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If you have ever heard me speak in person about time management for college coaches, you will always hear me talk about how you should work like you are going on vacation tomorrow. In this post, I want to specifically talk about setting time deadlines for doing all of your emails. A big mistake I see coaches make at this time of year when their seasons are just starting and there is a lot to do, is that they tend to put together an ambitious plan of emails to send out each day, but with no regard to the time. So for you coach, I am saying that you should set shorter deadlines and you’ll get a heck of a lot more done than you are right now. But coach, you don’t have to turn your schedules over to others as much as you may think. What if you had two uninterrupted hours every day to focus on nothing else but your most important activities? After talking to all of the coaches that I have worked with since coming on board with Dan Tudor about 10 years ago, I would say that the number one reason coaches do not reach their goals is because they did not allocate enough time in the office to accomplish the goal or goals that they set for their recruiting, team, staff, or for themselves.
Happy start of the summer to all of you!  With this being a crazy time of year with wrapping up the spring season, graduation, getting summer off to a good start, etc., I wanted to send you a quick reminder on how you should NOT be working in the office.
Maximum performance in the office for us coaches is possible only when you concentrate single-mindedly on the task—the most important task, and you stay at it until it is 100 percent complete.
Remember, multi-tasking is the antithesis of productivity.  Multitasking is actually a myth.
2.      List two or three multitasking activities you commonly engage in at work or at home.  The next time you catch yourselfmultitasking, STOP! First, if you can upgrade your recruiting to get the top 20% of available physical and mental talent, you obviously vastly increase your program’s chances of success. Second, since effective recruiting and player selection determines 80% of your success, be sure you are investing enough time in assessing talent, writing letters, making phone calls, cultivating relationships with coaches, etc. Sit down and spend the time to find out how this principle applies to every aspect of your program. The more time you spend doing the high-payoff activities, the more value you will bring to your team, program, and staff.
When I first started out on my journey of finding better ways to be more effective and efficient in the office as a coach, one of the productivity experts that I studied a lot was Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy is one of America’s leading authorities on the enhancement of personal effectiveness, leadership, time management, goals, motivation, and success. Brian’s stuff spoke to me.  It was so simple and incredibly applicable to everything we do as college coaches. Another great tip from Tracy is that If you want to be a big success in any area, find out what other successful people in that area are doing—and do the same things until you get the same results.  Brian Tracy has been one of the many successful people that I have studied on time management principals. Tonight, figure out what your 3 most important activities are for tomorrow.  Then open your calendar and block off the time you need to get these activities worked on.
I want to share a great way to eliminate running around like a chicken-with-your-head-cut-off and always feeling busy.
A daily to-do list for coaches I’m finding with the coaches that I work with tends to be a reactive list – it’s based on what has just recently come up and is in your immediate area of concern for that time. As you are working through your reactive list, by the end of the day you have worked hard, done lots, but achieved very little.
Getting organized so you can be less “busy” means creating a proactive system that works best for you and saves you time and effort.
I believe being proactive begins by making a master list of everything you can think of that has to be done over the course of the year as a coach.
At the beginning of the month, I pick a few things from my Master List and put them into my daily planning pages in my Green Time Management System for Coaches that I created. Be proactive with my schedule and get things done in advance so I can avoid a lot of running around frantically trying to finish a lot of last minute things. Being proactive on my to-do list has made it easier to meet goals, it has reduced a lot of busyness, and I have been able to work more efficiently. In a typical day in the office, getting everything done on your to-do list is one thing.  Managing or controlling what you get done, how you get it done, when you get it done, and still have time at the end of the day to do more is a completely different thing and is something most coaches struggle with. Coach, have you ever sat down and really analyzed how effective and efficient you are being with your day?  Which one do you focus on?  Is one more important to you than the other? In his book, The On-Purpose Person, author Kevin McCarthy describes the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel when you take control of your day.  A more productive you in the office will lead to less stress and less chaos. I read a lot about how successful people manage their day so that I can be more productive during the day.
The first hour of the workday is critical for coaches, since it can affect your productivity level and mindset for the rest of the day. Now, a lot of coaches I have spoken to over the last year tell me that they are buried in minutiae.

