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Awamedica will introduce it’s first ointment product, Tetracycline Awa OINTMENT, to the market this week. AwaLodipin 10 (Amlodipine 10 mg) is used for the treatment of high blood pressure, angina and blocked arteries of the heart.
AwaTrombin (Aspirin 75 mg) is an antiplatelet drug which prevents blood clots particularly in atherosclerosis and angina.
Folic Awa (Folic acid 5 mg) is used for the treatment of anaemia caused by folate deficiency, anaemia during pregnancy, anaemia due to poor nutrition and prevention of anaemia during dialysis. Mefenamic Awa (Mefenamic acid 250 mg) is used to treat arthritis, headache, toothache, muscle pain, menstrual pain and to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding. ParAzar Plus (Paracetamol 450 mg & Orphenadrine citrate 35 mg) is used for the treatment of tension headache and headaches caused by spasm of the muscles in the back of your head and neck. 4.    Evaluate the tears with regard to quality and quantity to determine if there are any abnormalities.

Your optometrist will determine the appropriate treatment depending on the data gathered from the testing.
Most types of blepharitis can be cured by cleaning the eyelids regularly and making it free of crusts.
I also have glaucoma and thus have not been prescribed cortisone because this may cause increased pressure in the eye. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with a previous history of these conditions, when taken regularly.
It is also used to help relax certain muscles in your body and to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by sprains, strains or other injury to your muscles.
This is due to growth of bacteria caused by the irregular production of oil in the eyelid glands. It is often chronic or it seldom disappears completely so maintaining proper eye hygiene is definitely important.

This occurs at the eyelid’s outside front edge attached to the eyelashes.  Regular gentle cleaning with prescribed lid wipes will control this but it tends to recur. The home remedies listed above may be supplemented by medications such as antibiotics if the blepharitis is caused by bacteria. The eyes would most likely experience a burning sensation and it could become itchy and dry.
My query is How often should I use the hot pack and cleansing routine and how often should i use the eye drops? Heat sometimes also is an irritant – both of these treatments are outdated and have been used for a 100 years.

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