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This was a great tone setter, as Durk expresses his pain after dealing with two major losses this year.
The hook is very catchy and when you couple that with the savage beat, you have something to ride out to in your coupe for the next few weeks. In the hook, Durk utilizes his voice to the best of his ability, which makes the sound much more appealing to the ear, even if he isn’t a Bryson Tiller. I mean, come on, Durk and Dej are currently the most relevant young rap couple and with this being their first song together, you just knew it was going to break the internet.
Similar to Future and Blac Chyna, these two will be releasing an official music video soon. Whoever he is addressing, they may want to watch their back because he doesn’t seem to be playing any games. So, on this track, Durk addresses those claims by explaining the work he’s put in on the block.
Nonetheless, I came away very disappointed as Meek just scored 10 points instead of going for a 30 ball. Well, Durk, wants people to know that he hopped off the porch along time ago and that he’s well respected in the Chicago streets. It was also interesting to hear Durk push his vocals on this track, which didn’t end up sounding too bad.

Luckily, the beat and overall sound makes this track tolerable to ride to, but this won’t be one of those songs you ask to hear back to back.
The sound is amazing because you hear this soft and heavenly female voice in the background as Durk is spitting some deep stuff. All three guys here had good verses, even though Future named about a million drugs throughout his verse. In order for the 23-year-old to elevate his game to the next level, he’ll have to stop giving his opps so much attention in his songs. Joining up to show some hometown love, the Harlem representers are back to their stomping grounds in their new video.
Durk’s manager, OTF Chino and first cousin, OTF Nunu, were both killed due to gun violence. Not sure why, but it sounds like Durk is emulating Chief Keef’s voice in this one a bit.
Dej Loaf – When this song was released a few weeks ago, it was instantly meant to be pushed as a single. Once again, Durk displays his unique sound via auto tune with a catchy hook that will have you singing along in the whip. Meek Mill – When I saw Meek Mill featured on the tape, I was highly anticipating to hear from the Philly rapper.

Durk flowed well throughout, from his hook to his verse and the beat is easy to nod your head to. However, the beat and chorus almost makes you forget all about the illegal things being mentioned because it has such a good feel to it. For the most part, you can play this all the way through with maybe an exception of a couple tracks. At the same time, with OTF Chino and OTF Nunu dying this year, it was expected for Durk to speak on it throughout this tape.
As Jim Jones sticks to his traditional foreign cars in the ‘hood stunts, Ferg performs off the stoop of the Harlem YMCA. While bragging about their flip flops a la Future, Jim is shown counting money and lighting blunts off the stove as he resides in the kitchen for most of the video, while Ferg and his crew mob the streets and get lit.A Bringing together both generations of Harlem, the old with the new, the artists marry the uptown swags.
Fa$$coupe members, Ceno & KB, grew up together and took a liking to music after listening to 2pac, Biggie, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, and Young Dolph.
As expected, Future set the tone by killing the hook with his classic raspy voice that appeals to the masses.

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