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Seth Rollins On Facing John Cena, Brock Lesnar At WWE Royal Rumble You are using an outdated browser.
Rollins and Ambrose are currently involved in one of the feuds in the WWE and arguable the best this year. One thing that has contributed to the excitement for this feud between the two 28 year olds is Rollins’ performance in the past three weeks while Ambrose has been busy shooting for a WWE film.
The past three weeks of Raw have seen some redundant moments and some repetitive moments, which have combined to give three weeks of very uninspiring programming. Even when he was a part of the Shield, everyone began talking about how eccentric Dean Ambrose is and how great his mic skills are. And to top it all, Rollins was the member who finally took the plunge and broke the Shield and became Triple H’s Plan B. Add to that Ambrose’s promo a week later, where we saw shades of his Jon Moxley, his former self in independent circuits, and the feud was more than on. The dark main event saw two of the top SmackDown stars going on one on one against each other. Two SummerSlam matches confirmed, John Cena and AJ Styles pay a surprise visit to Raw and more.
Follow the latest WWE news, rumours, and all day round coverage from the World of Wrestling Entertainment. Battleground was, amongst other things, a indication of Randy Orton’s standing in WWE in 2015. But hey, this is a company that finds it a struggle to sustain a push for pretty much everyone.
Orty won his opening match against Shaymo with an RKO (outta nowhere!), an interesting outcome with Sheamus being the Money in the Bank holder but not exactly massively surprising.
After a recap of the main roster debuts of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks we were shown Stephanie McMahon chatting to Jojo backstage.
New Day followed that with some chatting of their own, only they did it on their way to the ring for their tag title match.
The more prominent New Day combo of Kofi Kingston and Big E represented the team in the match. The match followed the standard WWE pattern: the heels isolated D-Young and worked him over in the corner. It was nice to see the Prime Time Players turn in another strong performance after years of being considers just another team. I like the Wyatt character and I’m not averse to Reigns as a top guy but none of this has done either man any favours.
Reigns went for the Drive-By (the awful name for his running drop kick) but got caught with a clothesline by Wyatt. The actual finish saw a lad in a hoodie jump the barrier and shove Reigns into a ring post as he was throwing chairs into the ring.
After a SummerSlam hype video and a shot of the St Louis Cardinals (a team I care so little about I can’t even be bothered to Google what they play) we got a segment of Jojo interviewing Beautiful and Dangerous (geddit? The match was essentially another Charlotte versus Sasha Banks match with Brie interfering every so often. Miz wandered out to the ring after that, just as Cole and company were talking about Ryback being pulled from his scheduled title defence due to a staph infection.
Which just left the WWE world championship match, Seth Rollins defending against Brock Lesnar. Rollins took another German suplex and some elbow strikes before reversing a suplex and wobbling Lesnar with a super kick and some strikes of his won, all aimed at the hamstring. Yes, he first ever singles match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins was interrupted by the return of the fifty-year-old Undertaker.
To his credit Lesnar sold the appearance like The Undertaker was the scariest sight he’d ever seen. The show went off the air with Undertaker marching backstage and Heyman tending to Brock Lesnar in the ring. 5 wrestling ppv's we want to see return, Wwe battleground took place this past sunday as bayley made her main roster debut, while dean ambrose retained the heavyweight championship.
5 wrestling ppv's we want to see return - Wwe battleground took place this past sunday as bayley made her main roster debut, while dean ambrose retained the heavyweight championship. Wwe news: jim ross talks criticism surrounding brock lesnar and the wwe wellness policy - It clearly highlights all of the questions wwe fans are having about orton took a shot at the beast incarnate about his anti-doping policy that was in the script at wwe battleground.
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CELEBTODAY – Not everyone who is on top of the fast-moving pop music scene has heard of Charlotte Aitchison, even by her stage name Charli XCX, but lots of people have heard her or her songs. Money In The Bank and the solid reason for one of the most shocking moments in Raw history. They have had put forth stellar performances in all their matches and their segments have been nothing short of enthralling. Then later, people moved on to talk about the dominating presence of Roman Reigns and how he is next in line for the throne and on his way to create a Roman Empire in the WWE. This is a man who just under two years ago was positioned as the company’s top heel and on-screen undisputed top star.
It was a pretty enjoyable match for the most part but we didn’t see anything special. After pandering to the St Louis fans (to make it clear she was a face at this point) she announced that there would be a triple threat later in the night with a representative of each Divas team involved. It makes sense that they get to wrestle the most because they’re the more capable members of the group and it frees Xavier Woods up to ran around the ring being a modern day Bill Alfonso. After several minutes Young tagged out to Titus, who smashed his way through Kingston and Big E.
Young immediately hit a crisp overhead belly-to-belly on Kingston, walloped Big E with a rolling elbow, and back dropped Woods on the ring apron. One of the most interesting thing about the match was the video package that explained why it was happening. Reigns started off by lumping Wyatt but had the tables turned on him with a punch to the mouth from the outside.
After giving Reigns a senton on the outside Wyatt rolled Reigns back into the ring and continued to work him over.
Owens was the heavy favourite with the live crowd, just as he had been in the previous two meetings. Despite it being the third of the match overall and WWE matches very, very rarely seeing someone kick out of a third finisher Owens kicked out. But he was kept strong in defeat, fighting against the STF and being allowed to kick out of the AA three times. Everything immediately before the match, the hype video, the entrances, was excellent, perfectly building anticipation for the big fight.
He returned to the ring to go for a second but Lesnar slipped in after him and met him with a belly-to-belly suplex off the ropes, Rollins’ seventh suplex overall.
