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Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Theya€™re inspiring millions of fans to live their best lives, and in turn, are now living theirs. The 25-year-olda€™s popularity has had an Oprah affect on the sale of indie video games and he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities including Save the Children through his a€?Bro Armya€? fan base.
The video blogger, based in Brighton, England, a€?loves all his brosa€?, according to his Twitter profile.
He has produced Leta€™s Play videos on YouTube and his channel has surpassed RihannaVEVO to become the most viewed channel of all time. An inspirational speaker, poet, former think tank executive and business strategist, LaPorte writes weekly on her blog which has been deemed a€?the best place online for kick-ass spiritualitya€?.
The 45-year-old from Vancouver once ran a future studies think tank in Washington DC, and started her own communications company. LaPorte is the creator of The Desire Map: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul, author of the bestseller The Fire Starter Sessions and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. The Huffington Post included her Twitter feed in their list a€?12 of The Wisest Twitter Accounts Worth Followinga€?. The a€?cyber minutemana€? calls himself a hacktivist for good a€” targeting terrorists and hate groups including some associated with Islamic State a€” while others call him a criminal for pushing the boundaries of the law in the name of his causes. He boasts of being a a€?proud infidela€? whose laptop is exhibited in the International Spy Museum, DC. The American teenager has more followers on Vine, the social media platform that loops six-second videos, than any other user. Since joining YouTube a few months ago, hea€™s already amassed over 4 million subscribers to his channel and the 17-year-olda€™s comedic clips have been seen more than 2 billion times. Nash has developed a large, engaged fan base thanks to his mix of slapstick comedy, song parodies, and videos that often co-star his friends and family. The social media phenom from North Carolina has created Vines for Sonic, Virgin Mobile and other major brands. On of Timea€™s most influential teens of 2014, Grier has also scored a movie contract and makes regular media appareances. Joy Cho is the most popular person on Pinterest, with more than 13 million followers, after starting her blog Oh Joy as a hobby while in between jobs in 2005. With her colourful, whimsical style, the multitalented LA-based photographer, blogger and food enthusiast has since become a best-selling author, YouTube star, big brand collaborator and social media consultant. In an interview with Glamour Magazine the 35-year-old said her worst financial mistake was paying for her first product line with plastic. After her fast food lifestyle landed her in hospital a decade ago, Vani Hari committed to finding out whata€™s really in our food and how ita€™s grown. The former management consultant started her blog in 2011 and it last year attracted 54 million visits. The investigative blogger has since become one of Timea€™s most influential people on the internet for exposing the food industrya€™s a€?hidden truthsa€? and shaming big companies for using a€?unsafea€? ingredients.
The 35-year-old has successfully lobbied big food including General Mills, Subway, Kraft and Anheuser-Busch. The passionate food advocate, whose blog has become a powerful vehicle for change, is also now the best selling author of The Food Babe Way.
The bubbly 26-year-old started making video diaries eight years ago while attending Michigan State University as en ecomonical way to share stories with his friends. He has since risen to YouTube fame a€” with his warmth, colourful hair and side-splitting narratives a€” and become a leading LGBT activist and social campaigner. The vlogger, who calls himself a a€?Shameless Self Promotera€?, is as comfortable interviewing Michelle Obama and reporting from the Grammys the red carpet as he is eating mystery cans of dog food and talking about his sexuality. His National Coming Out Day video inspired pop star Ricky Martin to publicly come out about his own sexuality. SHEa€™S renowned for living in a bikini but therea€™s more to Aussie social media sensation Natasha Oakley.

