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By introducing more probiotics into your diet, you can improve digestion and strengthen your immune system with foods that contain gut-friendly good bacteria. If you want to experience sustained fat loss, reduced bloat (and gas!), more stable energy levels, the best sleep ever, stunning skin, lower risk of disease and all the other benefits that living a Paleo lifestyle brings, all while eating delicious food without counting calories and without ever feeling hungry, then you'll want to get this cookbook! Perfect pass probiotic 30 caps – crohns, colitis, and ibs, Perfect pass probiotic ends the probiotic argument over which strains are best, how much do you need, do they survive digestion, do they colonize the intestinal tract. Cultured and fermented foods are rich in probiotics, which are essential to gut health and proper immune function.

Fortunately, making them at home is super easy and is around 75% cheaper than store bought! This recipe costs $2 or less, only takes 15-20 minutes to prep, and they ferment faster than other veggies, which I'm assuming is due to their natural sugar content that speeds the lacto-fermentation process.
Welcome!I'm a registered dietitian turned stay-at-home-mom, passionate about helping you celebrate God's gifts of food and health, one real food recipe at a time! We’re eating more and more processed goods that are high in sugar and vegetable oil…not good for us at all!

Of all the fermented foods I've made, these easy probiotic fermented carrots are one of the fastest and best tasting, plus they're 75% cheaper than store bought! Foods like kefir, kombucha, traditionally prepared sourdough, and lacto-fermented vegetables are now staples in our home, and we're loving it!

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