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Get best resources and our blog articles related to brain health and lifestyle delivered straight to your inbox. Company’s work-from-home policy did not replace essential function of regular, predictable attendance.
A policy allowing an individual to work from home does not vitiate the fact that punctuality and predictable attendance are essential functions of a position.
Kiersten Taylor-Novotny, an African-American woman, began working for Health Alliance Medical Plans in November 2005 in the salaried position of Contract Specialist I. Taylor-Novotny had punctuality and attendance problems almost immediately and was rated as a “marginal” employee in that category during her first performance evaluation in January 2007.
In May 2008, Novotny’s doctor suggested that Novotny should work from home two days a week.
In March and April 2010, Novotny’s neurologist provided doctor notes that limited Novotny to two, one-half days per week in the office. Health Alliance also attempted to further accommodate Novotny’s MS by implementing several changes in Novotny’s physical work arrangement. Novotny also requested that she be allowed to use her badge scans to document her arrival times, instead of being required to inform her supervisor directly when she was late and the reason for her tardiness.
On May 21, 2010, Health Alliance issued a Final Written Warning to Novotny for arriving late eight times between April 13 and May 7 without notifying her supervisor about her tardiness, as required. On the FMLA claim, the Seventh Circuit upheld the dismissal, noting that Novotny’s admission that she never had been denied the opportunity to take FMLA leave was fatal to her FMLA interference claim. To prevail on any of her ADA claims—disparate treatment, failure-to-accommodate, and retaliation—Novotny had to establish that “she was a qualified individual who, with or without reasonable accommodation, could perform the essential functions of the employment position.” The Seventh Circuit agreed with the lower court that Novotny could not do so.
Novotny argued that Health Alliance’s work-from-home policy, which allowed for flexible arrangements, meant that Health Alliance did not consider attendance to be an essential function of her job.
The Court then held that because Novotny’s impairment prevented her from coming to work regularly, she was unable to perform the essential functions of her job, and therefore was not a “qualified individual” for ADA purposes.
Further, even had Novotny been “qualified” under the ADA, she would not have shown that she was meeting Health Alliance’s legitimate expectations related to her job – another element of her case. Although the Court found that Novotny’s case failed because she could not support her prima facie case, it went on to provide a detailed and well-reasoned analysis of each of her claims, explaining how Novotny also was unable to carry her burden to prove the elements of the claims. While the holding in this case was supportive of the employer’s work-from-home policy, the company’s success on the issue hinged largely on the fact that the policy included provisions for how and when the employee was to inform her supervisor of the time and reason for her absence. About Maria Maria Greco Danaher is a shareholder in the Pittsburgh office of the national law firm of Ogletree Deakins, and regularly represents and counsels companies in employment related matters. Title VII’s pre-requisite that employee meet employer’s legitimate expectations may not be set in stone. About the Firm The Ogletree Deakins Law Firm offers services related to employment & labor law, including FMLA, FLSA, ADEA, ADA, Title VII and policy drafting, and serves management clients nationwide.
If you want your work-from-home policy to work, get very clear about both individual and team goals. If you define clear desired outcomes for content, schedule, and quality, and employees deliver, it should not matter where they do the work. If you’ve given an individual clear direction on required outcomes and defined stretch goals, you never have to make a personal judgment about whether someone is working hard or slacking off. Designate specific work-at-home days of the week, for specific people, to optimize the right people being in the office together at the right times. Here, I realize I am risking an unpopular point of view, but if you are a manager worried about general productivity, it can help to designate Friday as an in-the-office day.
Monday can be a great day for people to take advantage of undistracted thinking and planning time away from the office. If you have a staff phone call first thing on Monday mornings, you can kick off the week, and reiterate strategic priorities and specific expectations.
One of the reasons people like working at home is that they feel in control and they feel trusted.

