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These foods feed the “bad” bacteria and can lead to an overgrowth of candida. Eating probiotic-rich foods is important in order to keep the digestive system in proper balance and promote a healthy flora. The best option to get enough probiotics is to follow a probiotic-rich diet, and the most natural forms of probiotics are fermented foods.What are the best probiotics for women?YogurtLots of yogurt brands contain probiotics, but the organisms must be added after heat processing, so check the label to be sure. Hopefully her experience and knowledge can help educate others on natural remedies and nutrition. She strongly believes that our body's health is directly related to what we put into it! If you are allergic to the foods, herbs, essential oils, any remedies listed here, you must of course avoid them. Should you pop a Blister?How to soothe skin rashes caused by Zika, Chikungunya or Dengue virus?
Probiotics have been shown in several studies to help improve digestive health, bolster the immune system, help prevent antibiotic-related side effects, and they may effect metabolism in ways that help us burn more calories and store less fat. Renew Life products are sold in drugstores and supermarkets and health stores including CVS, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart. The Ultimate Flora products come in a variety of options, including a Kids version, adult 50+, women’s care and more. To enter: Like us on Facebook, sing up for our FREE e-newsletter and leave a comment below about why you want to win Renew Life probiotics. Would love to give Renew Life Probiotics a try as I definitely need to discover a reliable, worthy brand of quality and Renew Life sounds amazing! I need to get my digestive system back on track and inprove my chances for future weight loss! I would love to try this since a lot of GI problems run in my family, so I would like to keep up on things. I’ve been very curious about the benefits of probiotics for a while, but I’ve never tried them.
Look for an email from me in your inbox (check your spam folder too pls.), and please respond to my email within 48 hours to claim your prize. A pH balanced environment allows the body to function normally, which allows the body to fight disease.
They are commonly known as friendly bacteria.  Why are probiotics becoming increasingly popular?  Because they promote a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system. For example, consuming food that you’re sensitive to will only cause more (not reduce!) inflammation. Today, we’re lucky to introduce you all to ReNew Life, one of the leading probiotic supplement companies. Thank you for introducing me to these as right now I’ve just been eating yogurt which has so much sugar for probiotics.

I’ve revamped my diet significantly as of late and have noticed that my system isn’t adjusting as quickly as I would like.
You can test your pH levels regularly by using a piece of litmus paper in your saliva or urine first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.
Over acidity can become dangerous to the internal environment and could lead to disease.  A pH balanced diet, according to many experts, is a vital key to health maintenance. In the gut, friendly bacteria help maintain the integrity of the intestinal lining and emerging evidence suggests they also boost immunity.  Find out what the best probiotics for women are, from foods to supplements, and why they are so important for women's health. The probiotics are time-released, which is important because that means they’ll actually get to your lower GI tract where they can work their magic. I subscribe to your daily newsletter, like both FB pages as well and appreciate the opportunity to give these a try! I think a probiotic like Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics might help to reset the appropriate levels of beneficial bugs in my system. Recently, Lea from Nourishing Treasures did a series of posts in which she tested 18 different sauerkraut fermentation set ups to see which ones were the best — everything from a recycled salsa jar to an expensive Harsch Crock. She tested for the prevalence of lactic-acid producing bacteria, the absence of mold or other undesirable microorganisms, ease of success, and more.
Lactobacillus genus is a type of probiotics that helps maintain an optimal pH and a healthy balance of beneficial microorganisms in the vagina, by excluding harmful bacteria and other pathogens.Probiotic supplements for women usually contain this type. Mercola sent his sauerkraut off to a lab and reported the findings of probiotics saying:We had it analyzed.
Also, always consult a physician before eating unpasteurized foods while pregnant.If you are still unsure whether or not you should take probiotics, watch this video with Dr Lewis. I invited Lea to write a guest post for you here to summarize her most important findings, and this is what she shared.
He will explain to you why probiotics are so important in preventing disease and giving us good health.  If you make your own probiotic foods or your have specific probiotics for women that you would like to recommend, please feel free to leave a comment below!
If you want maximum probiotics in your sauerkraut (and I think we all do!), you’ll want to let your ferment go through the three stages of fermentation. The LABs (lactic-acid producing bacteria) dislike cold, and they cannot truly thrive in it (read: prolifically reproduce). LABs prefer an anaerobic (oxygen-less) environment, and our goal is to keep those little guys happy, right?Aerobically (with oxygen) the yeasts in your ferment can be oxidized to form acetic acid (vinegar), which is not what we’re making here.
Yes, you want some tang, but you can achieve tang without vinegar.The candida-preventing yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has the ability to shift from fermentative to oxidative depending on the level of oxygen available.
Keep the oxygen out, and this friendly yeast can help your guts heal.So how do you know if your jar is keeping out enough oxygen?

I was blown away when we performed our pressure and vacuum tests and found it to be airtight.I just want to caution you about airtight jars.
Due to the CO2 activity happening in the gaseous stage of your ferment, you must allow for an outlet for those CO2 gasses to escape. You want a jar with a combination of airtight seal with the ability to off-gas.For example, the CO2 can push out through the olive oil, and yet the oxygen can not penetrate. The jars with airlocks provide a tight seal around the lid, yet the airlock allows for off-gassing. The Fido has a vulcanized rubber gasket, which acts as an airlock, allowing CO2 to be released at a certain pressure, but not allowing oxygen to come in.So there are several options when it comes to jars, and the prices range from pennies to tens of dollars. Certain cheeses, such as gorgonzola or blue cheese, have been cultured to create a safe mold. Some people show symptoms right away; others end up with mold sensitivities or other gut issues that evolve over time.
I have experienced this myself — spoilage in the brine samples before I saw them with my eyes. In fact, Jar #3, Water Baggy, had just a couple of decaying cabbage pieces on the top of the jar, trapped between the baggy and the glass. Founding Nourishing Treasures in 2006, Lea encourages others to take baby steps in the direction of health, providing natural alternative information that promotes health and prevents disease by using traditional foods and nature’s medicine. Well made oil will not have botulism spores in it so of course it isn’t a risk leaving it on the counter. It is the combination of low acid food (the start of the fermenting process) and an oil that can protect the spores from the rising acid levels that makes it risky.Reply KristenM saysJuly 27, 2012 at 11:44 am Yes, but it starts out salty!
Obviously there is a unsafe level or there wouldn’t be the advice about making sure your tomato sauce is acidic enough when canning it to prevent botulism.
I have a few family members who need to restrict sodium in their diets, so this is of interest to me. Mixing oil with a moist food however is dangerous and can be contaminated with botulism spores and be deadly, especially if you keep it in storage for a long time.
A small amount of oil is not the problem however a large volume of oil all together (like topping a ferment) is the issue.

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