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This is the most common indication of the beginning which generally gives impetus to the patients to look for medical assistance. About 1 in every 50 people having stomach cancer, reports to have indigestion and burping at the first stage of check up. Though they are very usual symptoms, continual problems can lead to the damage to the lining of one’s esophagus. Feeling up full sooner than usual and thus fewer intakes of food and finally losing weight is another early stage syndrome.
But though it is an early stage symptom, something serious could happen, thus should not be ignored and must be brought to doctor’s attention as soon as possible. This is again one of the most common sign of stomach cancer though often ignored by the women. Every early stage stomach cancer can cause bleeding into the stomach which can make someone anaemic. Heavy periods, bleeding between periods can also accompany to make the condition more serious.
Heartburn, Anorexia, Asthenia, difficulty in swallowing or excessive belching while eating, bloated feeling after having meal etc are some of the other important indications of cancer development in stomach which need to have an urgent call for a doctoral check up. The symptoms of stomach cancer rarely get rapid as well as proper attention which causes further delay in making the diagnosis and can lead to the spread of the cancer to the liver or even to lymph nodes.
The human gut allows us to take in food and drink and process it so that we can get the nutrients we need. A Mallory-Weiss tear is a tear in the inner wall of the upper gut around the region where the esophagus and stomach meet. It tends to arise with severe vomiting and retching but usually there is a problem with this area of the gut, like a weakening in the wall seen with a hiatal hernia. Tears arise with any increase in intra-abdominal pressure either arising within the gut or from the outside. The main symptoms that are characteristic of a Mallory-Weiss tear is bloody vomit (hematemesis) and signs of blood in the stool like melena (dried blood) or hematochezia (fresh blood) which are explained further in detail.
Vomiting up of blood, medically known as hematemesis, is the most common symptom of a Mallory-Weiss tear.
These are conditions that may cause symptoms similar to a Mallory-Weiss tear and need to be excluded as a possible cause.
A Mallory-Weiss tear often heals on its own within a few days, usually as soon as 2 to 3 days. Acid-suppressing drugs like proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and H2-blockers help to reduce the stomach acid. Any medication that may increase the risk of bleeding or severity of blood loss like blood thinners may need to be stopped immediately but only under the supervision of a doctor if it is a chronic medication.
Ask a Doctor Online Now!A person who has lost a significant amount of blood should fast until advised otherwise by a doctor. Surgery is rarely needed for a Mallory-Weiss tear as the area heals on its own within a few days. Should these procedures fail and the bleeding is continuing then angiotherapy is considered where the blood supply to the area is reduced. The prognosis for a Mallory-Weiss tear is very good and most cases of bleeding stop on its own without any medical treatment. There is no specific preventative measures in most cases as a tear often arises with no prior warning. Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis. The website you are trying to access may have been migrated by the user to a supported website. This lady on steroids and Naproxen for rheumatoid arthritis was admitted with septic arthritis of her left hip.

