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In 1773, according to centuries-old debate, a Rothschild-commissioned think tank allegedly leaked theirA  strategy for advancing globalization for a a€?New World Order.a€? The controversial prophetically-accurate Protocols of the Elders of Sion was altered over the years to include anti-semitic manipulations masking its devious, but ingenious, strategy for geopolitical and economic conquest of the a€?cattle,a€? nowadays called We The People.
Likewise, the entire 9-11 Truth Movement discredited Jones for conducting a fraudulent sales campaign with Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen. I have publicly supported the a€?info-warriora€? a number of times over the past few years, including on my own radio show. That show generated brisk sales of OxySilver, and following Alexa€™s invitation to do a whole show on OxySilver, discussions followed with Alexa€™s advertising managers, Will Jones and Derek Einkauf, who encouraged me to advertise on Alexa€™s show and his websites, which I accepted.
Alex sells a lot of products because he has a wide, now relatively a€?mainstream,a€? audience. So the PFNYC PharmaMedia cabal, established by David Rockefeller, and chartered by the British Crown, would naturally protect their markets every way possible, including issuing propaganda, sponsoring products, and controlling the a€?competitiona€? so-to-speak, every way possible (as per The Protocols).
I added the 528Hz frequency to resonate homeopathically the OxySilver covalently-bonded molecule unique to this mineral water. Giving Alex Jones the benefit of doubt, however, and testing our friendship and perceived alliance, on Sept. Our invitation was neglected, because, Jonesa€™s staff informed us, Alex was simply too busy. Will Jones (no relation to Alex) and Derek Einkauf werena€™t too busy, though, to follow up on advertising pledges, including Alexa€™s repeated inducements (once on air and again by e-mail) that he would have me back on his show to talk about OxySilver.
But after nearly a month of utter nonsense stalling our contracts, commercials, and display ads, and only false promises to have me back on the show (twice indicated), I became very suspicious that something was seriously wrong.
Dona€™t forget, this was during the height of the H1N1 Swine Flu frenzy, with each passing day losing lives from vaccination casualties and thousands of dollars in OxySilver sales. Arguments and anger followed Will Jones inability to explain why Alexa€™s contract, normally needing a few hours to exercise, would take nearly 3 weeks.
I made the mistake of feeding Jones substantial intelligence on 528Hz that, as you will read below, appears to have influenced the makers of Silver Sol--Natural Silver Solution-- American Biotech Labs advertisements on their website. Why would Alex interview Keith Moeller, who is not a doctor, about Silver Sol, but not me explaining OxySilver? First I learned that American Biotech Labs (ABL) seemed to be a darling of the FDA and EPA. Silver Sol ads cite FDA approval, EPA approval, and an approved patent that I immediately read to better understand why the FDA attacks me for allegedly making a€?drug claims,a€? yet certifies ABL product claims.
A careful read of the companya€™s patent indicates there is nothing special about Silver Sol compared to standard, industrially produced, nano-particle size colloidal silvers. I learned that the Moeller family that promotes Silver Sol sold 23% of American Biotech Labs to the Clifton Mining company under the direction of Dr. Clifton Mining, I discovered, engages two a€?Key Employees and Consultantsa€? as special members of its Board, Col.
I then read Silver Sola€™s outrageously false and misleading advertising, and instantly recognized the companya€™s copy-cat marketing strategy.
Following my success with OxySilver, and my light and sound infusion of 528Hz frequency, they began promoting their use of a€?a 890-910 Tera Hertz UV Antibacterial frequencya€? in Silver Sol.
890-910THz is claimed to effect anti-biosis, that is, the bioenergetic destruction of life; versus probiosis with 528Hz, the preferred central energizing, sustaining, and healing energy of nature. Moreover, if they were actually using a UV light frequency that destroys germs, that frequency spectrum has been proven to cause genetic damage. So why would anyone, other than people promoting premature death and population control, add proven cancer-causing frequencies to their products? The UV concept is that it may increase the strength of the germ-killing potential of the hydrosol.
I had never seen electrons in electron microscope photos that looked like thisa€”a hexagonal ring display.
I check with other researchers, including experts, to be sure, and they agreed with my diagnosis of fraud.
Then I triple-checked to find the most advanced electron microscopic photo of a carbon-6 atom, that has precisely what this doctored photo showsa€”6 circulating electrons.
These are certifiable electron microscopic photos of a carbon atoma€”a much smaller atom than mono-atomic silver.
