinos” come into contact with another organism or shaken they produce a bright burst of blue light.Puerto Rico was blessed with 3 bioluminescent bays, the brightest is Mosquito Bay here in Vieques, the second brightest is Laguna Grande in Fajardo, and the least bright is in La Parguera in the town of Lajas due to tourist exploitation and poor conservation efforts.

Below is a nice video from CNN to give you an idea of what it’s like…in person is like magic. Mosquito Bay is the perfect environment for these dinos. The Bay is small and shallow and the mouth of the bay is small, so the bright tiny organisms are trapped and protected in the bay, making it very, very bright. Interactive Moon Phase CalendarUse the following interactive calendar to plan your trip around new moon phases, when it is darkest at night, so you can maximize your bioluminescent bay experience.
It contains up to 160,000 microscopic dinoflagelates per liter of water.When agitated, these microscopic organisms (Pyrodinium bahamense or swirling fire) reacts emitting a blue-green light for about a decimal of a second. Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!
Millions of “stars” (actually, they’re microscopic organisms in the water) light up with a stunning blue-white glow, and scatter with every splash you make. With each paddle stroke, the girls stir up millions of tiny dinoflagellates (dy-no-FLAH-juh-luhts). Their combined light creates spectacular evening shows.On the island of Vieques off the coast of Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay’s dinoflagellates give off their bioluminescent (by-oh-loo-mih-NESS-ent) light from dusk until dawn. They dip their hands in the water, leaving greenish-blue trails of their own.Mosquito Bay’s displays are threatened, however. Pollution, destruction of mangrove trees, dredging, land development, and overuse of the bay’s water can kill the fragile dinoflagellates. Every one of us can do a little to ensure that our children and the next generations can enjoy this natural wonder.Do not swim in the bio bay. Tour guides that allow you to swim are breaking the law and not showing respect or love for the island, please do not go in the water just because they let you in, you can choose to protect the bio bay for future generations.No trash or any objects on the Bio Bay – Please refrain from throwing any type of objects on the water during your tour.
The smallest object, can or piece of trash can kill thousands of the precious little “dinos” that create this night show.Have a wonderful time at the Bio Bay, it will be one of the most memorable moments of you life.
Any changes in the delicate ecosystem can diminish the healthy balance of the bay.Tour Guides for Bioluminescent BayFriendly and knowledgeable tour guides await to give you an unforgettable experience at the Bio Bay, you can explore it on a kayak tour or an electrically powered double pontoon boat.

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