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Ultrablend Probiotic is a unique blend of probiotics, including bifidobacterium and bacillus natto strains (Bacillus Subtilus) of microorganisms plus inulin. Unlike many probiotic supplement products, this blend is not cultured through yogurt, soy or other bacteria.
Ultrablend Probiotic strengthens the intestinal flora, maintains a healthy digestive tract, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, promotes overall digestive health and comfortable digestion and supports a healthy immune system.
The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA.
March 31, 2014 by Abby 16 Comments Choosing the right probiotic supplement is highly important in helping your eczema heal.
You may be surprised to learn that we all actually carry several pounds of bacteria inside of us. In fact, the bacteria in our gut outnumbers the cells in our body by a factor of 10 to 1! Given the importance of supplementing with probiotics, what should we look for when buying a probiotic supplement to help eczema? For example, notice how the probiotic below contains 4 or 5 strains of probiotic bacteria, including L. But be aware that if you see a brand with 10+ strains with vague probiotic numbers (especially if it is really cheap on the market); there’s a reasonable chance they’re padding out the product to try and make it look more impressive than it is. Generally, the higher the probiotic number the better (it can range anywhere from 1 billion to 100 billion!), but if your gut is not severely damaged than you don’t need to go as high as 100 billion.
Many probiotics are dead on arrival in your intestines because your stomach acid is so powerful that it can kill off most probiotics before they reach your small and large intestines. This is why it is important to select a supplement that is acid and bile resistant to ensure it can survive. A prebiotic is basically beneficial bacteria nutrition for probiotics to eat and flourish on. HMF Forte, which is a pharmaceutical grade probiotic supplement, contains Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which is a prebiotic.
Keep in mind that you can also get prebiotics from regular foods – so you may not necessarily need a probiotic supplement with prebiotics. The best probiotic for your eczema should be one that is free of fillers and flow agents, such as titanium dioxide, preservatives, colorings or artificial ingredients. Keep in mind that certain strains have also been well documented and researched through clinical trials. You don’t necessarily need those numbers to have a good product, but the presence of those letters is the sign of a quality product, as the company spent extra money to get a pure, genetically characterized strain.
One thing to note is that if you have a lot of issues with your gut and digestive system, you should start slowly. Want to check out my latest Healing Eczema: Why Dieting Is Not Enough eBook or my Personal Eczema Treatment Plan Guide?
Disclaimer: All the information found on this website should be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace proper medical advice. Grab your free subscription for eczema-related tips, tricks, and natural remedies to improve your eczema today! I’m going to hunt for the Jarrow brand this weekend and I will be crossing my itchy fingers that it helps. Some ppl may experience a bit of gas, discomfort in stomach and others get more bowel movements.
Probiotic Fiber is part of the new Colon Cleanse Max Line which includes Super Fiber Blend (Fiber supplement), and Digesti Cleanse (digestive enzyme supplement). Disclaimers: * No claims found on our web pages or in print have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. When we formulated Nexabiotic™, we could have saved a couple bucks by using lower quality ingredients.
Pharmaceutical grade raw materials… ingredients extracted without solvents, cGMP certification…. Nexabiotic™ is manufactured in an FDA inspected Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility. Unlike our competitors, we use higher quality ingredients and keep them protected with an enteric coating until they are ready for release in the colon. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the more commonly used probiotic strains because of its efficacy. Lactobacillus brevis is another species of lactic acid bacteria and can be found in fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles. This strain of probiotic yeast is helpful for gastrointestinal problems and was used by the natives of Southeast Asia to control symptoms of cholera. I asked Chris James to talk through his new supplements range and explain, in the simplest terms, what they can do for the body. Me: Many people are scared of supplements, especially ones that aren’t the straightforward “multivitamins” that they see in the supermarket or in Boots.
While I recommend everyone eat whole, preferably organic foods, I also believe that high-quality supplements are essential. If you are struggling to cope against a tide of new and exotic products and brands flooding the supplementation marketplace, “Bee Poo, anybody?” you’re not the only one! Many thanks to Chris for sharing his words of healthy wisdom; you can find his new supplements, including the Brilliant Biotic, Gorgeous Greens and Magical Multi at Urban Retreat.
Hi Ruth, I tried the Feel Unique link you provided above and I’m taken to Feel Unique but no mind and body cleanse!
Ruth, I always look forward to your blog posts – they’re so informative and intelligently written! I completely agree that to purchase good quality supplements can be prohibitively expensive. However, the basic issue is that the raw ingredients are very costly to buy in at the formulation stage.
I think probiotics, chinese medicine etc are a great idea and have a good record of efficacy, but there is a lot of controversy over whether vitamins actually shorten life span. I will take vitamins and other supplements the day I see sufficient research (not sponsored by Chris) that proves their efficiency.
