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How many times have you got home after a long day at work, kicked off your shoes, opened a bottle of red wine and sat down with a glass, only to find your mood ruined by the fact that your cat can’t join you in having a drink? B&H Lifes has produced wine for cats named Nyan Nyan Nouveau, in a reference to the local equivalent of ‘meow meow’.
Describing the drink as wine may not be entirely accurate, however, as the drink is actually Cabernet grape juice, with added catnip thrown in for good measure. I would like to preface this post by saying that I have nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for the spremuta, a fresh-squeezed juice—usually orange or blood orange—available in just about every coffee bar in Italy.
Now, with all this being said, there is one aspect from my New York life that I miss desperately and for which I’ve had a difficult time finding a suitable substitute in Italy: juice. Sure, you can find a couple of locales offering freshly squeezed juices that combine one or two flavors in both Rome and Milan, but I sadly couldn’t find anything that compares to New York.
This tiny, family-owned lunch bar is quite the find: located right off Via Torino by the Duomo, here you'll find some of the most affordable juice in Milan. With three different locations in Milan, the motto of the chain is "buonofresconaturale" (good, fresh, natural) with an impressive salad bar and prepared dishes with seasonal ingredients.
Get your juice on in this elegant restaurant and be sure to ask for a table in the back room with a view of the garden. Tucked away off Corso Garibaldi, it's no coincidence that the hip Brera cafe's name means "Ginger" in Italian and that one of the main ingredients for their juices include this spice. One of the best All Inclusive Beaches in Cozumel with activities, relaxation and something for everyone!
100% Deposit Back Guarantee for cancelations at any time and for any reasons (weather, mood, etc)!All you can eat and all you want to drink at Mr. Definitely the best and most beautiful all inclusive beach club in Cozumel Mexico, famous Mr. A medical problem prevents you from safely participating in the excursion (we will verify with the tour operator or guest may send doctor's note). Important: Reservations for the following dates are currently suspended, for more information please contact us.
We have been to Cozumel several times in the past and visited Nachi Cocom and Paradise Beach. You know when a couple have really put their blood, sweat and tears (of joy obviously!) into their big day because it shows. Nicole and Natalie run a creative agency and are two craft-istas so they unashamedly went to town on getting everything just right with their own creative, personalised twist. and I’m not even sure I know where to begin with their big day. Or perhaps I’ll begin with the table centrepieces with clusters of ‘Beautiful Random’,or the brides’ sassy, ethereal style (I need their dresses in my life!). Actually I’m just going to let you experience this heart-warming, life-affirming, radiant big day for yourselves. We were searching for something ‘non-eventish.’ Somewhere where rules and space don’t get in the way of abandon. The vibe was ‘Nic-Nat Barn Eccentric’ – an authentic dish of Vintage Rustic meets Barn Bohemian, with a side of Random Eclectic, Grandma’s Legacy and Inner Child Eccentric.
We also enjoyed creating lots of styling decor such as the brown paper confetti cones with magazine heart-punches filled with pom-poms and feathers, and mismatched straws in mason jars and napkins for the Sangria and Pimm’s. Walking down the aisle was a real life moment… there was such a sense of being held by love and warmth in that room. We included the Chuppah to represent our future home – open and welcoming on all four sides, created by the people within it, not by their possessions. For our headpieces, we designed a simple white paper daisy crown for Nix because her dress colour was already a focus.
With the formalities over, everyone tore up the remaining hours on the dancefloor, chatting outside, nibbling at the vintage lolly station, tucking into a ‘breast cupcake,’ watching the sunset over the river, having a whiskey on the rocks at our special whiskey barrel until it was time to call it a night. We had our first dance to Etta James’ At Last which our friend Danny played solo on the Euphonium. Every couple is different and I think our advice would be – don’t compare yourself or your wedding to other people’s because they’re not you. On the day, make it a priority to tell everyone how grateful you are to have them in your life, start a conga line, take a moment with your partner to make a mental bookmark, ditch the platitudes and speak from the heart, don’t not do anything, even if it terrifies you (public speaking!) and finally – eat something!
