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Choosing the best throat lozenges means choosing ones that are made of the right ingredients, have the right flavor, and possibly perform functions other than simply soothing the throat.
Once throat lozenge options have been narrowed down by the type of ingredients that are used to make them, they can be narrowed down by flavor. It is also important to consider the benefits other than simply soothing the throat that might be gained by using these medications. Throat lozenges can also be used in order to numb the throat, which is very useful for people who have very sore throats or even strep throat. Lozenges are one of the most convenient choices of all sore throat remedies, but I don't think they are all suitable for everyone. Considering the ingredients basically means choosing between products that are made of all natural ingredients and those that are not. When your throat hurts and it is necessary to use lozenges all day long, it is important to choose a kind that tastes good. There are a number of types that are made with ingredients that can help to speed up a person's recovery from a cold or from influenza.
There is an ingredient in these products that causes a numbing sensation in the throat so that the pain of a raw throat is less severe.
If you want to take throat lozenges during pregnancy or when breast feeding it's better to check with a medical person.
For example, many people feel that it is important to use products that are made with natural ingredients and there are products that fit this description. Some of the most common flavors are fruit flavors such as lemon, cherry, and orange, and herbal flavors, such as honey and eucalyptus. Zinc and vitamin C are both believed to help boost people's immunity, so there are some kinds of lozenges that include both ingredients. The one I'm using now has corn syrup and sucrose listed in the inactive ingredients, so it definitely has sugar. Considering that many people have this type of dietary restriction, I don't know why they don't make sugar-free lozenges. These two ingredients work in unison to get coughing under control and to loosen mucus, to make coughs more productive.
Other people are more focused on the functions of the throat lozenges than the ingredients that are used to make them.

Choosing among flavors means choosing a few flavors that sound like they might taste good and then going through a process of trial and error. Some people use them when they feel a cold or flu coming on in order to try and fight off the illness or at least decrease its duration. It is important to never go to sleep with anything in the mouth, however, as choking could result.
I usually don't get really nagging coughs, but when I do, Robitussin DM Cough and Chest Congestion is one of the products to which I turn for some quick relief. Prompt medical attention is critical for adults as well as for children even if you do not notice any signs or symptoms.
Most of my coughs can be controlled with cough drops alone, but a cough drop is practically useless when a really nagging cough has you in its grip and won't let go. It is times like this when you need to reach for the powerful medications and as far as over the counter medicines go Robitussin products are among the more powerful. Robitussin DM Cough and Chest Congestion special expectorant works to break up chest congestion so that coughing will eventually settle down.
One problem with using ordinary cough drops, when you also have chest congestion, is that they don't break up the mucus. I have had positive experiences with Robitussin DM Cough and Chest Congestion and have found it an effective product. It breaks up mucus with a good deal of effectiveness so that coughs are more productive than before. I like using it because the overall taste is a bit more pleasant than other cough syrups available.
A thorough rinse with warm water will do the trick, cold water rinse doesn't work quite as well. I worry about keeping it around the house unattended to because some people use it to get a rise from it. Also, be careful not to take a second dose too close together because it can cause a very uncomfortable feeling and once in a while it causes me nausea.
It warmed my throat, and cleared up my nasal congestion as well as the severe congestion that I had in my chest.

The acetaminophen in the medicine worked really well to help get rid of my aches and pains, as well as making my fever less severe. It definitely helped me to get over my cold faster because this medicine helped me to get more rest, and allowed me to sleep all through the night.Congestion ReliefIt helped to get rid of my nasal congestion as well as the congestion that was stuck in my chest and lungs.
It made it much easier to breathe when I was sick.Chest Congestion ReliefIt worked really well at getting rid of chest congestion.
It didn't have a good taste at all it had very bitter taste, but it did make me feel a lot better.
It worked great at breaking up the mucus I had in my chest, and I was able to cough it up much easier. I find it definitely helps a lot to relieve my aches and pains, as well as lessen whatever fever I have. I recommend this to anybody who gets a bad cold or cough or if you feel one coming take it and it'll prevent it from coming but keep in mind this medicine is for adults not for children. It definitely makes it a lot easier to get through the day when I'm sick.Cough SuppressionThis is one of the best over the counter cough suppressants. Not only do I use it for me but I also have the brand recommended for children because I know it works and I know my sixteen month old son will take it without any problem and get better within hours. Less than ten bucks for the family size.My sore throat, runny noise, and soreness is gone, affordable, and durable. What more can anyone else ask for.I also like how my husband likes this cough medicine too. I like the fact that this brand comes in a larger bottle that's fits great with our family of four. That was when I tried Robitussin Cough and Chest Congestion DM.The flavor of the Robitussin Cough and Chest Congestion DM is pretty nasty.

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