The last time I checked, B-vitamins needed to be in balance to optimize the health effects.

Thank you for your comments – I’d like to just correct a couple of things if I may!
I have been wanting to try these for ages but been a bit indecisive but after reading this it gives me more reason to! I agree with some posts (sorry!) that Chris’s overview while informative is a bit of a sell. The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotic bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote normal, healthy digestion. As I’ve mentioned before, having eczema is usually a sign of a compromised immune system. Your gut contains trillions of bacteria, and each strain of bacteria will have varying survival rates and health benefits.
It would also be wise to start off on a low dose of probiotics when you first start using it (as some may experience gas, bloating, or detox reactions when they first start taking it).
Probiotics are also extremely delicate and they can’t survive exposure to light, air, or even oxygen. If you take an enteric coated, multi-billion probiotic with a prebiotic, the beneficial bacteria have more likelihood of surviving as the prebiotics will provide foor for them to eat.
Each manufacturer should be able to provide proof that their probiotic supplement contains well-researched strains of bacteria. In addition, Bifidobacterium bifidum is also a very popular strain that you’ll find in many probiotics. Taking lots of probiotics or filling up on lots of fermented foods may potentially make you feel really bad. Always consult a qualified health care provider before embarking on a health or supplement plan.
Check out New Roots, Genestra (pricier though as they’re a professional line), or Flora. The Max Line is the next level in internal cleansing and support by addressing issues such as: heart burn, lactose intolerant, light to mild constipation, indigestion, accumulated solid waste, weakened immune system, and a poor cleansing program.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, proxy cached or otherwise used, without written permission of content owners.
No claim or opinion on these pages is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Each ingredient used is backed by extensive medical research published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We could have gone with just the minimum doses but instead went with doses that are more than effective.
These sound like buzzwords to the average layman but to those in the industry, it represents a commitment to quality like no other. It is a strict standard set by the FDA to make sure you’re getting the cleanest and purest product. Many years ago, I used to believe that if you eat well, you shouldn’t need supplements, however this is not taking things like soil depletion into account.
While they won’t make up for a bad diet, you can think of them as your nutritional workshop at the ready, standing with screwdriver in hand ready to make those quick tweaks, fixes and adjustment to your internal engine – to make sure that your body is running as healthily and beautifully as possible. It’s a fast, easy, natural and delicious way to get a big dose of vitamins and minerals into your body.
If you’d like to read more about making green juices and smoothies, take a look at my post here. Bloody hell, I went to Nutri-something once to get a few things and it was about forty quid!
I don’t know whether a link will post here, but the general consensus amongst the medical world is that in a modern setting with a reasonable diet they might do more harm than good.
Chris hasn’t in any way sponsored this content, I approached him for content as I thought it might be interesting. As nice as the packaging is I suggest that it is better to be guided by sound scientific research. In the morning, you have David’s AM detox shot containing the benefits of red wine grapes (Lycopene, Resveratrol). I lived in Germany for several years and it was wonderful to have things like Milk Thistle and Valerian at the Apotheke!
A little more research should point out that taking certain supplements when not required or contraindicated for whatever reason, can cause serious problems – I speak from experience. Many people use probiotic supplements to help with digestion, prevent diarrhea, reduce gas and relieve cramping. Both Bifitorium 5536 and Bacillus Subtillis stimulate natural enzyme production and activity and improve assimilation of nutrients, maintain a healthy immune function and reduce inflammation in the colon. They are the expressed opinion of John Gray for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding their health, happiness and improved quality of relationships. Therefore, it is important to choose a supplement with strains from different groups of good bacteria to ensure optimal results for your gut and eczema. Buying a good quality probiotic will deliver better quality live cultures to your gut and will help your eczema much better. For instance, DDS-1 Acidophilus has Lactobacillus acidophilus and wild-crafted blue green algae.
The reason for this is that the introduction of probiotics can cause the already existing colonies in your gut to react.
She hopes that her experiences and knowledge can help educate others on natural remedies that will help eczema.
I get spots of body eczema every once in a while, but my main issue is dyshidrotic eczema on my hands. It is an oxygen tolerant organism that actually uses oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide which is then used to kill competing organisms. It has been shown to protect the urogenital tract by excreting biosurfactants that inhibit the adhesion of pathogens. And I used to be really sceptical about them, until I saw the benefits first-hand of including, for example, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries in my smoothies or alkalising supplements in my juice. I met him about a year ago and thought that he had some kind of special lighting following him around – he was literally glowing with health.
Even if you eat 100% organically, wear sandals and organic cotton thai-fisher pants with a Yoga mat slung over your shoulder, you have to understand these days supplements are essential health-boosters that can help fill in nutritional gaps and protect your body against the occasional diet slip-up, especially taking into account the modern pace of life.