Today I want to show you how to maximize your productivity by taking full advantage of the first few hours of the workday. Using the mornings (or the night before) to do big-picture thinking helps you prioritize and set the trajectory of the day.
All time management experts will tell you to not check your email first thing in the morning.
A 10-minute meeting with your fellow coaches (if you have them) is a great way to start the day and to keep everyone motivated and on course. Once your staff meeting is done, go back to your office, close the door, shut off your phone and email, block off as much time as you need (I do 90 minutes) and get to work on your most important task.
Mandy Green is the creator of Coaching Productivity Strategies (Join her on Facebook here) and the author of Green Time Management Workbook and Planner for College Coaches, a complete blueprint to helping you take control of your time and energy with research of proven methods in your career, in your business and in your personal life.
Also, if you don’t have a lot of experience writing recruiting messages or are not a very good writer, it can feel incredibly time-consuming.  But more importantly, if you don’t have a strategy or workflow, I have found it takes even longer. Turn on some music to get into a creative mindset.  What kind of music will get you focused and creative?
Write without editing. Coaches can get stuck and it really slows them down if they’re editing as they go. My hope in giving you this process as well is that it will take a little bit of the stress out of writing recruiting letters for you, because it can be very stressful. Discover Cayo de Agua: This Island has the best beaches in the archipelago of Los Roques and is voted as one of the top 10th. Due to the nature of our tours and the general conditions on our VIP Full Day Tour provided by Explore, their partners, employees, guides and affiliates, do not accept responsibility for any client or dependent thereof in respect of any loss, injury, illness, damage, accident, fatality, delay or difficulty experienced from time of departure to time of return, or subsequent to date of return, such loss, injury, etc. Should a Tour or Service be negated by the community because of the weather conditions or other reasons, it shall either refund full payment or offer a replacement Tour. Explore Coop Ve is committed to bring you information tailored to your individual needs and recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about our users.
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Eva Mendes was born in Miami, Florida, on March 5, 1974, is an American hot actress and model.
Has appeared in advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein Underwear, Magnum, Revlon Cosmetics, Cartier, Thierry Mugler perfume, Reebok, Campari, Pantene.
I'm a modern woman in the sense of I take care of myself, I'm fiercely independent, and I'm really ambitious. Actors used to carry films because people would have to actually go to the movies to see them. That color youve done gives it an old rusty look, from the clouds right down to that weird rusty vegetation. You need to be free to accommodate the needs of your teams and recruits and other administrative staff with whom you work. Have you ever met a successful doctor who tells patients to “come on in any ol’ time”? They have blocks of time set up for seeing patients, performing surgeries, and working at their hospitals. The time might be spent planning or working on recruiting, developing your team and staff, getting caught up on administrative work, or learning something that will add value to your program. Take a moment to think about what you’re doing, and quickly choose one of those tasks to focus on first. Spend your time on the right projects, and your time will give you a much better investment. Of all of the things you have to do in a day, identify which 20% of your coaching responsibilities will give you 80% of your returns.
The 20% of college coaches who are persistent enough to ask for the sale (commitment) at least 5 times, have an 80% close rate with recruits. From there, you have the power to set the vital priorities and get them scheduled into your day which will mean the difference between failure, survival, and success.
By disciplining yourself to clearly identify your high-payoff activities, and then by filling your calendar with those things and appropriately delegating, delaying, or dropping the low-payoff activities, you can and will get more high-payoff activities done every day, reduce your stress, and increase your happiness.
Because I was so overwhelmed with work, I made the mistake when I first got into coaching 17 years ago of thinking that I had no time to learn about time management or even maybe that I already knew everything I needed to know. As a coach, we will never have enough time to do everything that needs to be done, so we must choose. The natural tendency is to spend a lot of valuable time clearing up smaller and easier things first.

Whenever you think of something new that you have to do, write it down on your master list. In most cases, unfortunately for coaches, they are putting in longer and longer hours and sacrificing their personal rest and recovery or family time.
You can change your relationship with time and control your day better by establishing a good morning routine.
Also taking the time to greet your staff first thing with a smile will help build rapport and camaraderie and it can have a significant impact on their attitude and productivity throughout the day.
She has created a unique daily planning system to help College Coaches stay on track for these goals each and every day. I highly encourage you to try when you have to send out your next batch of recruiting emails.
Put yourself in a distraction-free environment where your phone and email notifications are turned off.The thing that kills writing recruiting emails and turns a 30-minute process into a 7-hour process is when you’re allowing yourself to be bombarded by social media and other kinds of interruptions. I have found this helps a lot to create more urgency and helps to keep me focused on the work at hand. And when we get stressed about it, we actually end up procrastinating or putting it off, and then those consistent recruiting messages we are supposed to be sending never happen. Should Explore have to shorten a Tour or Trip for any reason due to weather conditions or other factors after the time of departure, Explore Tours will not be liable for any form of refund whatsoever, although everything will be done to complete a Tour or to utilize an alternative arrangement or venue. In adopting this customer privacy policy, our intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting and using information and our user`s reasonable expectations of privacy. They know how many patients they need to see each day to create the lifestyles they choose to live. How would spending just two hours dedicated to the really important things improve your program? By identifying your top priorities and concentrating on these few things that do matter, you can unlock the enormous potential of the critical 20 percent and multiply your productivity and effectiveness as a coach. Tracy believe though that the self-discipline of organizing your work and focusing on your highest-value tasks is the starting point of getting your time under control and lowering your stress levels.
Protect that time and don’t let anything interrupt that time you have allocated to work on a significant task or goal that you have.  Good luck! Too many emails to read, phone calls to make, text messages to send, errands to run, practices to plan, recruiting events to attend, books to read, and camps to run. Leverage your morning hours as effectively as possible by following these seven simple steps.
Those early hours in the office (or even at home) are a great time to focus on your recruiting or another important work project because it tends to be quieter and more distraction-free. It’s about creating a routine that works, that keeps you inspired and not just wired, about making you happier and satisfied. The idea is to just get the process started and then let it simmer in the background of your thinking as it sits in your subconscious  I’ve found that helps me so much. Should a client decide to shorten a tour for any reason whatsoever, Explore Coop Ve will not be liable for any refund whatsoever.
Keep in mind that these two hours are focused, uninterrupted work time and do not include all the other time spent traveling, in meetings, talking by phone, sending email and other activities also directly related to achieving these activities.
We only have 1 brain and it does not function like a computer.  The brain has only one channel for language. He wants you to constantly be asking yourself, what is the most valuable use of my time right now?
If I just sit down and try to write, I sometimes end up just being stumped, looking at a blank screen not knowing what to write about.
But at least you have a track to get you started and a way to get your recruiting messages out that works for you 90% of the time. Put another way, how much time are you investing in the top 20% of the athletes on your team who seem to have 80% of the influence on your team’s work ethic, commitment, confidence, chemistry, etc.? Develop a plan, then decide what is the most important thing to do, and then decide how to do it.  Love it. By starting your recruiting message the night before, in your downtime until you actually write the email, you can purposefully be thinking about the next set of messages that you could send out. Your continued use of Explore Partners Tours & Services following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. This piece of advice was instrumental in me developing my Green Time Management System for Coaches.

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