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The Mr Hyde National Burger Day Party with Street Feast takes place on 25 August at Hawker House, Canada Water. By entering this competition you’ll be signed up to the free Mr Hyde daily email newsletter. We’ll tell you about places to eat and drink and we’ll throw a frankly overwhelming number of special offers and competitions your way.

The IE Food Truck Fest is a family-friendly food truck festival with live entertainment, children's activities, and giveaways, that celebrates local businesses. This year is the first year that IE will also be including beer in the food truck festival, referring to it as a "food truck and brewfest". PLUS Burger Pinatas, a Pickle Eating Contest and something so brilliant we haven’t even thought of it yet.

We’re giving five lucky readers the chance to win a pair of tickets, which includes a Budweiser, a Jameson pickleback shot and a Cuervo tequila chilliback.

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