So Silver Sola€™s fraudulent advertising, I conclude, is a direct attack on my research, OxySilver science, and 528Hz frequency mathematics and physics. I informed Alex and his listeners that the 528Hz frequency lies at the heart of everything. In other words, 528Hz frequency musical mathematics and related applications are central to what masses of people now experience as an exponentially-accelerating Spiritual Renaissance, revolutionizing everything, shifting power from those selfishly operating for profit, to those actualizing perma-culturally and sustainably with wisdom for the sake of LOVE. This is why the fraudulent Silver Sol photograph, linked from Alex Jonesa€™s website, displays the hexagonal structure of 528Hz; not 890-910THz.
Con artists using their high level military and Homeland Security connections to market Silver Sol best explains the choice of Executive Healthcare Management (EHM) to publish their flagrantly fraudulent propaganda.
So EHM suspiciously represents a major marketing arm of those controlling a€?Next Generaion Pharmaceuticals,a€? and the universe of pharmaceutical contractors and multi-industry growth financiers stewarding the global economy. Here is EHMa€™s list of publications that market new technologies and events in every major field, from finance to pharmaceuticals, on behalf of those directing geopolitical and economic New World Order agendas.
Click here to read is what disgruntled former employees had to say about working for this neo-fascist globalist corporate entity that promotes Natural Silver Solutions, LOVE Silver, Guardian, and Silver Sol. OxySilver, the product and advertising campaign, was created to serve beyond the greatest achievementment in health care history. Most threatening to BigPharma, the healing and sustaining 528Hz frequency, selected most widely and obviously by nature for healing and sustaining, provides the key to freeing humanity from pharmaceutical slavery. Beyond infectious disease prevention and remediation, 528Hz frequency is accelerating a Spiritual Renaissancea€”extending LOVE, the a€?Universal Healer,a€? to cure what ails us, and our diseased world.
Thus, the mission of OxySilver is to evolve healthcare beyond its current barbarism--chemical intoxication and environmental pollution; the side effects and destruction of BigPharma and the allopathic paradigm. OxySilvera€™s 528Hz frequency energy medicine heralds suppressed biophysics, pioneers hydrosonics, and celebrates theologically-congruent metaphysics fundamental to spirituality and miraculous healings. In retaliation, the forces of deception created a set of decoy productsa€”Super Natural Silver, Guardian, Love Silver, ASAP Silver, Silver Biotics, and Silver Sola€”allegedly resonating with 480-910THz biocidal energy.
Alex Jones is herein proven complicit in this fraud, acting as an instrument of the globalists, crisis capitalists, and Homeland Security agents partnered with Silver Sol propagandists, that, as per the Protocols, a€?excite or . If frequencies of 890-910THz are actually used, as their advertisements claim, contrary to UV measurements and the producta€™s patent, then we really have no idea what this product might do to those who use it. Given the hard evidence provided in this report; plus the depopulation agenda Alex Jones routinely protests, his Homeland Security-linked sponsora€™s massive fraudulent marketing campaign may be, ironically, a profitable depopulation ploy. These crisis capitalists promote bioterrorism through their PharmaMedia, such as EHM and GDS International, as demonstrated during the 2009 H1N1 vaccination campaign. Cleverly, these covert operators used Alex Jones to gain intelligence on me, 528Hz frequency, and OxySilvera€™s key marketing objectives. For the aforementioned violations of consumer trust and public protection, Silver Sol products, and their producers, should be criminally investigated.
The opening quote from the hotly debated and widely contested Protocols of the Elders of Sion serves to summarize what this case study in consumer fraud evidences, and why, owing to similar widespread media perversions and propaganda, the Protocols have remained a contentious work for centuries. More importantly, this group of crisis capitalists committed consumer fraud, claiming Silver Sol vibrates with UV frequencies, but improperly claiming 890-910THz lies in this range. The two falsely alleged a Barack Obama interview by Sheen to sell DVDs and, thereby, profit from the 9-11 tragedy and their fansa€™ gullibility. On air, Alex stated he wished to have me back again to discuss, in greater detail, OxySilver.
OxySilver is revolutionizing medicine, the field of infection control, and silver hydrosol science. Mounting science evidences 528Hz frequency is the most naturally healing and sustaining energy in the universe.
I could only conclude by the absolutely absurd manner in which our advertising contract was first neglected, chronically stalled, and later manipulated by Alex, that something was dead wrong. Without speaking with me about it, he directed Derek Einkauf to persuade me to rewrite the commercial, eliminating mention of the 528Hz attribute. I later learned that while all the stalling was happening, Alex was negotiating a contract to endorse Silver Sol, featuring an alternative frequency ofA  890-910THz.