The modern western diet – lots of over processed meat, eggs, dairy, and alcohol, and not enough vegetables – is predominantly acid forming.
And now I have a little quiz for you; two very common lifestyle ailments for you to help relieve.
Do you have pay the equivalent of a week’s groceries to get a two or three bottles of quality supplements? At least now that I’ve read this post I might be able to go in and choose some products rather than running out of the shop even more stressed than I was before. I am not an expert on vitamins and minerals, but I know not to trust someone who makes a living of selling them.
I met Chris before he had developed this range and wanted to work with him then, so it’s not supposed to be a drive to push his products.
You can boost your own Glutatione production by eating sulfur rich foods, getting moderate exercise, and taking a good complete food based multivitamin. I know your article is well meaning but I found it too commercially pushy for Chris’s business.
Probiotics also help to prevent infections in the digestive tract and help to control inflammatory bowel disease. The minerals in this blue green algae support the friendly bacteria, which makes them multiply faster. These can lead to other issues, including diarrhea or constipation, eczema flare ups, fatigue, brain fog, body aches, flu like symptoms, rashes, and possibly a worsening of the symptoms you already have. I am wondering if you have any probiotics you would recommend that are available in Canada?
Plantarum) that survive stomach acid and attach themselves to the intestine lining to rid overwhelming bad bacteria. It helps convert lactose to lactic acid which is helpful for those with lactose intolerance.
Like other lactobacilli, Lactobacillus rhamnosus A also releases acids, bacteriocins, and hydrogen peroxide which inhibit the growth of pathogens. Pediococci are antagonistic against other microorganisms, including enteric pathogens, through the production of lactic acid and secretion of bacteriocins known as pediocins. Are there certain supplements that we can all benefit from, regardless of age or constitution, or do they need to be carefully prescribed after a lengthy look at our lifestyles and perceived ailments? Also make sure that the multi vitamins have good quality B complex including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 B6, & B12. I used to be 100% sceptical about anything non-approved by the medical world, but even my GP is well into her alternative meds and therapies now!
Luckily for the medical community at large, her courses are all about relying on both styles of care for comprehensive wellness! The more good bacteria strains the better, so that it can help build different strains of good bacteria in our gut. I’ve been unable to identify a trigger, so I am assuming at this point it is autoimmune.
Inulin, a prebiotic, is added for a symbiotic effect, providing food for the probiotics in the intestine which help the growth of good bacteria.
Lactic acid bacteria also produce bacteriocins which help prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
And I always try to listen to people who practise what they preach but don’t come across as completely bonkers or scarily evangelical. B Complex creates and sustains your body’s energy supply by helping to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
But this WAS supposed to be a springboard for interesting discussion and so I thank you for your comment! Fiber from Psyllium, Oat Bran and Rice Bran support healthy and normal digestion by gently pushing solid waste from the colon. Basically without skirting round the edges, acidosis of the bloodstream and the inflammation that this creates in the body is responsible not just for poor skin and premature ageing, but eventually the symptoms of poor health too. There has been too much of an emphasis in         recent years on numbers of different strains in probiotics. There is a lot of research out there about alkalising the body and I was recommended aloe by my own GP, so I think you can find quite a bit of supporting material out there! Probiotic Fiber includes a proprietary blend of Hemicellulasees, Beta- Gluccanse, Xylanase, Pecdtinase and Phytase, which are digestive enzymes that alleviate gastrointestinal distress caused by indigestion.
I keep meaning to set aside a time to do it, but have been useless at finding a date and committing!
So a long term focus to eating alkalised foods, systematic bi-annual cleansing of the body, supplemented with blue green algae will help to keep the system alkaline.
The chocolate flavoured version (using high quality cocoa powder) tastes best in my opinion.
Herbal support from Fennel, Cardamom, and Slippery Elm Bark help rid the body of built up toxins that damage and age cells. You can buy the above in either powder or frozen form, and to add to soups, salads, smoothies, and juice made from leafy green veg.
This is particularly key if like me you are a vegetarian which might be short on B’s in your everyday diet. Brilliant Biotic is a special high quality formulation that has been created with this in mind – real health and beauty begins in the gut!
For lunch, you eat 120g lean protein (lean meat, fish or a vegetarian option) with loads of greens (spinach and rocket are my favourites) seasoned with black pepper and lemon juice.
The real problem with supplements is that there isn’t much standardization or regulation. Probiotic Fiber is the only probiotic supplement of its kind that supports the digestive infrastructure.
As one of the most alkalising foods, blue green algae, such as you will find in Gorgeous Greens restores a healthy pH.

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