If you give people schedule flexibility to deal with daily daycare drop-offs and pick-ups and school events, or allow them time away to care for sick family, in my experience they become much more motivated, loyal, and productive. You can’t let a lack of physical presence keep you from establishing team camaraderie, and building team performance. Seven in 10 workers in the Kona survey say they would rather telecommute than work in the office.
But the majority of employees (57 percent) in offices that allow remote work say the policy spurs jealousy among those who don’t get to work at home. How can you make sure working at home makes your employees more productive, not more resentful? The work at home policy should cover issues such as hours to be worked per day or week, how the person will protect the business’s confidential information, liability issues, what equipment will be provided and how the employee will be monitored when working at home. If you let one accounting clerk work from home because she has children and don’t allow a childless accounting clerk to do the same, you could be at risk of a lawsuit.
The only reason to treat employees in the same job differently is if one has a legitimate reason for needing to work at home that is not discriminatory. Everyone on your team should know the expectations for work at home employees, including what hours they are supposed to be available, multiple ways to reach them (email, phone, IM, etc.) and what tasks they are working on. Emphasize to work at home employees the importance of keeping a high profile so others on the team see that they’re working. There are many ways to do this, from having them check in with status reports every few hours to using time-tracking software like Toggl to using software that monitors what they’re doing on their computers. Resentment occurs when employees feel that others are taking advantage of your work at home policy. Check in with remote employees quarterly or even monthly to make sure that everything is still working out. Speaking of privileges, your work at home policy should state that you have the right to forbid telecommuting at any time. Despite your best efforts, it’s inevitable that people will get jealous—they’re only human.
Rieva Lesonsky is a Columnist for Small Business Trends covering employment, retail trends and women in business.
I have worked at home for around 5 years with the first 3 years while I am still in college. I never thought in deep about telecommuting policy – and I actually never understood why Yahoo! It’s only practical to say that many would prefer to work at home, especially for those that are using public transportation and live far away from the office. Working from home works well for me since February 2004, after 7 years of working in the corporate field.
What we should do is to give arguments for getting the job done and spreading the good work. If you’re feeling underpaid, overwhelmed, and just hate the idea of going to your current job everyday, I promise,you can find a better solution.
If you want to read more about that here’s my story of how I became a work from home single mom.
Also be sure to check out my extra income page for some advice on earning a little bit of spending cash.
Most ViewedMost CommentedRecent Posts50+ Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities 10 Small Business Ideas for Women Work At Home Typing Jobs I'm Barely Scraping By - What Should I Do? Incase you are not in MLM, but are annoyed by this malpractice from some people in our industry, then my sincere apology.
Trying to make an honest living online and spreading knowledge about health and wellness, baby topics and generally blogging about everyday life as a Father, husband and son and everything else in between. When i began my journey into internet marketing, i was advised to join Facebook groups and start posting(spamming) on these groups ..
Subsequently, Novotny’s schedule was adjusted to allow her to report to work later, but her tardiness and absenteeism continued.
Although her start time again was adjusted to a later time, Novotny continued to be late for work. Although the company informed Novotny that she would have to use FMLA leave for the non-worked half days, she refused to do so. For example, another employee was allowed to retrieve documents from the printer and deliver mail for Novotny. Because the badge scans only recorded only arrival time, but did not provide advance notice of or a reason for, the late arrival (as required of Novotny by the company), Health Alliance refused this request. The district court granted summary judgment on all of Novotny’s claims, and she appealed to the Seventh Circuit, which ultimately upheld the dismissal of her claims.
Novotny’s failures both to arrive at work on time and to alert her supervisor before those late arrivals were noted on every performance evaluation received by Novotny during her employment, and doomed her ability to show she was performing up to the company’s expectations. Now it's time to begin putting together a comprehensive strategy that works for your company. They ask me about this all the time—How do you optimize motivation AND productivity?

Figure out what things the team must be together to work on, and what things will be optimized by individuals working from home. If people are getting the work done, you shouldn’t care if they stop early on Fridays.
Then people can get a less chaotic and more purposeful start to the week, instead of just getting swept into a stream of tactical activities. I would assume that Marissa Meyer, who has a big turn-around to execute, is advocating for more team time and clearer measures. For instance, your accounting clerk might be able to work from home, while your retail sales clerk can’t. When employees who work in the office feel they can never reach the work at home staff, or don’t understand why certain people are working at home, resentment grows. To ensure employees aren’t abusing the privilege of working at home, it’s crucial to regularly review their productivity, progress and results.
Remind workers that telecommuting is a privilege that must be earned, not a right, and you’ll get better results. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal hot water if you want to pull a Marissa Mayer (or Tony Hsieh) and have everyone work in the office.
She is CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. CEO Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting; but now I get the insight and I understand that governing telecommuting (and dealing with jealousy) is resource-consuming and often unnecessary. But there are more formal conditions to consider if such position is qualified for a home-based job. Not all jobs can be done from home, and I you may want to have an employee go through a probationary period of working for you before you offer them the virtual option. If one job allows someone to work from home (programming) and another requires they show up every day (retail store clerk), that’s business.
The antidote against jealousy is pride in your work and understand that envy is not a virtue. I started my work from home journey in October of 2012 and by October of 2013 I was able to quit my day job and work from home full time.
I definitely recommend that you start looking for a work from home gig while you keep your day job. And if you ever have any questions while you’re on your work from home journey feel free to leave a comment or email me and I’ll do my best to help point you in the right direction! Also, the number of files and other items that Novotny needed to carry between her home and the office was reduced. Establish clear desired outcomes, schedules, and priorities both for the individuals and the team. Team time is also important to have discussions about what people are worried about, answer questions, and calm uncertainty.
But if performance is suffering, you might want to consider treating Fridays as a team day. A more specific, and individually targeted, work-from-home policy that supports both team productivity (in the office) and individual productivity (at home), with clear goals and measures for each, will most likely evolve at Yahoo over time. Dozens of studies have shown that the ability to work remotely is one of the biggest perks employees of all ages desire. But is your work at home policy inciting jealousy and resentment in the ranks?
What’s important is that you treat all employees in the same job classification or with the same duties the same when it comes to working at home. As you can see, this area can be tricky, so it’s best to consult an attorney to review your work at home policy. This can be done differently depending on the job and the person, but you might want to set daily or weekly goals or quotas. If the joy of being a store clerk is overshadowed by having to come into work, change jobs.
It’s going to take a little while for you to build up enough income to replace the day job.
Purpose of this post is to open eyes of these people and help them understand the right way to do MLM business. You may find the root cause is something completely different than someone else working at home – and that you can nip it in the bud to create a much happier employee. Leaders will instead simply agree on the appropriate result required, and will expect the person to deliver without being monitored. How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (Free Email Templates) Is Working From Home Stuffing Envelopes Legit? Plan and structure in-person meetings and office days around achieving those specific outcomes. Plus, I don’t get diverted by my family members who constantly want to talk to me at home.

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