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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. History and tradition dictate that this person is probably white, well-moneyed and English-speaking. Certainly, cliches die hard and loud, as the administration of McGill’s faculty of medicine is once again finding out. The program seeks only to coax those who would otherwise not consider medicine into the field, and to remove linguistic barriers from the faculty’s admissions process. Only 11 per cent of medical students were from families earning less than $40,000 a year, even though these families represent 44 per cent of the population. Thankfully, alumni support and fundraising hasn’t suffered, according to McGill’s office of alumni relations—though some think it should. Diversity is a fraught subject, in part because the word itself is a politically correct catch-all that can mean practically anything. Should Quebec’s francophone universities do the same for English students as McGill has done for French? How frustrating is going to the doctora€™s office and having to fill out your intake forms on paper while you can use Facebooka€™s OAuth to sign up for a checking account?A  Many large hospital systems that have advanced electronic health records still use paper intake forms.A  Imagine having the ability to fill out your patient intake forms the night before and send them to you provider electronically and securely.
Paper-based insurance claims processing is a nuisance for hospital employees because of frequently returned, incomplete or inaccurate information. Digital Transaction Management will turn the healthcare industry into a well-oiled force that links patients to better care and employees to fewer operational burdens.
Acupuncture is a system of complementary medicine involving the insertion of fine needles into the skin to harness 'Qi' energy (pronounced Chee) considered to be our vital life-force. Five element acupuncture is a more ancient form of treatment based upon the elements of Nature i.e. This also takes into account their interactions with each other and the philosophy that we are all made up of these same building blocks, with universal Qi providing the systems' energy source.
So by ensuring your body becomes balanced through acupuncture, the optimal condition is then reached to allow natural healing to take place. But of even greater value than the improvement in my ankle was the feeling of general wellbeing and energy. I have also noticed I am moving towards a much healthier work-life balance and no longer wish to do the ridiculously long hours I used to put in. Since acupuncture is all about rebalancing I can only imagine this stemmed from the sessions.
I have had such tremendous benefit from the treatment and will continue having them on a regular basis.

This kind of shoe has been around since 2007 – GPS enabled with Bluetooth capabilities. There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside on a hot day, especially if the air conditioning is broken (or your office hasn’t bothered to have it installed…contact Air Conditioning Direct!). Some computer geeks are also fitness geeks, but some still just prefer to veg out in front of the computer for days on end playing World of Warcraft. Any computer geek is sure to appreciate one of the gadgets listed above – they help to make lives much easier, not to mention more interesting!
As such, he has had the run of McGill’s medical school for the quasi-entirety of the faculty’s existence. In 2009, it made the very sensible decision to at least attempt to recruit from outside this very shallow pool.
As a recent Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada study shows, it couldn’t have come too soon. The cloistered nature of Canadian medical schools is perhaps best illustrated by a 2002 Canadian Medical Association Journal study, which showed that roughly 16 per cent of medical students have at least one physician parent—a 75-fold greater representation than population share. Thanks to McGill’s initiatives, the number of successful French-only applicants is up by two percentage points, to seven per cent, between 2009 and 2013.
An all-encompassing Digital Transaction Management solution, DocuSign also integrates with Salesforce and offers an open API that can be integrated into any website, app or system and facilitates HIPAA compliance, with anti-tampering controls which ensure the integrity of patient documents. Bypassing the headache and time waste, electronic processing allows for a quicker flow of information. With leading industry players, such as Wellmark and United Health Group, DocuSign is helping healthcare organizations make the digital transformation and return to its roots: caring for patients. Although I had not mentioned this to Andrew as something I wanted to change I now see how much happier I am for having reduced my working week. Or perhaps you know a computer geek and want to buy them a gift that they’ll love for a special occasion.
Companies call them the social networking shoe, as you can input 5 phone numbers into your mobile, and then press a button on the shoe to activate a link to those on the list. To combat this, a USB fan that  you simply plug into your laptop can fan you until you feel cool enough to go on working.
Last year people were attaching iPod nanos to wrist straps and telling people they were smart watches, but this year we have real life smart watches to choose from!
A fitbit is a great gadget for both kinds of geek, as it can help to encourage you to be more active while giving you lots of interesting statistics about your daily activity. There are many models to choose from, and you can get almost any book you like with just a simple click of a button.

It is the stuff of cliche: One of the most exclusive degrees from one of the country’s best institutions has been the chattel of fathers and sons of rich anglophones, to the exclusion of nearly everyone else. In 2009, 53 per cent of Canadian medical students came from households earning more than $100,000 a year, whereas only 17 per cent of Canadian families fall within this tax bracket.
These figures denote a reigning truism in post-secondary education: Money begets money, privilege begets privilege.
Finestone provided the most quotable bit of pith-and-vinegar emanating from what the Gazette quaintly called “McGill’s traditional stakeholders,” and epitomized this group’s overriding sense of entitlement. The number of bilingual medical students is up six percentage points, to 66 per cent, during the same time period. This process also saves time for nurses or reception staff who would otherwise have to return the form to the patient to complete.
My ankle had recovered to the extent that I was rarely aware of any discomfort & I was back running.
Buying gifts for computer gifts can be difficult – would you know what to buy Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory? It isn’t just any ID badge though, it’s a portable video recorder that can also be used as a camera – all in the size of a credit card!
A media box allows the user to stream Netflix, sports channels, Youtube videos, local videos, and pretty much anything else you could ever want.
It took a few brave female souls and nearly a century to chip away enough of that hardened privilege so as to allow women entrance into this rarefied club. Meanwhile, the percentage of students from families earning more than $100,000 decreased from 64 to 52 per cent between 2010 and 2013.
It’s interesting that much of the noise seems to come from physicians associated with McGill whose progeny was similarly rejected.
But this shouldn’t preclude the university from doing the right thing—or from ignoring those who pine for a continuation of a rich, white, English status quo.
If anything, the initiative removes a longstanding de facto affirmation-action program, in place for much of the faculty’s history, in which only rich English types need apply.

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