Because the joints in the shoulder are very mobile, they’re more susceptible to injury than other body parts, especially when you’re pressing heavy weights. In fact, I can’t find anything more gratifying than starting the day with a brioche (or cornetto, as it’s called in Rome) filled with marmelatta, a cappuccino and a spremuta. Then I met Elena Ciprietti, my now friend and juice guru.  Among many, many other things we bonded over a mutual admiration for green juice and our hometown pride—she’s from Yonkers, too! I've always had a hard time convincing juice bars to oblige to my "green juice" request, made primarily with vegetables, but the friendly owners are always accommodating.

Whether you're looking for fruit smoothies or vegetable juices, Viva has it all with fresh ingredients. Although on the more expensive side, you can personalize your juice with the various ingredients of the day. The carrot, orange and ginger juice is refreshing and perfect for the summer (and the bagels are great, too!). Sanchos Beach Cozumel offers over a mile of pristine white sand beach area and excellent swimming areas with smooth, sandy bottom. Sanchos All Inclusive Day Pass is not available on Sundays.Round trip transportation is not included in this day pass at Mr. Guests must notify us within 14 days after their excursion date via email for requesting a refund of booking payment made to Shore Excursioneer. It shows in the small details, it shows in the smiles of rapture on their faces and it shows in their guests faces. Do I start with the flash mob, old lady tea ceremony, and the double-smashing of the glass with a cowboy boot on one foot, and stiletto on another?
Actually I might just kick off with the tea ceremony with the rickshaws, lawn games, and breast cupcakes… and the oh-so-simple but effective paper doll-chain aisle runners… and the fans for guests with ‘We’re Your Biggest Fans’ tags, and tambourines with ‘Shake What Your Mumma Gave You’ tags!
We didn’t want to include empty rituals or subscribe to the tyranny of ‘should’s.’ Really, all we wanted was to make a commitment in front of all the people that we love in an authentic, fun and creative way.
When a place becomes a ‘venue’ – its personality and nuance is ripped out, leaving a kind of soulless entity of chair bows, unexplained acts of frou-frou and weird science-gone-wrong lighting. The vibe was the love-child of both of our creative minds – kinda like the effect of kids locked in an ice-cream factory… no rules. The majority of colours inside the barn were neutral so as not to compete with the rustic canvas.
It was only a matter of time before we were finally brought together by the love alchemy of our friend Gwen. We’ve learnt to navigate the other’s fragilities and love each other through the light, the dark and all the shades in between (there are more than fifty shades of grey!).
We both love artists like Stevie Wonder, Angie Stone, Erikah Badou and Ella Fitzgerald… the list is eternal. It’s impossible to smash the glass in heels so we each donned a cowboy boot at the end of the ceremony to break the glass. For Nat, we choose a mixture of ochre and white paper daisy’s with a succulent feature *bang* for Nat to compliment her very orange shoes and tie into Nix’s dress tone (Community Service Announcement: greeting people whilst sporting a succulent can cause unintentional maiming!).
When all is said and done, it was sharing our love authentically that was the greatest gift to both ourselves and the people in our life.
Warming up properly so that the shoulders are pumped and well-prepared for heavier training to come cuts down your risk of feeling something pop or strain. Because you can’t see them in the mirror, the rear delts tend to be forgotten, and their lack of development can result in a lopsided, incomplete look. In both phases, you’ll train shoulders only one day per week, so you can complete your other training on separate days (allow a day before and after chest training). The thing, though, is that a spremuta can bring the cost of a 2€ breakfast up to 6€, and since I believe that a spremuta is obligatory when breakfasting out, I only treat myself to colazione fuori occasionally because 6€ a day can add up. I’m talking about freshly made, wildly elaborate juices such as those sold at juice-centric places like Juice Press and Liquiteria. She knows the Milan juice ropes better than anyone I know so who better to consult when looking to round up the best juice bars in Milan? We offer you an unbeatable value all inclusive beach day, not offered by cruise lines, the Mr.
Sanchos All Inclusive Beach Day Pass section is separated from the "pay as you go" section (no entrance fee for Mr. Your local Shore Excursion Operator has your booking on hand and will await you showing the Electronic Ticket or a digital copy of it on a mobile device as all tickets can be QR code scanned.
Refunds may be subject to a service charge fee as determined by the payment processor, please refer to Terms and Conditions for more information.
