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Haemophilus influenzae bacteria attaching to a surface as seen by a scanning electron microscope. Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) and the Oak Crest Institute of Science, both in Pasadena, Calif, have discovered the link between antibiotics and bacterial biofilm formation leading to chronic lung, sinus and ear infections. During the study, non-typeable Haemophilus influenza (NTHi) bacteria, a common pathogen of humans, was exposed to non-lethal doses of ampicillin, a class of antibiotics commonly used to treat respiratory, sinus and ear infections, or other beta-lactam antibiotics. Biofilms are highly structured communities of microorganisms that attach to one another and to surfaces. Dr Webster believes modern medicine needs to find ways of detecting and treating biofilm infections before the bacteria are able to form these protective structures.  The difficulties of treating biofilm infections, which can be up to 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics, have prompted some physicians to propose a gradual move away from traditional antibiotic treatments and toward non-antibiotic therapies. Pericoronitis is the medical term used to describe a wisdom tooth infection or infection of the surrounding tissue near the third molar. Infection of the wisdom tooth is an extremely painful experience that can result to a feeling of general unwellness and total discomfort. The third molar or the wisdom tooth is the last set of teeth that usually comes out during early adolescence or by the time an individual reaches late teens to mid 20s of age.
Although not a life-threatening condition, wisdom tooth infection still requires medical attention and should be given enough attention. Whether to remove or not the wisdom tooth has always been an issue particularly if it causes a lot of discomfort yet there are individuals who do not suffer from the discomfort and complications of wisdom tooth even when it has not erupted fully into the gums.
Infection of the wisdom tooth often occurs as a result of impaction or partial eruption of the wisdom tooth. The location of the wisdom tooth at the back of the jaw makes it hard to reach by toothbrush therefore giving it not enough cleaning.
An impacted wisdom tooth whether hard impaction or soft impaction can result to misalignment of the adjacent teeth or may result to other dental problems. The wisdom tooth infection can be treated in various ways either through conservative approach or through surgical removal. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are often prescribed or may be bought over-the-counter to help in alleviating the symptom of pain. Antibiotics are often prescribed to infected wisdom tooth particularly if the infection has reached the nearby areas.
Surgical removal or tooth extraction is the recommended treatment for severe and recurring inflammation.
A proper oral hygiene should be best observed to prevent plaque buildup that is potential for bacterial proliferation and other dental problems.

Regular vet did needle aspiration of 4 sites with no real diagnosis (due to poor collection). It seems that ever since he has been about 5 or 6 months old, my Cocker Spaniel has had chronic ear infections.
He has had many antibiotic ointments, oral antibiotics, oral cortisone, and oral antihistamines.
Disclaimers: The information contained in this web site is provided for general informational purposes only. The study results, published in the July 9 edition of PLOS ONE, illustrate how bacterial biofilms can actually thrive, rather than decrease, when given low doses of antibiotics. The dose of the antibiotic was not enough to kill the bacteria, which allowed the bacteria to react to the antibiotic by producing glycogen to produce stronger biofilms when grown in the laboratory. Therefore, bacteria forced into forming stronger biofilms will become more difficult to treat and will cause more severe chronic infections.
The infection usually occurs when the third molar or the wisdom tooth partially break through the gum. Wisdom tooth is potential for infection due to their location within the oral cavity which is very hard to reach to render hygiene causing buildup or accumulation of food particles and other debris that later on provide a place for the bacteria to flourish. Infection of the wisdom tooth is therefore common in young adults as this set of teeth usually comes out around this age.
The danger of the condition is the potential of the infection to reach the bloodstream or develop into septicemia which is potentially life-threatening particularly in people with neutropenia. The infection however can result in a lot of pain and discomfort which can affect the quality of life. The third molar or the wisdom tooth is the last set of teeth that erupts in the back of the jaw where gum space is not enough to accommodate the erupting tooth. Improper oral hygiene or tooth brushing is tantamount to plaque buildup resulting in tooth decay potential for bacteria to flourish. The misaligned teeth can provide a space for food particles and other debris to get trapped between the teeth and the gums which then leads to the proliferation of bacteria and later infection. The patient is usually asked to gargle or rinse with warm salt water after brushing and flossing the teeth. The symptom of pain however tends to recur unless the source of pain is properly treated or removed. Penicillin is the usual therapy prescribed for the treatment of infection although there are patients that get an allergic reaction to the medication.

A wisdom tooth that is impacted and has become infected is usually recommended for extraction. It seems that the treatments will work at first, then when I am finished with the medicine, the ear infections just come right back. This layer is highly protective for the organisms within it, and when new bacteria are produced they stay within the slimy layer.
Adults will suffer protracted lung infections as the bacteria hunker down into their protective slime, and children will have repeated ear infections. The partial eruption of the wisdom tooth normally occurs when there is no enough space at the back of the jaw to accommodate the erupting third molar. It is less likely for Pericoronitis to occur by the time an individual reaches the age of beyond 20 to 25 years. The symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth usually differ from one patient to another depending on the cause and degree of infection.
When no enough space is provided, the wisdom tooth can grow sideways, gets trapped between the gums and the bone or may partially erupt or break through the gumline. The problem however lies with the gum flap which should be given a special attention in ensuring that no food particles or other debris can get trapped into it. He is very friendly and very active, but seems to become 'overly' excitable and hyperactive when around other dogs, children, or if I have a group of people at the house.
With the introduction of antibiotic-produced glycogen, the biofilms have an almost endless food source that can be used once antibiotic exposure has ended. What may appear to be antibiotic resistance when an infection does not clear up may actually be biofilms at work.
The manner of growth of wisdom tooth can have food particles and other debris trapped within the structure of the wisdom tooth. The gum flap can only get resolved when the wisdom tooth totally emerges or when the wisdom tooth is removed. His vaccinations are current, and it is possible that this problem became worse after he had his Rabies booster.
The buildup of food particles and other debris will later develop to plaques which can then cause the infection.

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