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Floppy baby syndrome also referred to as Hypotonia is a low muscle tone condition often found in new born babies.
In most cases the underlying cause of the problem should be diagnosed before the treatment commences.
Physiotherapy is a treatment in which the child is made to perform regular exercises with the help of which muscles are toned.
There are some therapies called the operational therapies which are meant to enhance the daily routine activities like dressing, eating, etc. In some cases of floppy baby syndrome, a child may face difficulty in breathing due to low muscle tone. The most common, and the most effective, is the soft and comfy doll, lovey or cozy to cuddle with.
Bedtime Routines: Doing the same things at the same time every day - your kids sleep better and are healthier. PS: All of our cherry stone and grain filled heating pads can be put in the freezer to be used as a cold pack to also cool a bed or soothe bug bites. Moms know that gentle warming heat for the belly helps move the gas and ease the pain for  a colicky baby. You're lucky if your local toy stores carry any Asian baby dolls, Hispanic baby dolls, or even a half decent selection of African American baby dolls. And even if they do, it's rare that they carry a broad enough selection to cover all ages from Newborns to Toddlers. Diapers (regular and swim): I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten to bring regular diapers for when we leave the beach.
Snacks and Water: I have never seen Harrison so ravenous than after an hour playing on the beach! Safety floaties:  It is without question we all watch our little ones like hawks near bodies of water but one piece of gear I liked for times when we were near the water was this floatie.

Stroller, Wagon, Buggy: We can usually get away with using a stroller to get H and gear to the beach. We live under a mile from the Pacific Ocean and are at the beach almost every day with our toddler daughter. The childa€™s joints become more stable and supportive and as a result the body posture improves and co-ordination between various joints and muscles also enhances. Floppy baby syndrome may also affect a childa€™s speech and therefore speech therapy is required in order to tone the mouth muscles and learn to control the jaw movement. The child with the floppy baby syndrome may also need to undergo operational therapies in order to learn these activities and strengthen his or her finger muscles and also muscles and joints in the other parts of his body. Therefore, there are artificial ventilation and breathing equipments are available to help assist the child while he is breathing.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. As a walking toddler I was worried about his feet getting burned from hot sand or scratched on the rocks in the water. It kept him so warm when he got out of the water and protected him from the sun with all the sunscreen washed off.
I’m expecting my first child in August and we love the beach now but I had begun to dread the sand getting everywhere and irritating me in both my current ballooned and future infant mother state. One of the symptoms indicating floppy baby syndrome is that the baby is unable to support his body weight and is not able to sit in an upright position even six months after birth. This therapy focuses mainly on the movement of different parts of the body so that they do not contract with the passage of time.
Although our beach gear mostly stayed the same from the time Harrison was a baby, a toddler does have some different needs. As far as swim diapers go, I became a huge fan of the Huggies Little Swimmers on this trip.

Mum-Mums are always a good go to, they are individually wrapped and hold up well in case they are dropped in the sand.
Our friends are serious beach goers  and brought one of these tents with a blanket attached. It’s a nice way for smaller babies to enjoy the water in a safe environment as well as keeping them cool in hot temps. Because of thus difficulty in breathing, the threat of catching various breathing infections is very high in such children and therefore a regular vaccine is needed.A The effect of floppy baby syndrome may also show in the functioning of the spinal cord, and other joints. Although water is important for survival, it’s also handy to rinse out the mouth of a toddler that just ate a mouth full of sand.
When traveling, I opt to shop at the local drug store for some cheapo plastic buckets and shovels that I don’t mind leaving behind.
Rashguards have become all the rage this year and are available in lots of adorable designs. We usually rent a crib for H on vacation and the rental companies always offer red wagons for the beach. I like the sandal style because it allows feet to breath and doesn’t collect sand or water. I love the tent and blanket option to a) keep sand off  gear and sacks  b) it offers some relief from the sun and c) not all children enjoy the feeling of sand and this offers a great refuge.
An orthopaedist will look into any malfunction or malformation of various joints, especially the hip joint and the spinal cord. If you are lucky enough to live by a beach, I think these buggy’s would be a great investment!

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