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Prostatitis is defined as microscopic inflammation of the prostatic tissues, which can be manifested by myriad clinical symptoms. Both, the acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis are recognized by presence of bacterial infection in prostate gland.
This type of treatment helps in the relaxation of the bladder neck, as well as the muscles surrounding the bladder, thus relives the associated prostatitis symptoms , especially pain. Usually, asymptomatic prostatitis treatment is by taking antibiotics for 2 weeks or until prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is normal again, as asymptomatic prostatitis is known to increases PSA levels.Related topics:Why you should go for Prostatitis Diet?Find out the hidden secrets of Prostatitis Cures apart prostatitis treatment! PSA was 1.95 prostate size as -43cc and PVR urine retention was -40 ccQuestion I am male 58 yrs and diagnosed for BPH 12 months back. Finasteride Side Effects - Oral Uses, Interactions & Hair LossLearn about Finasteride side effects, oral uses, interactions and hair loss; and how it affects lipid profile.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. In labelling a patient as having chronic Lyme disease there may be some physicians, and patients themselves, who are worried that their infection has not been cleared and that long-term antibiotic treatment is necessary. Improvements in diagnosis of Lyme disease, consideration of the real meaning of ELISA and Western blot tests for Lyme disease, and better regulation of laboratories offering such tests may all help such patients. A number of patients who have been labelled with chronic Lyme disease will actually live in areas where the infection is endemic.
Some patients may be labelled as having chronic Lyme disease despite there being no evidence of either current or past infection with Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato. Patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain after antibiotic therapy for Lyme disease appear to respond well to gabapentin treatment in one study although gabapentin’s use for other neurological conditions may confound the results should initial diagnosis be incorrect (Weissenbacher , et al, 2005). Establishing the exact causative agent of Lyme disease in an individual is also of importance as one study (Kraiczy, et al, 2002) has shown that whilst B. While tests for Lyme disease continue to be improved, patients are then left in somewhat of a quandary, with no definitive answer regarding the cause(s) of their symptoms or the appropriate treatment. Lyme disease has plagued mankind of thousands of years; with early records mentioning Lyme-like diseases dating back to the 18th and 19th century. The current procedure relies on antibiotics – with most doctors prescribing a 10 to 28 day course of powerful antibiotics, like doxycycline, to eliminate the bacteria.

This is why the best treatment option is effective tick control : to prevent tick bites and eliminate exposure to infected ticks that carry the Lyme disease bacteria.
Likewise, tick spray treatments can keep your property tick-free all year round – and help keep you, your family and your pets free from tick bites and Lyme disease.
Inflammation of the bronchi or the airways in the lungs and the windpipe is called bronchitis. Antibiotics are used only when a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract triggers bronchitis. When bronchitis causes difficulty in breathing, bronchodilators are used to ease breathing.
Corticosteroids are usually inhaled and occasionally taken orally to reduce inflammation of the bronchi.
Therefore,prostatitis treatment is variable and it really depends mainly on the type and cause of prostatitis .Usually, acute and chronic bacterial treatment is with antibiotics. How do you best eliminate the borrelia burgdorferi bacterium before it causes irreversible joint and muscle damage? According to all current testing procedures, this works – with blood tests coming back negative for the Lyme-causing spirochete following treatment. You can do this with a yard spray for ticks, performed by a tick control specialist like Aspenn Environmental Services. The thinner the mucus, the easier is it to cough up the mucus and eliminate it from the lungs, thereby clearing the airways naturally. Honey is a popular natural expectorant that can be taken instead of a pharmacological expectorant.
According to scientific studies, herbs that can be used in treatment for bronchitis include Echinacea, ginseng, peppermint, South African geranium, lobelia and andrographis. Adding few drops of essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, tea tree, myrrh, bergamot or sweet fennel to hot water and inhaling the vapor helps to alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis. However, antibiotics will not work when a viral infection causes inflammation of the airways. They are usually recommended for people with chronic bronchitis with moderate to severe breathing problems or COPD.

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In severe cases, the patient will receive intravenous injections of antibiotics in the hospital.
Lyme disease was only isolated and identified in the late 1970s – and many questions still remain about it today. Inflammation of the bronchi can also be triggered by inhalation of irritants such as dust, smoke or chemicals.Although people of all ages can develop bronchitis, the risk of developing chronic or severe bronchitis is higher in older adults, smokers, people who are exposed to irritants for a prolonged period and individuals with impaired immune function. The expectorant effect of ginger can help to thin the mucus and clear the congestion in the airways. They are classified into three groups a€“ anticholinergics, beta-agonists and theophylline. Phosphorous, ipecacuanha and aconitum are usually effective at the early stage of bronchitis.
After case improvement, oral antibiotics course will be continued for 14-30 days to prevent relapses. The goal of bronchitis treatment is treating the inflammation of the airways and improving airflow through the lungs.As viral infections are associated with majority of cases of bronchitis, medications are rarely needed for treating the infection. Drinking several cups of hot ginger tea several times a day provides relief from the symptoms of bronchitis. At the advanced stage of bronchitis hepar sulphuricam and antimonium tartaricum can be used for treatment. The breathing difficulties and coughing triggered by the lung infection can be treated with bronchodilators and expectorants. These rich sources of vitamin C stimulate the natural healing mechanism of the lungs by strengthening the immune system. Garlic, onion and hot peppers are common natural expectorants that can be taken to clear the congested bronchi.

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