This was in gross contrast to the foul manner in which the FDA has mistreated me and my companies, and the general natural healing community, over the past decades. In fact, most people who have studied colloidal silvers know Natural Silver Solution is much like ordinary older technology, compared with suppressed NASA technology employing non-nuclear reactors using laser light and sound to structure modern covalently-bonded silver hydrosols. They copied every marketing angle I invented, but stupidly asserted the most absurd claims evidencing fraud in the process, especially their claim about the electron microscope photo below. Why are the balance of electrons hidden, with only six clear ones remaining in a tetrahedron formation in their orbit at the exact time the photo was taken? As you can see, there is no a€?dark spots,a€? or clearly defined electrons arranged in a hexagonal ring, even though this is Carbon-6, wherein you might best see this hexagonal shape that forms the basic structure for organic chemistry, and is the sacred geometry of precisely, 528Hz frequency.
It is a downright consumer fraud obfuscating 528Hz frequency fundamentals that I compiled over a decade and detailed in several of my previous books, including LOVE the Real da Vinci CODE, that millions of people worldwide now celebrate. This includes theA  revolutionary understanding of 528Hz frequency as possibly the precise a€?good vibrationa€? of LOVE. EHMa€™s parent, GDS InternationalA  (based in New York as is the heavily implicated PFNYC) promotes major international summits and economic meetings advancing the a€?New World Ordera€?a€”meetings like those Alex Jones routinely derides. This revolutionary covalently-bonded silver hydrosol, with 528Hz frequency, is serving socio-economic and geopolitical transformation by proving how simple and powerful natural healing and disease prevention can be.
These agents fraudulently promoted Silver Sol as being more advanced and effective than OxySilver with 528Hz frequency.
Their a€?target market,a€? after all, targets their chief political adversariesa€”dissidents threatening globalization and status quo geopolitics and policies. They created diversions, decoy products, and advertising deceptions, for the purpose of gaining wider control over the natural health products industry. OxySiler marketing concepts were obviously plagiarized by Jonesa€™s Silver Sol sponsors working with Homeland Security officials and ex-officials. If 890-910THz is being used as claimed, then Silver Sol may be hazardous to peoplea€™s health, since human exposure to antimicrobial UV light has been shown to cause genetic damage and certain cancers.
Others attack this popular talk show host as a€?controlled opposition,a€? as prescribed in the Protocols of the Elders of Sion excerpted above. Our paths occasionally crossed on television and radio shows as well as at educational conferences. FDA reprisals were anticipated given the fact that toxic antibiotics and risky vaccinations simply cannot compete for safety, efficacy, and environmental protection, with this suppressed mineral water pioneered by NASA science. This knowledge and technology poses a serious threat to those who profit from humanitya€™s ignorance, suffering and spiritual suppression as I published in Medical Veritas journal. Following my letter of protest, Derek Einkauf apologized profusely and negotiated a compromise wherein the endorsement would be mine, exclusively. This best explains why he reneged on the OxySilver interview twice pledged, and instead, conducted an a€?INFOWARS Interview! This is how OxySilver kills the same broad spectrum of pathogens using far less silver, but also provides a homeopathic-like benefit, consistent with a general constitutional boost in immunity, using the 528Hz frequency effects described below.
The $20,000 investment grew to an estimated $8M value in 2007, largely due to major shareholders in the company having intimate ties to the US military and Homeland Security. Allen Moloff who, in 2007 were presiding over SOMA, the United States militarya€™s Special Forces Operations Medical Command, Special Operations Medical Association.
Masaru Emoto and I heralded as the sacred geometry of structured water, expressing the musical mathematics, or harmonic resonance, of 528Hz frequency physics. Thus, placing these frequencies in a homeopathic-like double-superconductive (silver-water) solution may best serve BigPharma through disease induction and profitable depopulation.
These companies make H1N1 vaccines along with Baxter, Novartis, and Sanofi Pasteur, and are all represented in the PFNYC.
I based my assertions on the mathematical analyses of Victor Showell, Marco Rodin, and others.
Consumer protection agencies and justice department officials should be informed these findings to investigate and suspend more harm to the public. Horowitz, of Healthy World Organization (HWO), is currently advancing as an alternative to the duplicitous World Health Organization (WHO).

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