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There is currently no licensed veterinary product to treat Chorioptic mange in horses so vets at Pool House Equine Clinic use a cattle product called Dectomax (doramectin) by sub-cutaneous injection. Karina Peacemaker is a self-taught artist who has been drawing horses for as long as she can remember. Recognized internationally as a professional Arabian Horse Photographer and as an accomplished artist of Arabian Horses, Judith Wagner has a powerful and unique style of her own. Carol Fensholt Nierenberg knew from the time she was drawing horses at age two that she was born be an equine fine artist.
Fine jewelry exhibiting grace and magnificence created by Kim Nordquist are found in prestigious collections of individuals throughout the world. Judy and Kim have traveled extensively in Egypt, Africa, Italy and the Middle East researching Middle Eastern history and culture. Creating my art is a bit of a bareback ride; I combine mediums in new and regenerative ways that evoke movement, energy and life.
The most commonly encountered is Damalinia; a chewing louse of about 5mm in size – they can be seen with the naked eye. They live on the horse’s hair and skin and even burrow into the skin causing irritation. Dectomax has proved safe and very effective in reducing the number of mites and reaches the whole body – that way even the few mites higher up on the body can be killed.
Because these mites can survive in the environment it should not be forgotten to clean and disinfect the stable as part of the treatment plan.
She has had experience in a wide variety of art media including pencil, wood-burn art, watercolors, scratch-board art & acrylic paints.

Wendy is more than just an artist admiring horses, she has lived amongst them since she was 8 years old. Kim's special talent captures the life and presence of her spirited equine subjects creating a heirloom to be treasured for generations.
Their Collectors Limited Bronze Sculptures reflect the classic style of the 19th century French school of sculpture, "Les Animaliers", and range in size from miniature to life-size.
There is also the much smaller (2 mm) and more rare Haematopinus which is a yellow coloured louse that sucks blood from the host. Affected horses constantly stamp and bite the legs or rub the backs of the fetlocks and pasterns against anything they have access to, often the stable wall or fence posts.
They can easily be seen on microscopic examination of skin scrapes of affected animals but usually the presentation is that typical that treatment will be started following clinical examination only.
However, mites can live in the hair and even in the environment of the horse for short periods of time where they are inaccessible to injectable medication. Her loyal client audience in the fine art community enjoys both her acrylic and graphite renderings of these magnificent horses. She has spent every day of her life studying the characteristics and behavior of individual and groups of horses. By that I mean the energy, beauty, and classic equine form expressed in purely contemporary terms.
The whole life cycle of the louse takes place on the host; adults lay eggs from which larvae hatch that develop into adult lice, all within about 14 days!
It is most common in heavily feathered breeds, particularly coloured cobs, draught horses and Friesians.

When a horse is affected not only adult mites will be present but also eggs and developing larvae. To reduce the numbers of mites present it is therefore advisable to closely clip the feathers if injections only are administered. It is almost impossible to completely eradicate the infestation however and it will therefore in most cases recur on the long term necessitating repeated treatments. What gives my work its edge is a deep personal familiarity with the physical horse… and an expansive sense that the movement is bigger than what you see.
More recently we have started using a topical wash with Panomec (ivermectin, closely related to doramectin) which has to be dissolved into water and sponged onto the legs up to the elbows and stifles. My approach combines a passion for the anatomical horse with a love both of classic gestural drawing and the element of surprise. This is more effective in killing mites in horses where owners are reluctant to remove the feathers.
Horses are often intensely itchy (puritic), restless, rubbing and sometimes have flaky skin as a result.
Occasionally Frontline spray for dogs has been used but we have found this to be slightly less effective than either of the previous treatments and it is more difficult to apply. Any horse can be affected but is is more common in the very young, old or immune suppressed (Cushings disease!).

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