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Supplementation is key to a healthy lifestyle and living at your optimum level- increased energy, more positive outlook, improved gut healthy, clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, sounder sleep- Just some of the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet with careful supplementation!
Siun Fitzgerald – “Ive been taking The Edge brand Infinity Fuel, Super Multi-vitamin, Probiotics and Fish Oils for just over 2 years and they have become an integral part of my daily diet. Rob Johnstone – “From my own personal experience, Probiotics have become extremely important for the health of my stomach as I have discovered that a lot of problems originate in this area of the body. Ian Jordan –“Since ive started taking the Edge Infinity Fuel one week ago I have already noticed an increase in my energy levels and it has helped me reduce body fat in places where I had been struggling to lose it before”. Probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria found in the small and large intestine that work together to create a healthy digestive system. When the ratio of “friendly” bacteria and “bad” bacteria tip in favor of the bad guys, this is called intestinal dysbiosis. Antibiotics, which kills the good bacteria along with the bad.  If the good bacteria are not sufficiently repopulated, this can lead to a long-term increase in the amount of harmful intestinal bacteria. Improve intestinal health, so you experience improved digestion, absorption and microflora balance. The lactobacillus bacteria are more specific to upper intestinal issues, and the bifidobacteria are more specific to lower intestinal issues.  Thus, taking both strains treats the whole GI tract.
100 billion per day is the high-range dosage for issues such as long-term antibiotic usage or for those with chronic intestinal issues. I have tried other fibre based products but they taste awful and do not have additional benefits like probiotics and vitamins. BIFIDOBACTERIUM LONGUM - PROBIOTIC BACTERIA HEALTH BENEFITSBifidobacterium longum is a probiotic bacterium with a not insignificant rundown of medical advantages, particularly for your colon.
IS BIFIDOBACTERIUM LONGUM SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION?Bifidobacterium longum, as other Bifidobacteria, are on the European QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) rundown.
ENDLESS SYMPTOMS CAN BE SURFACED BY AN UNHEALTHY COLONFor centuries, holistic medicine has realized the link between colon health and numerous diseases and illness. The reason why we make probiotics supplements in sachets is because we have full trust that this is the best approach to have your probiotics.
Probiotics are a Core Product, meaning they fully support one or more of the 4 Building Blocks of Health. Acidophilus Support immune health Acidophilus is the primary probiotic for a healthy GI tract.

Spectrabiotic® The best probiotic blend available This formula was created through the joint efforts of respected food scientist Dr.
I have always supplemented but not as religiously as I do now because I didn’t feel that generic store bought products had any effect. Probiotics also regulate the immune system, helping improve immune and autoimmune conditions. Plummer suggests you start taking the probiotics at the same time as the antibiotics (spaced at different intervals throughout the day).  He suggests a level of 25 billion bacteria per day for 30 days following a course of antibiotics. Moreover, Bifidobacterium longum can bring about different microorganisms that live in the digestion systems to perform accommodating obligations that they generally wouldn't do.
Today, modern medicine has began to follow that same belief after countless studies have been done linking an unhealthy colon to a wide array of serious medical problems.The colon is the main organ in a uniquely designed waste elimination system. Numerous probiotics yogurt drinks have to a great degree high dosages of sugar which can harm to our wellbeing. We do however, want to disclose some basic facts about some of the products listed on our website which receive praise. The reviews or ratings in many cases are a compilation of findings online and our own advertorial language designed to help sell certain products. Since switching to The Edge brand supplements this has lead to increased energy, increased immune system, better hair, nails & skin , increased digestion and a much better overall feeling in general”. As a teacher I generally pick up every single cold and flu going, but this was the first year that I didnt take one sick day. The presence of food creates the correct ph levels for the probiotics to survive intact as they pass into the small intestine.
The abundance of toxic chemicals that the body comes in contact with on a daily basis end up in the colon waiting to get eliminated. There could be 20 pounds or more of rotting, decaying waste trapped in your colon.The toxins weaken your body, drain your energy and you may feel constantly fatigued. 25 billion per day is the minimum therapeutic dosage, for issues such as antibiotic usage and allergies. Like other Bifidobacterium species, Bifidobacterium longum is a Gram-positive, non-motile, non-sporulating lactic-corrosive microorganisms that additionally creates different acids and ethanol. In any case, Bifidobacterium longum does not have any anti-microbial resistances that could possibly be exchanged to other microscopic organisms.

Removing Toxins Is Needed To Promote Better Overall Health, To Lose Weight And Maintain A Slim And Beautiful Body!"READ WHAT OUR CLIENT HAVE TO SAY!"After I regularly consume this 65FruitieFibre® probiotic fibre product daily, till date I have effectively lost my weight around 7 kg!
Bifidobacterium longum is a strict anaerobe for aging, yet it is additionally aerotolerant so it can be more adaptable than some other bifido species.What Is Probiotics Fibre Potential of Bifidobacterium longum? With the colon walls lined with hardened waste matter, the elimination of fecal waste is slowed. Studies have now shown that more than half of the bodies immune defenses are located in the colon, an unhealthy colon results in an unhealthy immune system!With the stress and poisonous toxins that accumulate in your body, headaches can become a common occurrence. As a rule, Bifidobacterium longum has mitigating properties that ensure the cells coating your mucous films from poisons and help some of your resistant cells to develop so they can work legitimately.
The slower the toxic filled waste moves through the colon, the more poisons that are absorbed back into the body and into the bloodstream. This probiotic organism is additionally present in bosom drain, and is one of the main microorganisms to colonize the baby gut. It can mature a wide assortment of starches, including lactose and the sugars in cruciferous vegetables, dried beans and some oat grains that people can't process. It additionally has catalysts to process proteins with the goal that they don't fester in the colon.
And, the problems with digestion that cause the bloating and gas can often make it painful or too uncomfortable to eat!Other symptoms include memory loss, inability to concentrate, joint pain, excessive bad breath and even premature aging. And, all of the symptoms that are constantly attacking your body can even bring on bouts with depression.Left untreated a colon that is overwhelmed with toxic waste can create more serious medical problems like heart disease, arthritis and cancer.
Studies now show that around 90% of all illness and disease is directly related to an unhealthy colon.Studies have also shown that a thorough colon cleansing can reverse many of the symptoms and illnesses associated with a toxic colon.
Many times physicians can’t find a cause for the symptoms so the origin goes untreated. With 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics Product, It Will Help In The Process Of Detoxification Through Regular Bowel Movement, To Maintain A Slim Body, To Keep You Healthy, To Promote Better Skin Complexion And Slow Down Cell Aging Process, Thus You Will Look Younger And More Beautiful!

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