The 23-year-old from Sydney, who co-founded A Bikini A Day, is also the designer of Monday Swimwear and possibly Australiaa€™s hottest blogger.
The Los Angeles-based beauty in acquired a large following and fan base through her A Bikini A Day social media platforms, before launching her blog to share her clothes, beauty regime and travels.
Her website says she created the blog to so she could share more with her followers who are inspired by her individuality and inspirational attitude.
American entrepreneur, author, and blogger Penelope Trunk has been writing about the intersection of work and life on her blog for a decade.
The 48-year-old documents the twists and turns of her career, which began playing professional beach volleyball in Los Angeles.
Eventually she decided to be a full-time writer so she did not have to leave her apartment. The former columnist, now based in Madison, Wisconsin, says the to her success is being honest.
I get a lot of blog readers because I have a successful career, but I am also my real self,a€? she said. Rich Roll was your typical couch potato a€” 23kg overweight, overworked, overstressed and struggling with alcoholism a€” when he had a health scare on the eve of his 40th birthday. It forced him to take a long hard look at his life and make some significant diet and lifestyle changes.
In 2008 Roll adopted a plant-based diet, shed the weight and launched a middle-aged assault on the Ultraman World Championships, one of the most daunting endurance races on in the world.
A decade later hea€™s one of worlda€™s fittest men and a champion ultaendurance triathlete.
The husband and father of four from Malibu is also an author, public speaker, podcast host and expert in plant-based nutrition.
Roll, who has a diverse range of income streams, says being a€?authentic and reala€? is essential to online success. The American video blogger created her YouTube channel, where she shares her fashion purchases, in 2009.
The 19-year-old now vlogs about hair, makeup, fashion, DIY projects and a€?basically anything that I lovea€? with her 8.5 million YouTube subscribing a€?bestiesa€?.
Photographer Brandon Stanton began his wildly popular blog Humans of New York, which provides his worldwide audience with daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City, five years ago.
Taken together, the 30-year-olda€™s portraits and captions have attracted more than 15 million fans across social media. With over eight million followers across the platforms, HONY has now been transformed into a New York Times bestseller. Misery was once her identity but now Gala Darling a€” an author, teacher, and speaker from New Zealand a€” is devoted to helping women fall in love with themselves. In her late teens and early twenties, she developed an eating disorder but has since overcome her debilitating sense of self-loathing and discovered the a€?bad-assery of happinessa€™.
After a decade of journalling she started blogging in 2006, before there was a road map to online success.
In 2008 she went on search of adventure and is now living the dream in New York City with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Dolly. She earns a a€?very comfortable six figuresea€? teaching classes and online courses, speaking engagements, her Blogcademy (which she co-founded) and writing books.
Launched in 2004, Grace Bonneya€™s blog Design*Sponge reaches over 1 million readers per day a€” which is unsurprising given ita€™s updated five times a day. New York-based Bonney a€” who has contributed to a variety of design publications a€” has attracted more than 75,000 daily readers to the bloga€™s main site where she shares her unique angle on the industry. Bonney constantly gives back to the creative community in a range of ways from sharing free business advice each week to offering Design*Sponge Scholarships to support up-and-coming art and design students.
The author also hosts a weekly radio show, After the Jump, dedicated to exploring the bigger issues within the creative community. The Brooklyn-based writer has been dubbed a a€?Martha Stewart Living for the Millennialsa€? by the New York Times and now makes regular media appearances, including on the The Martha Stewart Show.

Best-known for his HDR and travel photography on Stuck in Customs, Trey Ratcliff is one of the most popular photographers on social media. The New Zealand-based creative started on sharing on Flickr around 2006 and joined Twitter shortly after. His blog has become the top travel photography site, while Ratcliff also posts some pretty awesome tutorials on YouTube. The 43-year-old Texan, who grew up blind in one eye, told News Corp that the secret to building a seven figure business has been to do the unexpected. Ita€™s almost impossible to watch just one of Brittany Furlana€™s over-the-top video clips, which is why she is now Vinea€™s biggest female celebrity with almost 9 million followers. The six-second time limit of the emerging platform hasna€™t prevented the popular creator from producing skits featuring characters, such as a€?Ghetto Dora the Explorera€?.
The 28-year-old from Philadelphia, who moved to Los Angeles to become an actor, is now branching out into YouTube and television acting.
She says her new-found fame has changed her life and led to opportunities including developing a sketch show with Seth Green.
Emily Schuman is fast becoming the Queen Bee of lifestyle bloggers, attracting about six million visitors a month. The 30-year-old got her start in fashion at Teen Vogue during her senior year in college before starting her blog Cupcakes and Cashmere in 2008 as a way to document her inspiration.
Eighteen months later she took a redundancy from managing accounts at AOL and started blogging full-time.
She now makes a living through display advertisements, selective affiliate links, marketing consultations and collaborations, and her book.
According to the Los Angeles Times, her a€?empirea€? generates 15 times her previous AOL salary.
Her husband a€” who worked in advertising but has since quit to joined the business a€” takes the photos of her, while she takes all of the rest. New Yorker Marie Forleo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and living proof that business rules are made to be broken. A born-n-raised Jersey girl with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream, shea€™s created her multi-million dollar socially conscious empire from scratch. She shares her wisecracking advice about how to create a soulful business with 275,000 subscribers to her a weekly online show called MarieTV.
Oprah named Forleo a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inca€™s 500 fastest growing companies of 2014.
Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is the founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the US.
It has since grown from 12 people in her living room to over 15,000 families in the greater Houston region. Rawfully Organic feeds over 800 families each week and focuses on the benefits of eating diets high in raw fruits and vegetables while making organic affordable for all.
The non-profit grosses more a million each year, and its mission is to support families in the Texas community to supply an abundance of organic produce to help them achieve their raw, vegetarian, or vegan lifestyle. Meet the unique individuals influencing the masses a€” often from the comfort of their homes a€” one post at a time.
For example I got a six-figure book deal from my blog one year and a contract with Yahoo Finance another year. He is one of those people who can truly make you believe that your dreams are in your reach.
His book Awaken The Giant Within is one of my favourite books and it’s probably the book that has impacted my life the most.
I like to share valuable insights, tips and tricks that teach people how to be more successful.

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