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Throughout different cultures, probiotic foods are commonly eaten to fight disease, build immunity and enhance digestion. Probiotics are a type of healthy digestive bacteria that support your digestion and immune health. With toxic foods such as diet sodas and processed foods, many of us have destroyed the right balance of healthy bacteria in our tummies. Yogurt is known for many benefits, especially for its digestive ones because it usually contains multiple strains of active bacteria.
AboutI'm obsessed with green juices, vegan chocolate peanut butter brownies, yoga and creating contemporary artwork. My mother-in-law recently asked me about how to get more probiotics in her diet and that encouraged me to share nutritional ways of getting probiotics. A majority of the body’s immune system resides in the digestive tract, making the immune system inextricably linked to the digestive tract.
So, by eating or taking probiotics, healthy digestive bacteria, we can help restore some of that good bacteria that we need to properly digest foods and feel better.
For instance, many supermarkets such as Whole Foods now carry sheep milk yogurt, goat milk yogurt, coconut yogurt and soy yogurt. Although there are several types of flavored yogurt, I used to eat the plain yogurt ones because I liked the natural taste the best. Whether you're planning a wedding, pregnant, or just having a crazy day, we're here to get you looking hot and feeling a little more at zen. Besides digesting foods, the digestive tract is also responsible for fending off harmful bacteria and infections. They’re organic juices with several strains of live bacteria and come in a variety of flavors such as mango and blackberry.
Certain live cultures such as lactobacillus acidophilus¬†appear to be especially helpful and active in the digestive tract. I’ve been drinking these popular drinks for years, and prefer to drink the kombucha drinks that are mixed with juice. GT also makes 100% raw kombucha without the juice, but they’re definitely for those who have acquired tastes.
I’d get the plain Fage brand greek yogurt and drizzle some agave nectar and lots of ripe blueberries, when they were in season.

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