That was the best approach to take but considering his standing within the company there was no guarantee he’d do it. The main event was great and although it went to a non-finish it did so for the right reasons and provided something that satisfied in place of a hot match. Black lost that match against the champ, Nigel McGuiness, but had what was considered a break out star performance that caused the fans to embrace him. 1 contenders match for the ROH World Title against Austin Aries, Age of the Fall leader Jimmy Jacobs turned on Tyler Black costing him a victory.
All Rights Reserved This site is in no way affiliated with any wrestling promotions including WWE and TNA. Reportedly a close friend of host Salman Khan, Mirza is all set to shake things up in the Bigg Boss house.
And Dean Ambrose has become the most interesting character in the WWE and the closest to a Stone Cold Steve Austin-esque anti-hero for this era. It was only later on that people got talking about Rollins and his high flying skills, he started receiving those pops that are only reserved for high fliers. The moment that people will remember who witnessed it was the moment he went on a chair hitting rampage on Ambrose and that was the first giant step in this feud.
Since splitting with his benefactors The Authority last year he’s had an underwhelming feud with Seth Rollins and nothing else. It’s impossible to imagine this happening to John Cena, who is a close parallel to Orton in terms of years served and standing on the backstage pecking order.
They ended by saying they deserved to win and that they’d defeat the Prime Time Players.
The crowd were really into Titus at that point, which just goes to show that if guys are booked to their strengths people will react. Back in the ring he was caught with a spin kick by Kofi and set up for the Big Ending by Big E. Reigns would fight back, allowing the two to exchange signature moves and finishers in what was the hottest portion of the match and should have been the finishing sequence.
Cena sold absolute disbelief as Cole emphasised he’d not seen him looked so stunned since he lost to The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII. Owens v Cena III was every bit as good as their previous two encounters, the Divas were finally presented as a serious division again on pay-per-view, and the tag titles were attached to another enjoyable match.

But more often what has come to attention is the way Ambrose portrays his character, the way he talks etcetera. But in three weeks, he has been in three matches and they haven’t disappointed at all. After playing a relatively minor part at Money in the Bank this show saw him relegated to a thoroughly mid-card outing against Sheamus, and in his home town no less. Wyatt started off by talking about how it should have been him that won Money in the Bank, which made sense because wrestlers should want to win that as it gives them a world title match with a practically guaranteed victory.
Instead they had Wyatt kick out of a Superman punch, counter a spear with a kick to the face, and floor Reigns with a right hand for a two count before both men took a breather and the match continued.
In my opinion Alicia Fox would have been the best choice form that team in terms of wrestling ability. The match got over ten minutes and held the crowd’s attention with solid wrestling work (mostly between Charlotte and Banks), high spots (mostly in the form of dives out of the ring), and by allowing everyone involved (including those at ringside) to get across something of their character.
Owens was deadweight as Cena pulled him up but managed to sneak in a small package for a very believable two count. It just shows that if he feels he has something to prove against someone he’ll work hard to produce a cracking match.
Rollins absorbed five German suplexes before he rolled outside the ring, grabbed the title belt ad tried to leave through the crowd.
If anyone on the roster could justifiably stare down ‘Taker and treat him like a washed up has-been it was Lesnar.
Undertaker escaped that, kicked Lesnar low, and gave him both a choke slam and a Tombstone piledriver. There were less good additions like Orton v Sheamus and Wyatt v Reigns but they were never actively bad. Rollins on the other hand is doing well as a heel, a role that was very much expected to be played by Ambrose whenever the eventual split happened. Charlotte won with the figure eight leg lock on Brie after Brie had broken up a Bank Statement on Charlotte. Lesnar leapt out of the ring, launched himself over the crowd barrier and through Rollins back into the ring. Not doing so retained the air of credibility that’s needed for whatever Undertaer does next. He went to leave but returned to hit a second Tombstone when Lesnar dragged himself up to his feet.
The 28 year old, former architect of the Shield has slipped into the shoes of a heel pretty well and not only are his performances improving each passing week, he continues to gives stellar performances in matches. His presence will make people remember that Dean Ambrose is somewhere out there and he will return. He was actually getting more pops than Reigns and Ambrose on the other hand had taken the position that Rollins was in since the beginning. I wouldn’t mind Owens v Cena IV at SummerSlam, even though this was framed as the final entry in their series.
The response was wild, but a few boos stood out amongst the pro-Undertaker cheers and chants. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins will face off against John Cena and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt.
Rollins was a last minute addition to the match and throws a huge concerns over who will walk out of Philadelphia with the belt to go on to WrestleMania 31. Things don’t always go according to plan, but I’ve been pretty successful in putting my plans into action over the course of the last few months, so yes I’m extremely excited for this opportunity.If you look at the list of guys who have had matches with Brock Lesnar since his return it’s pretty small to say the least, so to be in that company is quite rewarding personally and professionally. I wouldn’t mind Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble and going on to face me for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, because if you look at what Daniel Bryan did last year, what a tremendous story and if he does it again this year, I’d like to be the guy who stomps out his dream. It’s really cool to see guys I’m familiar with, my friends being shown as the stars that they are. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Hideo Itami, these guys are people that I’ve worked with in different parts of the world or that I’ve watched and respected for years, so it’s great to see them get to enjoy that atmosphere that is NXT, and get to really capitalize on what NXT has to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing those guys on the main roster with me headlining PPVs, it’s a really cool time to be a part of our crew.”Some sites are suggesting that Rollins could cash in the Money in the Bank case if he were to lose the triple threat. He is also a freelance photographer who is looking for opportunities to provide fun and creative content that leaves a lasting impression.

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