As a same sex couple, it is important to us that we not ‘hide’ because of shame so we challenged ourselves to have abandon in our expression and what happened was nothing short of magical. We kept the barn doors open after the ceremony and had an open-sided marquee during dinner from where we watched the sunset over the river and could hear the goats and horses contributing their congratulations. The colour palette was based on our invitation design which we like to call ‘Colourdoscope’. When we met, we each had an immediate connection seated in a sense of calm and familiarity that allowed us to really open up to one another and discover our similarities and differences. It was a process negotiated with blood and tears but in the end, we each found a dress we felt like ourselves in.

The ceremony itself – having no legal or religious framework to hang it on was written by us and Monty (our celebrant). These kind of evocative, luscious, grounded, raw and cell-tickling tunes were very much part of our expression and story.
We wanted to smash a glass each to imprint a reminder of the fragility of life and an affirmation that in times of joy, there should be a touch of gravity.
For our family’s lapel brooches, we handmade black feathers with a single Billy-Button and a tiny sprig of dried baby’s breath with a twined base.
At the end of the day, all of the phone calls, late night crafting, list making, hauling and paper cuts were worth it because it’s all part of the bigger experience together.A couple that crafts together, lasts together! Second, make sure you develop the deltoids evenly, giving the rear head as much love as the front, which you’re no doubt already pounding with pressing exercises. Prioritizing the delts and pumping them up with plenty of reps will bring them up to Diesel proportions fast. At my last job in New York, the day always began with the arrival of glorious deliveries  from these two aforementioned places. It ended up being a quirky combination of story, two beautiful readings from kid’s books, our DIY vows (text included below and ceremony transcript doc attached), Old Lady Tea Ceremony, the signing of our Ketubah, breaking of the glass, and a flashmob (see below!).
We revved the guests up with Elisha and John’s version of Happy by Pharrell Williams then walked down the aisle to Rise by Eddie Vedder with our friend Elisha singing and Antony playing Mandolin.
For the tables, we had random selections from the flower market which we cut and arranged in jars we’d been saving for a year. It’s also why we put traditional meat-and-potatoes muscle-building moves like the military press later in the workouts.
On my most recent trip back home, I was actually a little bummed that my commitments wouldn’t allow me to work in a three-day BluePrint Juice Cleanse (my personal favorite!).
Every time I “like” one of her pics, I’m reminded of why I fell in love with Milan in the first place. This song has separate history in both of our lives and together represents a kind of abandon and appreciation of our combined freedom together. Yes, the exercises you do beforehand might fatigue you and limit the weight you can use on these lifts, but you’ll make it up in short order as you adapt.
Since arriving here, I have found myself forever on the prowl for the best juice bars in Milan. All details will be printed on your Electronic Shore Excursion Ticket, please see timetable below. Sanchos Water Park ticket includes unlimited access to the water park including climbing water ice berg, trampolines, slides, etc.
Sancho's provides for free a sand wheel chair to take guests right to the beach area and near the water. We each had to negotiate our own pains and shames and even let each other go to be able to find each other again. We got up, showered, lit the fire (I know – in January!) and had a cup of tea before everyone arrived. Looking back – on the day, our dresses made us feel like we were in the not-too-frou-frou hands of a comforting and familiar friend. It was this trust in love that lead us to the certainty and acceptance that we draw from each other.
We bring out each other’s creative and eccentric inner dorks and share a sense of the ‘extraordinary’ which brings us great joy. Sancho's beach thirsty or hungry!In addition, take advantage of first class facilities and activities included in the all inclusive beach break at Mr. Choosing to marry was a monumental moment in our lives and signifies a new chapter of openness, a celebration of life, love and commitment. We then headed out with the photographers to shoot at some locations – an apple orchard, a pine forest, someone’s garden and roadside flower-stall in a 1950’s Kelvinator and a retro shop front before arriving at the venue. Sanchos Beach Club in Cozumel such as ocean kayaks, snorkel equipment (available for rent at $15usd plus refundable deposit of $20usd), fresh water showers, lockers, hammocks, ocean front swimming pool, 2 swim up pool bars, water park (optional), plenty of water sports, beach palapas, umbrellas, beach lounge beds, sun lounge chairs and umbrellas, souvenir and handcraft stores, etc.
One of the best equipped and best maintained beach clubs on Cozumel with unique exclusive all inclusive beach package!

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