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For the digestive system to work it needs to breakdown the food as fast as possible and the soluble food molecules need to be absorbed effectively into the bloodstream so they can be carried to the cells where they are needed. Your digestive system is a nine metre long muscular tube which runs from your mouth to your anus. Specialised cells are organised into tissues in the different organs; for example muscle tissue to move food through the gut or glandular tissue to produce enzymes. We need the energy and the chemical components of our food to be made available to the cells of our bodies quickly.
When the enzyme pepsin is in a solution at the right pH it breaks the protein in a piece of meat down into amino acids in a matter of hours.
The small soluble molecules which are the result of digestion must move from inside your small intestine into your blood stream to be any use. Only a certain number of digested food molecules can diffuse into the blood over a given surface area of the intestine lining at any one time.
This animation shows you the effect of folding the gut lining into 'villi' on the length of the gut.
Published November 5, 2013 at dimensions 471 × 345 in Aloe Vera and the Human Digestive System.
One of the best non-digestive benefits of probiotics is their strengthening of the immune system. The beneficial bacteria inside us produce substances that help strengthen our bodies and protect against bad bacteria, yeast and other harmful organisms. Probiotics also promote immune health by maintaining the pH of the digestive tract at a level where it’s almost impossible for salmonella or E coli to grow. The most helpful probiotic strains for immune health are the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium genera. Most people have a hard time believing there’s a connection between our gut and our mood, but just think about the last time you felt anxious, angry or afraid. This is why the gut-brain axis is a real thing and why conditions such as IBS also trigger mood disorders.
If you take care of your body and make sure you enable it to use nutrients and eliminate toxins properly, you stand to receive a great boost in your overall energy levels.
A group of athletes suffering from fatigue and reduced performance were tested and it has been shown they had a reduced secretion of interferon, with the majority being infected with the Epstein-Barr virus.
It has been proven that rebalancing your gut flora can have a beneficial effect on your overall energy levels, with probiotics being one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve interferon levels.
People who don’t consume enough fiber usually have too much pathogenic microflora in the gut tract and it attacks bile acids, breaking them into several substances, one of which is lithocholate. Usually, the liver gathers around 60 percent of the estrogen in the blood stream and it neutralizes it.

When our gut flora is unbalanced, the estrogen is neither reabsorbed nor reactivated, but eliminated with the stool. Besides residing in the GI tract, good bacteria can also be found in the urinary tract and vagina, where they fight yeast overgrowth. Lactobacillus is the best known species residing in the vagina, where it helps maintain the pH level and urinary tract slightly acidic, preventing yeast overgrowth (including E.coli). If women don’t have a balanced gut flora, pathogens have a better chance of adhering to the bladder wall, causing infections and recurring problems. When taking antibiotics to kill the harmful bacteria, they also eliminate the beneficial microflora that protects the urinary tract, so the only thing you’re doing is leaving a gate open for the infections to reappear. Probiotics reside in the oral cavity, where their main job is to support the immune system in eliminating viruses and bacteria that come through the mouth and nose. Over 600 species of bacteria reside in our oral cavity, but not many of them have a key role in our health.
The best way to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your oral cavity is to use a probiotic supplement containing Streptococcus Salivarius, which can help restore the natural flora within the mouth and throat. In the last few years, a lot of research has found a direct link between the intestinal flora and our weight. Antibiotic use leads to a reduction in the numbers of beneficial bacteria within the body, causing it to absorb fewer nutrients that help keep us healthy. Having a varied diet that includes fermented foods, or even better, a probiotic supplement, is key to maintaining balanced gut flora and, by extension, liveliness. As you can see, probiotics play an important role in your overall health and their benefits don’t stop with digestion. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The food does not go into your body until it is absorbed across the lining of the small intestine. This increases the number of digested food molecules diffusing into the blood and the rate at which they diffuse. The good gut bacteria manage to do that thanks to their ability to stop pathogenic organisms from taking control of our systems.
Research has shown how the bacteria lining your intestines strengthen the barrier that stops pathogens from reaching your body by escaping through the GI tract. Another way in which probiotics help the immune system is by supporting regular bowel movements. These facts are supported by science, which demonstrates that probiotics fight fatigue and chronic fatigue especially. When the athletes were administered a probiotic containing Lactobacillus acidophilus for a month, their interferon levels improved, with only one of them still carrying the virus.

This substance makes the liver convert less cholesterol into bile acids, which leads to cholesterol build up in the blood stream and to less cholesterol being excreted naturally.
After that, it’s released into the gallbladder and discharged with bile into the intestines so it can be eliminated naturally.
Low estrogen levels are something women want to avoid as they have been linked to osteoporosis, menstrual cramps, heavy flow, PMS, breast soreness, slow menstrual cycles, headaches or migraines.
Beneficial bacteria protects against urinary tract infections and acute cystitis – which is of great importance since 30 percent of American women develop it during their lifetime.
However, researchers have discovered that high number of the better known species residing in the oral cavity reduce the incidence of dental caries, bad breath, strep throat, ear infections and tonsillitis.
Farmers have been using antibiotics for over 50 years to fatten pigs, cattle and chicken as the animals gain weight quicker with less food. One study examined the gut bacteria of 178 elderly individuals over the age of 65 (with 78 being the average and none of them on antibiotics), revealing that the microbes varied greatly depending on where the subjects lived and what their general state of health was. When looking to balance your gut flora, make sure you choose a proven probiotic supplement that is made in the US and contains over 25 billion CFUs and at least 10 probiotic strains (including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium).
Enzymes speed up the breakup of molecules, and chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and bile also help. Without enzymes you would still be able to break down your food but it would take a very long time.
You can imagine how this increases the surface area available for the absorption of digested food molecules.
From there on, it provides the brain with information through the vagus nerve, with 90 percent of signals travelling from the gut to the brain. Probiotics can prevent this very dangerous effect, as bowel movements are the body’s primary way of eliminating cholesterol. The intestines contain an enzyme produced by probiotics called Beta-glucoronidase, which reactivates the estrogen so it can be absorbed by the body. So, just make sure you’re taking a probiotic supplement to restore your gut balance and reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections.
The healthiest of them were those who lived independently in the community, also having the most varied microbacterial flora. Depression, anxiety or sleep disorders are just a few conditions tightly linked with intestinal problems.

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