Acute abdomen is a condition that doctors refer to as a abrupt severe pain in the abdomen this happens in 24 hours. Acute abdomen symptoms vary depending on the causes but there are the common symptoms that are likely to appear on every other case.
There are very many causes of abdomen discomfort and acute abdomen pain and they may include: inflammation of the appendix, large intestine, gallbladder and stomach lining. Patients who have experienced acute abdomen are advised to avoid taking medication such as ibuprofen and Tylenol. The process of diagnosing and examining abdomen is very simple the doctor will ask for details about your pain. In early stages, often the symptoms are not so prominent or not so specific and this is the reason why the patients are often seen to ignore the vague sign which ultimately drags them to the advanced stage.
Constipation, diarrhea, blood in the stools, gas, thinner stools and also the change in bowel habits also indicates the sign of stomach cancer in women. However, as in case of many other sicknesses, loss of appetite is very common in stomach cancer also.
It is a well known fact that a woman’s weight may keep fluctuating, but anything more than 10 pounds of loss is alarming. There may be a large degree of bleeding from the tear and in severe cases it can lead to significant loss of blood volume. At first the vomit may appear as normal without any signs of bleeding but is then followed by bloody vomit. Usually the blood breaks down as it passes from the bleeding tear down the gut to the rectum. Here a long flexible tube containing a video camera and light at the end is inserted into the mouth and down the throat to view the esophagus and stomach.
Electrocoagulation, YAG laser treatment and sclerotherapy can stop bleeding which is continuous or severe. Procedures involving sewing of the tears are only considered when endoscopic procedures and angiotherapy do not yield the desired results. Recurrence is uncommon but high risk patients like those with eating disorders and alcoholics need to be informed of the risk of a tear occurring again should they continue to repeat their behavior that leads to vomiting. When she attended for this four months later she was assymptomatic as she was no,longer on antibiotics.
This is an emergency that needs immediate medical attention, some of the causes for this condition include; acute appendicitis, acute peptic ulcers and acute pancreatitis. Apart from these medicines they also should not take any food or drinks until they have been examined by a qualified doctor. These are the exact part that is experiencing pain and if you have problems with bowel movements.
Stomach cancer is one of the most common causes of death from cancer and generally triggered by poor diet, Helicobacter pylori infection or both working together.
With the advancement of the disease the situation may get worse and there is a possiblity of developing fluid in the abdomen as a lump. So listen carefully to your bodies and don’t just ignore any kind of abnormalities be it even small. Almost half of all cases follow a bout of excessive alcohol consumption which triggers vomiting and violent retching (dry heaves). There are a several possible reasons why a Mallory-Weiss tear may occur particularly during vomiting.
Sometimes the abnormality of the inner wall of the gut itself can trigger vomiting which then leads to a tear. This initial vomiting may actually not be due to a Mallory-Weiss tear but may cause the tear. If there is a large amount of degraded blood then it causes the stools to appear black and tarry.

The Mallory-Weiss lesions are linear tears (long lines) usually about 2 to 3 centimeters in length and just a few millimeters wide.
Usually no specific dietary changes are needed for a person with a Mallory-Weiss tear unless the person has conditions like gastroenteritis and eating trigger vomiting.
Only a small number of patients may have significant blood loss requiring transfusions or leading to shock. Patients with a hiatal hernia or other risk factors should be treated for these conditions to prevent future tears. Acute abdomen is usually accompanied with severe pain and in most cases requires surgical attention.
Determining the cause of the pain is crucial and doctors refrain from prescribing medicines to patients with acute abdomen because it may interfere with the tests. The doctor will inquire about your medical history and if you have taken drugs on the condition before.
However, sometimes the bloody vomiting due to a tear arises on its own without any vomiting before it.
Other tests, like blood tests, may also be done to assess the degree of blood loss and check a person’s health status. Significant blood loss will require an IV drip for rehydration and even a blood transfusion in severe cases. Here there is some risk of the heart muscle being starved of oxygen (ischemia)  and possibly even leading to a heart attack. The pain associated with acute abdomen is so severe that one needs to go to the hospital immediately. There is involuntary contraction of the abdomen muscles and the individual may have a fever. Doctors say that the pain may be vital in the process of diagnosing the ailment, and avoid giving painkillers because the actual cause of the pain may be altered.
The probable treatments for acute abdomen include antibiotics, surgery or abstinence from certain foods. One of these high risk areas lie in the upper part of the gut between the esophagus (food pipe) and stomach.
This pushes food up the gut – from the small intestine, into the stomach, esophagus and up into the throat and mouth. Typically the vomitus is bright red blood because the blood has not as yet been degraded by the stomach acid and enzymes. When there is heavy bleeding and if the bowel movement is too fast like in diarrhea then the blood from the tear may reach the rectum without breaking down much. Contrary to the normal abdomen pain and discomforts this condition is not treated with antibiotics but through surgery.
All these are the common symptoms of acute abdomen pain but this does not mean they are the only ones, there are others but differ with the cause of the pain. Blood tests, urine analysis, liver tests, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan, Barium x-rays and other tests must be performed by a qualified doctor. If you have been vomiting and suddenly notice bright red blood in the vomit, it is possible that you have one of these tears in the gut known as a Mallory-Weiss tear. When you talk about preventing this condition the important factor is considering the cause of the pain and discuss with your physician, he is in a better position to explain this.

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