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From the time we usher in puberty by popping our very first pimple, it becomes painfully clear how much our skin can change with age. Here’s our decade-by-decade traffic light guide to help you gain control of your skin ageing and arrive with amazing skin at any age.
Starting a basic legit skin regime (that incorporates proper cleansing, hydration, sun protection, and antioxidant protection against external & internal stresses), as well as sticking to good lifestyle habits may not reap jaw-dropping instant gratification, but in the long run they’ll do more than any miracle time-reversing cream can.
Breakouts and congested pores due to hormonal shifts can strike a girl at any age, although adult acne tends to be more finicky than typical teenage skin.
Embrace the power of proven potions to recapture the function and appearance of younger, more activated, self-restoring skin.
Your 30’s may also be a good time to start clinical treatments to repair both visible and yet-to-be visible skin damage at a deeper level to keep your daily dermal outlook bright and perky for now and many years to come. Besides intensifying your skincare regime to richer moisturizing, anti-pigment and pro-collagen youth dews, you might also want to seriously consider bringing out the big guns in the form of professional treatments, such as Fraxel for pigmentation and crinkles, Ultherapy for deep firming of the face and neck, or Botox to soften wrinkles, to help you look as youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

What majority of us don’t know is exactly what’s occurring on the cellular level — and what we can do about it. You probably have a more sharply defined sense of self, made real strides in your career, and is performing an unbelievable act balancing work with a growing family. Think GRASS – Growth factor peptides, Retinoids, Antioxidants, Sunscreen, plus a Specialty product (e.g. Dewy Skin phyto stem cell mist, and Deep Red facial to shift your regimen into a higher gear and put accelerated ageing into a screeching halt. From adult acne to sunspots and crow’s feet, navigating the changes in our skin can be overwhelming at times.
And, though we wish we could attain perfect complexions by washing our faces, slapping on moisturizer, and calling it a day, beautiful ageless skin just isn’t that simple. Years of cumulative damage begins to rear its ugly head, in the form of brown spots, fine lines, enlarging pores or intractable dark circles (although you’d swear you got them overnight), while a slowing cell turnover renders the overall complexion duller and rougher.

Especially when we’re trying to sort the buzzy, new “miracle” ingredients from the time-tested, scientifically proven treatments.
Thanks to a changing hormonal profile, skin hydration levels often take a downward spin, pigmentation spots or splotches surface with full-steam, and collagen & elastin levels plunge. Wrinkles deepen, and skin gets progressively thinned out, less bouncy and more sallow-looking.

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